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There are many legendary live casino games on offer, but if you're looking for a one-game which has stood the test of time, look no further than live poker. Now this iconic game has moved from the land-based casino setting to an online casino, the game offers even more poker tables, all of which are hosted by a live dealer to guide players through every call bet, deal of a round and each game as it unfolds.

Play Live Poker at Pink Casino

Here at Pink Casino, we have a wide offering of live poker games within our collection. Whether players are looking for a specific live dealer poker game or prefer to play something new, we have all of the games listed below in the live poker categories on offer.

Live Dealer Poker Games

Before taking a seat on any of the live poker tables on offer at our casino, you'll need to find the game which suits your needs, so we've listed all of the game variants you may encounter at Pink Casino

Caribbean Stud Poker This version of live poker features five cards and pits players against the dealer's cards during a game. Unlike other versions of poker where you play against the others sitting at the table, this variant, sees you play out against the dealer and have to beat their hand. There is also the chance to place a bonus bet within this version, so keep your eyes peeled for that opportunity.

Casino Hold'Em Poker Probably one of the most popular versions of poker to be played within a live casino setting, Texas Hold'Em can be played against the dealer, but it is most commonly played against the other players at the rest of the table. Within this Casino Hold'Em Game, players will be dealt two cards, and the community cards will be added to the table three cards at once, then an extra two one at a time. The best poker hands are formed from the two cards in the player's hand, the flop cards, the turn and the river. In between each of these actions, players will be given the chance to bet, call or check depending on whether they believe they have made the best winning combination of cards.

Live Casino 3 Card Poker Although casino hold 'em is a popular version of poker, there is another faster game where players are given a hand of three cards , and they will simply need to beat the dealer as they play. A simpler offering than other poker games, the aim is still to get the highest-ranking hand.

How To Play Live Poker

If a player has ever played a game of online poker or poker within a live casino, they'll be aware of the basic rules of the game. Live dealer poker plays out exactly the same way, the only difference will be some of the rules which are applied to the different variants of the game. However, if you're new to the game take a look below:

After browsing a selection of games from top providers such as Evolution Gaming and Playtech, players can select their chosen online poker game and take a seat at the table. If a hand is in progress, they'll need to wait for that game to complete before taking part.

As you play poker, you may come across community cards that can potentially increase your winning potential, and these will be revealed if required to help decide the winner of the hand. Players may also encounter a dealer's hand depending on the game type, and these can also have an impact on the game.

When playing a game of live casino poker, players will take part in betting rounds, during these, they can choose whether to fold, call, or raise. There is also the option to check to pass the decision to someone else, but if someone chooses to call or raise, this may not be available.

As well as the main bets during the game, there may also be the option to place an additional side bet depending on the type of poker table that you take a seat at. There are also games in which players may need to place an ante bet, known as the small and big blind, before they can take part in a main game.

Basic Poker Hands

When playing a game of live poker, players will need to be aware of which hands they will need to know alongside the rules of their chosen game. Each of the poker hands won't necessarily offer a higher payout than the other, but it can mean you win a game above the other people who are playing at live poker tables. So take a look below and the poker hand rankings.

  • One Pair: This straightforward hand is known in many casinos and is when you have to cards which are the same value.
  • Two Pair: This winning hand should be self-explanatory, simply match two pairs of cards of the same value in the same hand.
  • Three of a Kind: Again another hand which uses cards of the same kind, but you need three in order to make this hand a success.
  • Straight: This hand is when a player is able to get five consecutive cards which are not of the same suit.
  • Flush: Get all the cards in your hand in the same suit to land a flush
  • Full House: The full house is a trickier hand to explain in live poker. Within this hand, you will need three cards of the same value and then a pair.
  • Four of a Kind: One of the simplest poker hands in casinos, simply have all four cards of the game kind in your hand.
  • Straight Flush: A straight is five consecutive cards to appear in your hand. Well, a straight flush in poker is those in the same suit.
  • Royal Flush: This is the strongest hand a player can land in online poker games, and it consists of all picture cards from ace all the way to 10 of the same suit.

Online Poker FAQs

Where I can play poker live?

Simply head over to our live casino, and you can explore all of the poker games we have to offer. There are different variants of Texas Hold'em, Caribbean stud poker and three-card poker that players can visit at each table.

Where I can play poker live?

Simply head over to our live casino, and you can explore all of the poker games we have to offer. There are different variants of Texas Hold'em, Caribbean stud poker and three-card poker that players can visit at each table.

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