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We know how much Pink Casino players love finding brand new online slots to play and potentially win on, so we made this one-stop shop for all things new! From Megaways smash hits to the highest RTP slots online, you can find some hidden gems in our category of new slots - and you could be one of the first to give them a go!

Before we release any new slot games, we make sure to test them out to make sure they not only look good but are also packed with payout potential. This way, you can trust that all of the games on offer are there because they are the best of the best - so read on to find out more about our online casino and the games that we have to offer.

Why play new online slots UK?

The biggest reason that our players may prioritise playing the newest online slot games is the introduction of new providers and features that alter people's interpretation of casino games. There are also new opportunities to find providers that you like, as some players tend to play new games based on their providers. There are also significant opportunities to diversify your gameplay options by playing on a variety of devices. You might be used to playing classic games such as Rainbow Riches and Starburst on your PC, while in the modern-day, online slots are created for a mobile-first experience.

New online slots at Pink Casino

If you value variety, regular updates and high-quality gameplay, then Pink Casino is the place to go to get all of the above. As a player, you’ll get access to the best Red Tiger slots, along with other titles from some of the most esteemed gaming developers around the world. You might even get to play some exclusives!

We’re confident in our range of new online slots UK, and we’re pleased to be able to offer our players more than just the staples. Whether you’re interested in quirky bonus features or just want to spin through something traditional for a nostalgic blast to the past, we’re sure you’ll find it in our extensive catalogue of slot games.

At Pink Casino, we pledge to release plenty of high-quality online slots every single week to ensure that there is always something new for you to read up on. Our monthly updates will cover some of the biggest releases of each month, but you can catch every single new title in the grid above, decorated with a fancy ribbon to let you know that it’s a newcomer on-site. We're looking to add even more fantastic new slot games throughout the year, and we'll pick out some of our favourites of each month to highlight on this page.

If you’ve had your fill of new online slots and want to check out some of our most popular titles, you can head over to our best online slots page, where we go into detail about specific games - and you might even catch a review or two!

New slots online - what’s trending?

The best thing about new online slots is the updated features that appear almost every month, for example, our newer providers will look to introduce newer graphics, features and mobile-specific features that enhance the gaming experience for players. The reason for this is that most players will play games based on the provider, so our newer providers work additionally hard to make sure their games stand out.

New online slot features - Upgraded Graphics

In the modern-day, the graphics of online slots are equally as important to players as the gameplay aspect. For example, slots with the classic theme are less popular with players as they don’t visually appeal. These games often have a pub-fruit or a fire theme in order to resonate with the classic slot machine look. That being said, there are examples of older slots where a sequel has been created with upgraded graphics in order to appeal to the modern player. For example, the Rainbow Riches series has been updated with nearly a dozen sequels to innovate the game for every player. Each game has different graphics and additional features to tailor the game to new players. Although the original game is the most popular, each sequel has players who favour the game over the original slot.

There are also new online slots themes that have remained incredibly popular from the beginning of casino gaming to now, this is due to the popularity of the theme and the impressive adaptations our providers make with each refreshing release. For example, for Egyptian slots, there are dozens of releases for each area of Egyptian history. You'll find pharaohs, hieroglyphics, and specific elements. Each upgrade to the aesthetics and gameplay of these slots make them unique to each provider as they look to make every Egyptian release better than the last. Other popular slot themes that tend to get a revamp are mythological slots and fruit slots, as they cover a wide player base.

Which begs the question of why do slot games get sequels? Well, sometimes the sequel is planned out in advance as a two-part game. In this situation, the provider has planned for the original game to be successful and has prepared a sequel to take advantage of the success of the game. However, the vast majority of sequels are actually unplanned and are created due to the success of the game, for example, the Fishin Frenzy slot game game was a slot that didn’t have a sequel for years after its release. However, as the slot turned out to be massively successful we have since seen numerous sequels. Nowadays, these slots are created with features such as the Jackpot King and megaways slot features in mind. You'll often find that new slots sites tend to focus on features such as this that are massively popular over a sustained period of time.

Megaways slot games are also one of the biggest alterations when it comes to interactive graphics and gameplay. This feature has meant that the average game in the modern-day isn’t restricted to the traditional 5x3 layout with slot paylines. Since the feature has been unveiled, the number of classically themed slot releases has decreased substantially with megaways releases and jackpot games increasing at an impressive rate. When you combine the improvements in gameplay with the new smooth animation quality our providers are introducing with their modernised graphic capabilities, it is unrivalled in the gaming industry. The improvements to graphics has often been compared to that of video games, in the last ten years, the restrictions have been lifted due to modern technology, meaning instead of slots looking like 1990’s video games, we now have modern game console-quality graphics with our online slots.

