slingo riches casino game

Slingo Riches

About Slingo Riches

As far as Slingo games go, Slingo Riches is a fairly simplistic title with a generic theme that will appeal to online casino players in search of something that doesn’t pack bells and whistles but focuses on delivering a high-quality gameplay experience. Payouts will start from just one completed Slingo - which is a pleasant surprise as some Slingo games require three or more Slingos to be won before payouts start being calculated.

If Slingo is a new concept to you, it’s really simple to pick up; it works as a hybrid of slot games and online bingo with recognisable features and mechanics from both game types to create a unique game offering to suit all players. With a spin, numbers will appear on the 5x1 reel below the game grid - if any of these numbers match those that are present on the grid then they will be marked off. The aim of the game is to mark off entire lines (known as Slingos) to work towards cash prizes.

While there are no casino bonus features to speak of, there is scope to win Free Spins by simply landing the relevant symbol and bag prizes of up to 200x through landing matching numbers on the grid and reel.

How to Play Slingo Riches

Stake: Use the plus and minus buttons to toggle through the available stake options - this will not be deducted every spin. Instead, this amount will entitle you to 11 spins. If you would like even more gameplay rounds, there will be options available to you for purchasing them at an extra cost once your standard rounds have finished.

Spin: If you’re happy with your stake, press the Spin button to start the first of your 11 spins and watch the reel spin to reveal a selection of numbers and/or symbols that could mix up your gameplay for some unique extras. Jokers and Super Jokers will allow you to mark off any of the highlighted positions on the grid, Devils serve as match blockers, and Free Spins symbols will add an extra round onto your counter. If three or more Jokers land during a single spin, you’ll receive a cash prize.

Pink Casino’s Slingo Riches Review

Slingo Riches offers simple but effective gameplay that can deliver payouts of up to 200x in standard prizes with the ability to boost this through the Jokers Bonus that can be triggered by landing multiple Jokers in a spin. If you’ve previously been a fan of old-school slot machines then this will be a great introduction to a new type of game with a great bridge between classic and modern gameplay.