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About Fluffy Favourites Slingo

Fluffy Favourites Slingo is a highly -anticipated title following on from the popularity of the Fluffy Favourites slot game. Fans of established series will love the Slingo games twist, which combines the slot mechanics with some features from online bingo.

If you’re new to Fluffy Favourites, the Slingo version is an excellent introduction. It comes with all the bonus rounds popularised in the previous titles; the primary difference between Slingo and slots is that Slingo games give you 10 spins to create winning sequences! Match the numbers on your grid with those that appear in the lower reel to mark them off. Complete horizontal, diagonal, and vertical lines to make your way up the paytable toward a plethora of bonus rounds and potential payouts!

Fluffy Favourites Bonus Features

Toybox Pick: Use the claw machine to pick out a toy that will come with its own unique prize!

Super Toybox Pick: The Super version of the Toybox Pick gives you 4 toys, all with random prizes.

Mega Toybox Pick: The MEGA Toybox Pick gives you a whopping 5 toys and a 5x multiplier to boot!

Coin Pusher: Inside the coin pusher machine, there are 3 columns that you can drop your 2 coins down. Whichever prize(s) fall out will be awarded to you.

Super Coin Pusher: The upgraded Coin Pusher casino bonus will give you 5 coins to drop rather than the standard 2.

Hook-a-Fluffy: Toys will be floating down a lazy river; you simply need to choose any 3 toys to receive whichever mystery prizes they have attached to them.

Super Hook-a-Fluffy: In this Super edition of Hook-a-Fluffy, you’ll get to pick out 5 toys, and all payouts will come with a 2x win multiplier for enhanced payouts!

How to Play Fluffy Favourites Slingo

Making a Bet: Making a bet in Slingo is similar to staking in slot games; you can use the + and - buttons to increase and decrease the current bet amount so that it better suits your budget. However much you select will entitle you to 10 rounds of gameplay.

Spin: Once you’re happy with your stake, press the Spin button to start the first of your 10 spins. The balls will be drawn, revealing a selection of numbers and unique symbols in the bottom-most reel. If any of the numbers match those on the grid, they will be marked off, bringing you a step closer to completing a Slingo.

Pink Casino’s Fluffy Favourites Slingo Review

Slingo games are all the rage at our online casino thanks to their user-friendly gameplay and simple payout structures, making it a perfect casino game for beginners and those looking to transition from bingo to other types of games. We love the vast number of bonus rounds that can be triggered throughout gameplay - particularly the Mega Toybox Pick, which offers 5 prizes and an impressive 5x multiplier!

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