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Looking for some scratchcards or games with instant winning potential? At Pink Casino, you will find a variety of titles from some of the best providers in the industry. Check out our Instant Win & Scratchcard Games below!

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Instant win games offer players the chance to win speedy payouts all wrapped up in an immersive bout of gameplay. If you prefer to play online casino games in short bursts but still want the chance to win some fantastic prizes then our selection of instant win UK games could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Our games offer enormous variety, so your preferred genres and themes are well catered for. Try our fan-favourite online scratchcards with incredible win potential.

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BEST instant win GAMES

Whether you're after the big payouts or appreciate a quick round of gameplay, when it comes to online casino games, our range of instant win games at Pink Casino is sure to offer something perfectly suited to your preferences! Our instant win & scratchcard games are specifically designed for casino players that don’t have time to sit and natter in an online bingo  lobby or take a seat at one of the virtual tables on offer in our live dealer games. If you just want something quick to play with an abundance of prize potential, then we’ve got you covered!

We’ve got one of the best ranges of instant win games in the UK, and we’re incredibly proud of our ever-growing catalogue of titles, providing enormous variety in themes, gameplay mechanics, and features. If you’ve been searching for the best instant win games casino so you can get involved in these increasingly popular games, we’d love to have you on board.

Our instant win games have easy gameplay, interactive visuals, and catchy sounds. You’ll see a scratchcard, similar to the physical ones, on your screen, and you get to click and drag with the mouse to reveal symbols. Match the required number of symbols to get the prize.
You can scratch one area at a time, or reveal all symbols at once to literally see the result in an instant. Many games have multipliers and other special features to increase the payout, which is often bigger than when scratching physical cards. Moreover, your win adds automatically to your balance, so you won’t have to worry about losing a card again.

Try out top-tier games such as Scratch 4 Diamonds or Scratch 4 Emeralds!

ONLINE scratchcards UK

Scratchcards are some of the most popular instant win games available in the UK - and they have been for many years! Much like their physical counterparts that can be purchased in many different stores, our scratchcards could have you scraping away the coating of your cards to reveal wins!

If you’re a lady (or gent) on the go and fancy something a little bit different from the slot games you might be more familiar with, why not try out one of our online scratchcard games? This is a quick genre of casino game with payouts that often rival even the most modern of slot machines. The speed of each round is dependent on how long you want to spend scratching away at the virtual foil - you can even press a button to have the results revealed immediately if you prefer!

WHAT ARE instant win GAMES?

You’re probably wondering what exactly are instant win games. If you’re new to playing them, then their name may explain away this question, but, to clarify, they are speedy casino games that are perfect for playing on the go - or even just playing at home! There is potential in these games to win prizes instantly and pocket some fantastic payouts within seconds. Instant win games are incredibly varied in their themes, features, and gameplay mechanics, but they all have speed in common. Rapid gameplay is what sets this category of games apart from many of our other games, so this is your one-stop shop for short rounds that could prove fruitful for payouts!

You don’t need to set up strategies, plan your moves ahead, or set bets per paylines. Simply set your stake, and you’re ready to find out if you won or not.

Online scratchcards are games based 100% on chance. It can’t get easier to play than with these pure gambling games.


You can play an online instant win game from everywhere. The scratchcards are in your pocket. Instead of buying them from a store or a newspaper stand, you have them ready whenever you want. The instant games on Pink Casino are available for PC, mobile, or tablet. With the games being optimised for touchscreens, it’s just like having a physical scratchcard in your hand.

What’s even better is that you can easily switch between different casino games if you feel like it. You have a few hundred games at your disposal.

We have a great selection of scratchcards for you to choose from at Pink Casino, and they’re all compatible with all devices. It’s perfectly easy to find an instant win game you like and play it from wherever you choose!

Online scratchcards FAQs

What are scratchcard games?

Scratchcard games are one of the most popular gambling games. These instant win games require you to get a number of matching symbols on a virtual card. Just like with a physical card, you get to scratch with the mouse or by touching your phone screen. The number of matching symbols needed to win is different from one game to another. You will find all the rules in the paytable from the menu of the game.

Instant win games payouts vary a lot. In general, you can potentially win from a few pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Remember that these are games of pure chance and it is crucial to gamble responsibly.

Each game has a different betting range. However, most bets tend to be between £0.10 and £20. Your bet size won’t affect your chances to win.

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