Live Casino Dice Games

Casino Dice Games

Table games are a huge part of any live casino offering, but by exploring the plethora of games on offer within an online casino setting, players will realise that tables don't just have the option to use cards; there are also many variants of live dice games which can offer players different betting options but the chance to potentially win big if they can land the winning combination of numbers.

Play Dice Games Online at Pink Casino

Right here at the Pink Casino Live Casino, you can experience popular games which fall into to the different categories of online dice games, so whether you're looking for something which alludes to craps, or your if your preference is Sic Bo or Football Studio Dice, all our different games are available to play across mobile, desktop and the Pink Casino App, so you can play on the go.

History of Dice Casino Games

Dice games have been a popular pastime for players for many millennia, with a gambling game of sorts recognised in history as far back as Ancient Rome. However, those games have since involved one of the now most popular games Sic Bo, introduced to land-based casinos in the USA by Chinese immigrants in the early 20th century. Other dice games have also evolved from a land-based casino setting into a casino environment, and all come from a single dice roll, including evolved versions of the popular Sic Bo games, and, course, Craps, but there are also other games such as Football Studio Dice,

Most Popular Online Dice Games

Many players who frequent casino games will be aware that one of the most popular in the live casino world is Craps, but as players have come to find, there are many other formats of casino games which have developed from a simple dice game and now become very popular as players will see digital dice rolled across a table to make a matching number combination.

Live Casino Sic Bo

Sic Bo (Tai Sai) is a classic three dice game which offers players the chance to place bets on the winning combination formed by the numbers that are shown when the three dice land. Translating to the name Precious Dice, there are many betting options available within this game, and players can wager on whether a dice pair will land. There is also the chance to place big and small bets, and a triple bet which offers higher potential payouts for exact combinations of three numbers.

Dice Game Variants: Sic Bo

When you begin to play games in our online casino setting, players will also realise there are many different variants of live dice games, and Sic Bo is no different. Below, we've highlighted some of the games and how they differ from betting on three different numbers to one specific combination.

Speed Super Sic Bo

This version of Sic Bo offers players the chance to play the classic casino game at their own pace. Operating the same way as the live casino game where players will need to predict the outcome of the dice roll, within this game, the dice are constantly shaken, and you simply need to enter a game round of Instant Sic Bo by pressing Play Now.

First Person Sic Bo

As well as the live versions of dice games, within the online casino game collection, there is also a First Person Super Sic Bo for those wanting to play dice games at their own pace. Using a random number generator, this game is also played with three dice, and players bet on the outcome of specific combinations, including a single number combination, double, triple or a combination of dice rolls listed.

Super Sic Bo With Native Speakers

When it comes to dice games, they also have to evolve with the wants of online casino players, and this version of Sic Bo certainly does. Super Sic Bo offers players multipliers alongside the usual betting options players can make. All of the other betting options, including a triple bet remain, but if you also bet on a multiplier within this dice game, there is the chance to win up to 1000x your bet.

Football Studio Dice

Football is one of the most popular sports across the globe, and because of this popularity, it makes sense that it's become a theme for a casino drive game. Similar to the format of games such as Sic Bo, this live dealer game uses four dice instead of three, as the final total is made up of the dice showing the highest total.

The table itself is split into two sides, home and away, and the aim is to place bets on whether you believe the dice in the home or away category will have the highest total. But the game, just like football, is split into two halves, so there is a chance to win even if you lose the first half shake.

Within the game, the dice are automatically shaken in four individual shakers, and players can place their bets on the Home Side, Away Side or a Draw. While playing the game, players will see that the Draw offers the highest payout of the four-number combination, while the others offer even money payouts.

Dice Game FAQs

Do Dice Games also use random number generators?

Yes, in some cases, they do, especially in the case of First Person Sic Bo, which is not hosted by a live dealer.

What are the rules of casino dice games?

The rules of each game vary depending on the type, whether it's craps, Sic Bo or another game, but in every game, the bets players place will be on the outcome of a dice roll and the number which is totalled from that.

What are the odds of winning in casino dice games?

This will vary depending on the dice game. For example Football Studio dice offers an even payout for selecting one of the sides of the gameboard. However, Sic Bo offers different odds and payouts for a single number combination, or if the dice total is combined for a bet, the odds of a higher payout will increase.

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