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Experience popular live blackjack games right here at Pink Casino. Our live casino games feature glamorous themes and bonus features such as live dealers and chat facilities, creating an engaging version of the popular land-based blackjack game. Live blackjack is available on both desktop and mobile, allowing you to play anytime and anywhere.

For those new to blackjack and live casino, make sure to explore the Pink Casino blog, offering tips and complete guides on the various games that exist across live casinos.

How to play live blackjack

Different versions of live blackjack are available on Pink Casino, each offering a unique gaming experience for players. For those new to the blackjack game, we've got you covered with all the basic rules you can expect to find in the traditional game.

Every table will have a live dealer responsible for handing out the first two cards, including one face-down card, to every player, and himself. The dealer will then provide each player with a face-up second card. With all players now having two cards, they are free to check their face-down cards to determine the total value of their hands.

Value of cards:

Ace - The Ace card can be worth one or eleven, allowing the player to decide which number would benefit their hand the most.

Picture cards - If you are handed a picture card such as a king or queen, these cards will be valued at ten.

Number cards - For cards with a number, that number will be added to the total value of your hand.

How to win in blackjack

The objective of live blackjack is for players to build a hand that will get them to 21 (completing blackjack) or close enough to the number to have a better hand than the dealer. If your hand goes over 21, you will be "bust", losing the game.

Players can call "hit" to build their hand, drawing an additional card. When a player is satisfied with their hand, they can call "stand" which notifies the dealer that they don't require any more cards.

Once all the players have either gone "bust" or called "stand", the live dealer will then reveal their face-down card to show the total value of their hand. Dealers have specific rules, such as drawing an additional card when their hand scores sixteen or lower. After the dealer has reached seventeen or more points, they will need to stand.

That completes the basic rules of blackjack. However, when it comes to live blackjack rules, there are endless variations of games, with many including special features that could change how the game is played. There are also different variations of blackjack such as; American, Multi-hand and Spanish 21.

How to bet in a live blackjack game

Before starting, players must select a stake amount they are comfortable with. Throughout the game, there will also be further options to place bets as you decide to hit, stand, split and double down. When selecting a live blackjack game to play, the minimum and maximum bet amounts will be visible.

Choose your favourite way to play blackjack

At Pink Casino, players can choose both virtual and live blackjack games. Live dealer blackjack games are an interactive way to play blackjack, featuring live dealers, chat facilities and unique features. Most games provide players with a way to communicate with live dealers as they lead the game. Chat functions can also be used to engage with other players throughout, as players react to the game and interact in conversations.

For more of a private casino experience, players can choose from the list of virtual blackjack games that are also available on Pink Casino. Virtual games remove the live aspect of the game by eliminating live dealers and the chat function. Instead, virtual blackjack games use a random number generator to shuffle the deck and decide the outcome. Many of these games even have a low minimum stake, making it an excellent choice for any players that don't want to wager high stakes.

Creating a realistic experience of the classic land-based casino game, live blackjack has become a popular choice among live casino games. The game offers convenience, variation and realism for players to enjoy from the comfort of their own home. At Pink Casino, the range of live blackjack games provides something for everyone with games such as Exclusive Private Blackjack and Ruby Speed Blackjack 2.

Exclusive Private Blackjack by Evolution Gaming delivers the classical game of blackjack with an exclusive private VIP feel to the game that is completed with a luxury backdrop. As you have probably taken from the game's name, Ruby Speed Blackjack 2 has a slightly different angle from other games to speed up the game and increase the number of hands drawn. This is just the beginning of an extensive list of live blackjack games that are available at Pink Casino. Explore the entire list to discover the different bonus features in each game that deliver unique playing experiences.

Types of blackjack

If you’re new to the blackjack game, there’s a good chance you haven’t come across the various types of blackjack games. Most games adopt the classic blackjack rules with slight twists that make each variation unique.

European - The dealer receives the face-up card but does not check the second, which is revealed when all the players have played their hand.

American - In this version, the dealer receives both his cards. One of the cards is face-up, with the other facing down. If the revealing card is an ace, the dealer can check their face-down card to see if the card completes a blackjack hand, therefore ending the round.

Atlantic City - Becoming a popular choice due to a lower house edge, Atlantic City blackjack uses the same rules and principles as other variations. The only difference is the dealer is forced to stand on soft seventeen and peek for blackjack.

Multi-hand - Players can receive a maximum of five hands rather than the one hand that is provided in classic blackjack. The other rules remain the same as those found in different game variations.

Spanish 21 - Taking many of the traditional rules from blackjack, the significant difference in Spanish 21 is the removal of all the ten cards. This means players' cards are typically made up of lower-rated cards.

Multiplayer - Multiple players come together to play blackjack, with the option for players to surrender if they feel their hand is not strong enough to make 21. Classic blackjack games are usually played solo, with the player competing against the dealer.

Awareness of the different types of live blackjack can help you understand which rules you should follow when playing.

