Slingo games fuse classic bingo-style gameplay with some modern slots mechanics to offer a truly unique experience. Two casino giants have merged and invite you to discover a super hot new type of game. Explore our Slingo catalogue below!

Play Slingo Games at Pink Casino

Slingo games are famous for being an eclectic brand of games that offer a fantastic mix of popular slots and bingo mechanics, bringing together two unique experiences and uniting them in one single Slingo game that a huge array of players will enjoy! With themes ranging from some branded gameshows to carnivals, these games are brilliantly innovative and make for a nice change of pace if you're more familiar with some of our other best online casino games like slots and online bingo. Here at Pink Casino, we're excited to bring our wonderful players some excellent opportunities to win fantastic prizes with incredible Slingo releases! Be sure to stay tuned to find out some of our top Slingo casino picks and we'll pop them all below so you can access them in one easy place.

What is Slingo?

If you’re familiar with bingo games or have dabbled in playing slot machines in the past then Slingo will be nice and easy to pick up as this type of casino game is a blend of the two. We know how much our players like to play some of our most unique games so the addition of Slingo is bound to be a roaring hit with all types of Pink Players. Whether you're new to playing casino games or you're a seasoned slots spinner, our Slingo bingo is distinctive and packed full of winning potential, so you'll want to check it out! Slingo has a surprisingly long history which you may know if you're based in the USA. For us UK-dwellers, however, the first we saw of Slingo was in 2018 when Slingo Originals initially became available for UK-based casinos. In such a short space of time, it has become such an enormously popular genre that they've even released some impressive branded titles like Monopoly Slingo, Deal or No Deal Slingo, Slingo Xxxtreme all of which offer cash prizes to players.

How to Play Slingo Casino Games Online

Both bingo and slots are renowned for being simplistic and easy to pick up and understand, so it's almost needless to say that Slingo is just as effortless as its two parent games. Before you start playing the Slingo title you most like the look of, we've outlined some simple gameplay tips to get you started so you can Slin-go and attempt to win some large payouts. Stake: As with all gambling games, in Slingo, the first thing you need to do is set your stake - this is the amount of money that you would like to spend on each round of gameplay so it's always worth checking that the default amount is fit for purpose. If it's not suitable for your Slingo budget, it's yours to change to tailor it to your preferences! Use the (-) or (+) buttons to decrease or increase the amount to better fit the budget you have in mind.

Spin: If the stake has been set and you're ready to start playing you can press the Start Game button to commence gameplay and your 11 spins will start. Below the grid, you'll see up to 5 numbers that are randomly generated - if any of these numbers match a number that is on your grid then it will automatically be marked off for you. Just like with bingo, the aim of the game is to fill up as many lines as possible to win potentially big payouts! All the available prizes are shown to the left.

Wilds: In Slingo, Wilds work a little bit differently than they do in slot games. If they land in the row below the grid then the column it's in will be highlighted and you'll be given the opportunity to pick any of the numbers to mark off! Free Spins: Players will be glad to know that many Slingo bingo games have some fantastic Free Spins casino bonus features that can be uncovered! This offers additional rounds that could lead to even more full lines for bigger payouts!

Slingo Symbols

The symbols that make an appearance in Slingo rounds differ slightly from those you might have come to expect in other games like slots, so we wanted to highlight some of the most common symbols. These icons will show up in the bottom reel alongside a random selection of numbers, offering new twists and potential bonuses for even more immersion! In contrast, the main grid will only show numbers. If the numbers in the reel match any of those in your grid, they will be marked off. In this sense, Slingo takes more inspiration from bingo than slots, but both casino games are clearly heavily influential.

Free Spins: Free spins are another aspect of gameplay that differs slightly from slot games. In slots, free spins are treated as a bonus round - you'll trigger the feature in a specific way and unlock a predetermined number of free games to play through. In Slingo bingo games, however, free spins are more like extensions of the base game. If a free spins symbol appears in the reel, an additional gameplay round will be added to the spins counter. Coins: While the primary way to bag a payout prize in online Slingo is to simply complete full horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines to ascend the paytable, you can also pocket generous payouts by merely having the coin symbol appear in the lower reel! These coin wins will be awarded in addition to anything awarded throughout the rest of the game - so it can be a nice boost to a fantastic overall prize!

How Do You Win Playing Slingo?