Game mechanics in new online slots

Do you like clusters better than Megaways? Do you prefer Jackpot King slots to new games with free spins? We boast a generous selection of games with varying features and mechanics on offer, so finding your new favourite game is a doddle! Some of our most popular new UK online slots have been titles with unique bonuses or industry-leading mechanics, so we wanted to pick out some of the most popular ones that are available to play here:

New Slots With Free Spins: Free spins bonuses are arguably the most common feature available in slot games, regardless of whether they’re new or old; the classic nature of this bonus type makes it a big draw for players looking for something new to play. Fans of mobile slots will be aware that a large number of new online slots UK will be created around the free spins bonus.

New Slots With Megaways: These games have been popular for quite a while at Pink Casino, often giving players up to 117,649 ways to win with every single spin of the reels. With such colossal win potential on offer, it was inevitable that Megaways slots were going to take off - and we’re glad to see that plenty of new games are still being released with the Megaways mechanic. Since mobile technology has risen, our players will have noticed an influx of Megaways branded casino games in our new slots.

New Slots With Jackpot King: Jackpot King is a progressive community jackpot that connects a vast number of slot games together to allow plenty of players to win big. These slots mark some of the UK's biggest payouts, so the payout potential on offer is not to be sniffed at. Often an online casino will mark which games have the Jackpot King bonus, on Pink Casino you can find the Jackpot King logo in some of our thumbnails. Alternatively, you may find other progressive jackpot slots on our Jackpots page.

New Slots With Power Reels: Power Reels slots are becoming increasingly prominent in online casinos with plenty of these new slots available at Pink Casino for players in search of a modern mechanic like no other. These new online slots are some of Red Tiger’s most impressive crowning achievements, combining a supersized set of reels, unique bonus features, and often jackpot prizes to boot.

New Slots With Multipliers: Multipliers are commonplace in online slots both new and old, but as you delve into more modern slot games you’ll find multipliers that do more than just offer a small payout boost. Multiplier wilds, unlimited multipliers, multiplier bonus rounds, and more are waiting in some of our top-of-the-range new online slots. Multiplier slots are popular in the UK as they offer the chance to enhance an already impressive prize.

New Slots With Infinity Reels: Infinity Reels are another increasingly popular feature in new online slots UK, and it’s certainly one of the most interesting mechanics that we’ve seen in recent years. The name perfectly describes the gameplay changes that these reels provide; the size of the grid can increase in size an infinite number of times, leading to plenty of opportunities to win prizes. To expand the reels, the right-most reel must improve any symbol combination.

New Slots With Wilds: Like multipliers, wild symbols are prevalent in online casino games, particularly in the new online slots that are released here at Pink Casino. Wilds are useful icons that will stand in for most other symbols in the paytable to help create winning combinations, so they’re often considered a precious commodity. Wilds have also undergone makeovers in the last few years, leading to the creation of expanding wilds, sticky wilds, transforming wilds, and more.

New online casino slot games - play on your mobile

Remember the days when you either played a game in a land casino or on a chunky, slow computer that took 10 minutes to load each game? Well, those days are far behind us with modern technology. UK players will even notice some slot games that are created specifically for mobile users. The reason for this is that players now have the option to play games anywhere. You have hundreds of options at your fingertips within seconds. In previous years, UK players had to be static, in front of a computer to play casino games online. Now you can play slots in the UK from any location.

However, accessibility isn't the only benefit of mobile gaming, another bonus of playing on mobile is that getting started is so much simpler than it used to be. You have significantly better interfaces that are suited to aiding inexperienced players. If you need to find a specific area of an application, it is clearly marked. Previously, navigating around a casino site may have been difficult for new players. You may also find elements of new online slots in other areas of media. Bonuses such as loot boxes have become majorly popular in online gaming. Whether you’re spinning a reel or a wheel to discover what bonus you may achieve, it is clear that slots gaming is having a more significant impact on more multimedia elements every year.