Types of blackjack bets

You can expect to find various betting types available for you to place a bet on when playing live blackjack games.

Hit - Requesting an additional card from the dealer.

Stand - Stop receiving other cards and stick with your hand.

Surrender - Folding your blackjack hand before drawing new cards. Give up half of your bet to the dealer and return the other half to the stack.

Split - Splitting your hand into two separate hands, forcing the player to make an additional bet on their new hand.

Double down - Double your bet and receive one extra card in return.

Insurance - Offered to players when the dealer draws an ace. The player can place an insurance bet to protect from the dealer hitting blackjack.

Push - When both the player’s and the dealer's hands equal the same value, the bet is returned to the player resulting in neither a win nor a loss.

Side bets

Depending on which game you choose, some will provide the option to place side bets on top of the main bet types.

Perfect pairs - Focusing on the player's cards only, this side bet is based on the outcome of a player receiving the following; Mixed pair (two cards holding the same value but different suit and colour), Coloured pair (two cards with the same value and colour) and Perfect pair (same cards).

21+3 - Bet placed on the outcome of the player's two cards and the dealer's face-up card. Different odds are available for different combinations; Flush (all cards are the same suit), Three of a kind (all three cards are different suits) and Suited triple (The three cards are the same).

Live Blackjack tips

Blackjack can offer good odds for players, and strategies can be used when playing to improve the chances of winning.

Learn a basic strategy

Learning a basic strategy can help you reduce the house edge and increase the chances of winning. This can include making the right decisions with the hand you’ve been dealt when choosing whether to hit, stand, split or double down.

The right strategy will only help you to increase your chances of winning. It will not help you to win every time you play. Memorising strategies will help you to react with the best response in specific scenarios. For example, if you were to draw a hand worth twenty, you are highly unlikely to "hit" as that would be more likely to result in you going "bust". Taking this into consideration, you can develop the best approach for the different hands you are likely to draw.

Some basic points to follow include:

  • Use insurance bets with care
  • Look to hit until you reach seventeen
  • If the dealer has a four, five or six, they are more likely to go bust.

Check the dealer’s card

Before taking action, the player should check the dealer's card that is facing up, as this can influence the right course of action that the player should take next. Suppose the dealer has a good hand that has a chance of completing blackjack. In that case, this might influence your decision to "surrender" rather than choosing to draw another card.

Use the insurance bet with care

When taking out the insurance bet, you are betting on the scenario where the dealer has a facing-down card equal to the value of ten, with the facing-up card being an ace. Having both these cards in hand would award the dealer with blackjack. The payout odds for an insurance bet are typically 2/1. However, the odds of this scenario happening are lower.

Use a budget

Playing with a budget in mind can help you to control how much you are willing to spend when placing bets, preventing you from exceeding your limit. Using a budget, you can extend your live blackjack game with smaller stakes placed over multiple rounds.

Play live blackjack online

Discover the range of live blackjack games from Pink Casino. Our games are developed by top-class providers in the gaming industry.

Evolution Gaming has become known for its innovative approach to live casino, providing games such as Live Lightning Blackjack. Lightning blackjack includes lightning cards that are assigned multipliers, offering players enhanced payouts when a win is awarded. This unique approach, along with the luxury visuals and studio, has made Live Lightning Blackjack one of the top live blackjack games.

Live Lightning Blackjack also guarantees players a randomly generated multiplier between 2x and 25x on the winning score. The multiplier will be applied to the next round, awarding the player an increased payout if they win that round.

Games such as Pragmatic Play have also added their twist to online blackjack with Ruby Speed Blackjack 2. For those looking for a faster game, Ruby Speed Blackjack 2 provides just that with more fast dealing of hands and shorter betting periods.


What are the basic rules of blackjack?

The objective of live blackjack is for players to reach a total score of 21. Exceeding the number will result in the player going bust (loss). If you cannot achieve 21, but your total number is higher than the number in the dealer’s hand, you will be awarded a win.

What is insurance in blackjack?

An insurance bet is offered to players when the dealer draws an ace as the face-up card. The bet will payout at the odds of 2/1, and the maximum bet is typically capped at half of the primary wager.

What is live blackjack?

Live blackjack delivers the same experience that you can find in land-based casinos with the bonus of unique features and different themes. With online blackjack games, players can play from the comfort of their homes while having the option to interact with the live dealer and engage in conversation with other players.

Is live blackjack rigged?

No, live blackjack is not rigged. With live dealer blackjack games, players can see the cards being drawn in real-time and the cards in the dealer's hand. The live stream will give you complete game visibility as all the action unfolds.

Other live casino games available

If you fancy a change from live blackjack, at Pink Casino, we have a wide range of live casino games for you to experience, including; live roulette, baccarat, game shows, and more. For support on how to play games from our live casino, the Pink Casino blog includes complete guides and tips that are perfect for both beginners and experienced players.