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Live Roulette

Play Live Roulette

Play a variety of fabulous live roulette games at Pink Casino! Explore the live roulette UK lobby and discover special features, themes and ways to play. Our collection of live tables transforms land-based casino roulette into an online experience that allows you to connect with other players and interact with the dealer, all from the comfort of your own home.

Play Live Roulette at Pink Casino

At Pink Casino, we are forever adding to our growing list of online live roulette games, so there’s always something new for our players to come back for. For those new to the amazing world of live casino, you can read more about how to play roulette in our dedicated guide.

All of the live roulette games available at Pink Casino are played using real money wagers, each with varying minimum and maximum betting ranges.

How to Play Live Roulette

It’s really simple to get started on live roulette. The game is played in the same way that a classic roulette game would be played at a land-based casino. Players will be able to view the table, showing the available betting types. Once the live dealer opens the betting window, you can place a bet on the betting options that you think the ball will land on. After the betting time has expired, the dealer will not accept any further bets and will proceed to spin the roulette ball. As the live roulette is streamed, the final result will be visible to all players.

Choose Your Favourite Way To Play Roulette

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to finding different roulette games on Pink Casino, with a variety of options included in our wide collection of online casino games.

Live roulette

Playing live roulette games is no different from the traditional land-based casino game of roulette. Online roulette is delivered via shows hosted in real-time and live streamed from a studio that features an amazing host to guide you through the game.

Many live roulette games will feature a live chat feature, allowing you to engage with the host and other players throughout the game. If this doesn’t suit your fancy, virtual tables are also available in the library of live casino games from Pink Casino.

Online live roulette opens the door to play with people from anywhere in the world, with the live interaction features providing live chat and showcasing the winners of each round to create a more engaging experience. Each game includes a beautiful studio with fabulous animations and special features to replicate a classic game of roulette.

For lightning roulette tables, the payouts can include multipliers in addition to the standard odds.

How To Win At Live Roulette

Outside of the different betting types, the rules of online roulette are fairly straightforward. To win, you need to place a bet on the correct outcome of the game, which is determined when the roulette ball comes to a stop and lands on one of the roulette segments.

Types of roulette bets

Live roulette offers players an extensive range of betting options for you to select from at the roulette table. You can mix different types of bets to increase your chances.

Inside bets - Located on the inner section of the table, inside bets provide the highest payout odds:

  • Straight up (you bet on one number)
  • Split (two numbers)
  • Street (three numbers)
  • Corner (four numbers)
  • Five bets are all different types that fall under the inside bets label.

Outside bets - If you’re new to the game of roulette, you might be less familiar with the outside betting options. When selecting outside betting options, you will be covering categories of numbers:

  • Column
  • Dozen
  • Colours
  • Odd or Even
  • High or Low

Fixed call bets - Bets placed on a fixed section of the wheel:

  • Neighbours of zero (Voisins du Zero)
  • Orphans (Orphelins)
  • Zero game (Jeu Zero)
  • Thirds of the wheel (Tiers du Cylindre).

Many betting strategies, such as the Martingale roulette system or the Paroli roulette system are based on outside bets.

The Top Live Roulette Games

From the extensive range of live roulette games available at Pink Casino, we have picked out some of the most popular among players:

Across some of these popular games, you get a combination of unique features within the gameplay, adding a twist to your traditional roulette game. Other games stick to the classical rules of roulette whilst delivering an immersive live experience.


How do you play live roulette with a dealer?

To play online roulette games, you will first need to select a bet amount that you are comfortable with. Once selected, you can choose a bet type from inside, outside and fixed call bets. As this is live roulette, your bet must be placed before the betting time has expired; otherwise, you will need to wait until the dealer calls the next round. After the betting time has expired, the live dealer will spin the ball. Eventually, the ball will come to a stop, landing on one of the segments of the online roulette wheel. If you have bet on the correct outcome, you will win the round.

What are the odds of winning in roulette?

Odds will vary depending on the game you are playing. In traditional games of American roulette, there is a higher house edge due to the additional two green zero segments on the wheel. European and French games only feature one additional green zero segment, therefore the house edge is lower.

What are the odds of guessing the correct roulette number?

Straight-up bets have a payout of 35:1 as there are typically 36 segments on a wheel (Depending on the version you play), with the addition of one or two green zero segments to create a house edge.

Can you talk to the live dealer?

Live roulette is hosted by a live dealer with many games providing the option for players to communicate with the dealer. This can be done through a chat function which also allows you to engage with other players.