So, the part that you're probably wondering about is how you bag yourself some prizes in Slingo. Slingo takes heavy inspiration from bingo in this regard, and wins are formulated based on the number of lines that are completed on the grid - which isn't too dissimilar from the pay structure of slot games either! The exact calculation of your payout is entirely dependent on the Slingo game that you're playing.

Some games require a certain number of lines to be filled before a payout is made, and some will trigger a bonus feature after a predetermined number of lines are completed - these bonus features will then offer you the ability to win a prize. There are plenty of other Slingo games, however, that will offer you a set prize for every line you complete. Payouts are very game-specific in a similar way that slots are, so make sure you read through all the rules and available information before you start playing. Regardless of how payouts are calculated, the basics remain the same: if any of the called numbers match those on your grid they will be stamped automatically. Look out for lines that are full (either horizontally or vertically, and sometimes diagonally) and check the paylines and relevant payouts beside the grid to see what you can expect to win.

Slingo Games at Pink Casino

Knowing what Slingo is and how you can play it is useful information, and it's also handy to know which games we have to offer. Slingo Riches: Slingo Riches is one of the first games to be developed for online casinos so, while the gameplay is fairly generic in theme, it has become a staple for many Slingo players. You can spin your way into a Jokers Bonus or bag yourself generous payouts through completing lines (or Slingos, as they're referred to). Slingo Rainbow Riches: Much like the popular series of Irish slots, Slingo Rainbow Riches boasts a crop of generous bonus features that can be triggered by completing 5 or more Slingos!

Slingo Games Alternatives

If you've tried out some of our favourite online Slingo titles and are enjoying them, why not also try some of our fan-favourite best online slots to discover some of the biggest fan-favourite games in the UK? Every game in our catalogue has been handpicked for its features, gameplay, and payout potential to provide you with plenty of variety. Whether you fancy heading to the icy landscape of Thor’s Lightning or blasting off into the stratosphere in the Starburst slot, your preferences will be well catered for!

Your Favourite Slingo Games

Some of the incredible Slingo bingo titles that we have coming your way include some highly sought-after branded game show titles like Deal or No Deal Slingo - if these are games that you're particularly interested in, you might even want to play some of our other games. We've got Monopoly everything here at Pink Casino! Take a look at our gorgeous Monopoly Live game and get involved in a live casino game with one of our dedicated hosts. Other notable Slingo slots that we’ve released include Slingo Rainbow Riches and Slingo Centurion. Slots fans rejoice because one of your favourite titles, Rainbow Riches is getting a bingo makeover to offer some new fast-paced Slingo gameplay to take the rolling hills of the Emerald Isle to brand new players! Plus, the Roman-themed Centurion slot is taking up arms and heading into the battlefield with plenty of new bingo mechanics for even more historical spins.

Mobile Slingo Slots

We know that lots of our lovely Pink Players exclusively play some of their favourite games on their mobile and tablet devices so we've made sure that these potentially payout-rich games are fully compatible with all your new-fangled modern devices. This means that Slingo slots players on the go can have the same high-quality experience as a player using their trusty desktop! Winning spins can happen anywhere you like, at any time you like! While our bingo games' popularity comes from the community atmosphere, sometimes there's nothing better than a solo game - maybe while you're waiting for your favourite bingo room to open or maybe while you're waiting for the kettle to boil - and this is where Slingo comes in! The reels will spin to reveal a set of numbers - if these numbers match any of yours then they will automatically be marked off. The more lines you fill up with marked numbers, the bigger the payout. It's really as simple as that!


What is Slingo?

Slingo is a new type of casino game that mixes slots and bingo gameplay. It combines the simplicity of bingo games with the fast-paced nature of slot games, resulting in a genre of game that is easy to get started with. Prizes can also be incredible, which is often a deciding factor for players looking for some big win potential.

Are there bonus rounds in Slingo games?

Free spins are a staple feature in almost all Slingo games - you generally need to land just a single free spins symbol in order to receive an extra spin that will be played through at the end of your standard spins. However, there are plenty of other Slingo Originals that have additional bonus features - notably titles like Slingo Centurion which comes with 7 bonuses for players to potentially trigger.

Are there Slingo games based on popular slots?

Yes, you’ll find plenty at Pink Casino. You can play Slingo Rainbow Riches, Slingo Starburst, Slingo Cleopatra, to name just a few.

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