How to choose the new slots online to play

When deciding which new online slot to play, there are a number of elements that should be considered. Especially when it comes to slot machines for beginners, it's good to get informed. However, these elements should be adapted to your preferences. If a slot game doesn’t fit the criteria of a slot you're looking for, you have plenty of other options to choose from. Check out below a number of elements that can be considered when selecting which UK new online slot is best for you.

Choosing a new online slot: Volatility

Another area of new online slots that is of the utmost importance is volatility. Volatility is one of the biggest variables between games and tells you which games match your playing style. What volatility provides is an indication of how often an online slot would pay out. For example, if a game has a high RTP, it indicates that you will, on average, get more in return for your money, while if a game has high volatility, that indicates the game will payout less often but in higher amounts. If a game has low volatility, it will payout more often but in smaller amounts.

In short, if you had £100 and you played at £1 per spin on a high volatility slot, you may only see 10 wins but they’ll all likely have higher payouts. Meanwhile, on a low volatility slot, you may see 60 wins but they will have substantially lower payouts on average.

Why is this important for players to know? It simply demonstrates which games are best suited for you. If you’re someone looking for jackpot-style wins and are willing to lose consistently to get there, you’ll be more inclined to play a high volatility game. Alternatively, if you’re looking to gradually build up your bankroll and you’re content with lower payouts, you’ll look to play low-volatility games. If you weren’t to check out these features, you could be looking for a jackpot win in a game that provides an average of 1.2x your stake as a payout and has a maximum win of 500x, which is on the opposite end of the slots spectrum.

Choosing a new online slot: Maximum Payouts

Similarly to Return to Player and volatility, one of the most important elements to check when you’re finding a game that suits your playing style is the maximum payout. Just because a slot has low RTP or high volatility, it doesn’t mean that the maximum payout is high. A game can have extremely high volatility and a low RTP but at the same time, it could have a maximum payout of 5,000x, a value that doesn’t represent a jackpot slot but is still relatively high. If you check out the jackpot slots section you’ll be able to find games with extremely high payouts due to either the Jackpot King bonus or alternatively progressive jackpots. So, high volatility never guarantees a high payout but it can be used as a benchmark, so these are the games that you should check out and view if you’re looking for a high payout. If you’re looking for a high max win, it’s nearly impossible to find that in a low volatility slot.

Choosing a new online slot: Bonus Features

Finally, if you’re looking to play our new online slots, one area which you may choose to focus on is bonus features. For example, if you know a provider is looking to test out a brand new style of bonus in their latest release, you can pick that game out as a game to test. Ultimately, if you are playing a game with features you’re unfamiliar with, it’s recommended that you play with a lower stake until you familiarise yourself with the slot. That being said, it is sometimes the simplest features that players enjoy the most. A prime example of this is the free spins bonus feature that is incredibly basic. Land three scatter symbols, and get a number of base game spins without payment. Over time, this feature has evolved to include various wild and scatter adaptations such as expanding and sticky wilds. It isn’t uncommon to find new releases with their own adaptations to the free spins bonus. The feature mixes the familiarity that players know with the unpredictability that makes the games unique.

As slot games progress, the quantity and quality of bonus features will only improve. For example, in recent years, we have seen trail bonuses which follow the traditional style of a gameboard, wheel bonuses that determine exactly what you receive by a random spin of the wheel and more! Nobody knows what the next big thing in online slots will be but one thing you can guarantee is that with the rate of innovation in modern slots, we’re going to see some fantastic renditions of casino bonus rounds in the near future.

Providers to follow for new slots

With hundreds of slot providers in the United Kingdom alone, it is nearly impossible to know exactly which providers are bringing online slot sites the best content. Some casino gaming software will aim to provide luxurious graphics in their games while others will focus on the gameplay element. Some may even produce solely gimmick-based games. We’ve put together a short list with slot providers that you should watch out for when looking for new online slot games with trendy features and the grandest graphics:

Relax Gaming

Relax Gaming is a provider who has done it all in casino gaming. They’ve gathered their stocks in slots, table games and even online bingo. However, when you focus on their new online slots UK products, it’s clear to see that they’ve aimed to conquer every area of the market with their games. If you can think of a theme, they’ve created a game with that theme, if you can think of a bonus feature, one of their games will likely have it. For example, with the Megaways engine, they have incorporated it into nine of their releases. Meanwhile, they have 17 Infinity Reels and 4 Megapays slot games. While other organisations may have developed these tools, Relax Gaming have made sure to purchase the licence to ensure their slots are the best they possibly can be.

That being said, when looking for Relax Gaming slots, you won’t only wish to check out Relax Gaming as a number of slot providers fall under the same umbrella through various partnerships. There are dozens of slot providers that are “powered by Relax”, including the likes of Quickspin, Inspired Entertainment and NoLimit City. If you’re looking for creative slots, Relax Gaming is one to look out for. With that in mind, there is one provider that falls entirely under the Relax Gaming moniker and that is Silver Bullet, a programme that was launched to “attract and promote innovative and high-quality studio partners”.

With 25 partners including the likes of Big Time Gaming and Slingo Originals, you’ll find Relax Gaming slots in many forms. No matter what type of slot you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Pink Casino’s Relax Gaming slots.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is another provider who has had such vast success in their slots gaming journey that they’re expanding into dozens of products, including live casino and online bingo. Although their other products have had success, they haven’t yet reached the dizzy heights of their slots platform. This is because of the constant innovation of their slots. This includes the game that won an iGB Award for “best slot of the year” in 2021, Big Bass Bonanza, following in the footsteps of Fishin Frenzy’ which is one of the most popular slots in the world. Pragmatic took the fishing theme and released something that was mightily impressive. Since the slot was released it has seen four remakes and optimisations, with expansions, megaways and the Christmas theme, all added to the game in different versions. That being said, Big Bass Bonanza is just a small sample of what Pragmatic can offer.

Themed new online slots are particularly difficult to perfect. Thousands are created every year, so creating something unique is very difficult. However, Pragmatic has managed to release dozens of games under similar themes and keep them so innovative that no two games are the same. For example, if you’re a fan of Egyptian slots, you’ll be keen to know that Pragmatic have over a dozen Egyptian-themed releases, each containing new features and updated graphics.


Did you know that the largest payout in online casino history comes from the Microgaming slot - Mega Moolah? A British soldier won over 13 million on the slot in October 2015 and it hasn’t been beaten yet. The Guinness World Records site says: “The largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine is €17,879,645 ($20,062,600, £13,209,300), won by Jon Heywood (UK), playing Microgaming's Mega Moolah”. With this in mind, Microgaming is also one of the oldest slot providers around today, created in 1994. It is a testament to their innovation and ability to adapt that they are still one of the top providers in the world today. As the competitors around them look to improve, there is no doubt that Microgaming will look to make headlines with more hits like Mega Moolah.

Although Microgaming might not be the provider to look at for the newest online slot games features, they produce games that stick to what their players look for. They have high-quality slots that follow popular themes (vampires, mythology, tv series - e.g. Game of Thrones slot). They might launch new online slots around your favourite tv series or movies.

Blueprint Gaming

Blueprint Gaming is one of the top slot providers in the United Kingdom. When you see their gaming catalogue, it’s clear why. They’re the centrepiece of the Gauselmann Group which has a large influence in casino gaming around the world. Due to this, they have a wide range of ‘sister’ brands such as Merkur slots. They’ve become responsible for some of the most popular slot games in the world today. One of their best games is the Goonies slot, released in October 2018. The slot utilises its source material fantastically and builds on the cult film. A lot of their releases are based around themes that are well-known to the world such as Deal or No Deal and the Rick & Morty franchise. However, what they have done that is different to many other providers is to release sports-related slots covering the likes of fishing or darts.

In the modern-day, Blueprint is more than just an online slot provider. As a mainstay of the industry, they have begun their trajectory into table games featuring the likes of American Roulette and Blackjack, as well as scratchcard games. In their newer slots, you’ll find classic adaptations to the pub fruit style with the Jackpot King and Megaways features combined.

New Online Slots Pros - What’s good about them?

It’s incredibly easy to sit back and play the same slot games over and over again, when you know the features and you’re comfortable with the game. However, when you do get into that routine, you miss out on the more interactive side of gaming. If you took this approach in 2018, you’d have missed the rise of Megaways slots, and the Jackpot King feature that was still young. Technology will cause a large number of changes in the next few years, and the potential changes that could occur in slot games are highly anticipated. At Pink Casino, we are adding new content to our slots guide constantly to keep you updated. It would be a pity to skip the innovation and the exploration.

New Online Slots Cons - Why you might prefer other options?

When you’re looking to play an online slot, there is nothing bad about returning to an old favourite. You know the game well, you know its payout, you know its bonuses, and most importantly, you’re comfortable with the game. Meanwhile, with a new game, you’ll need to learn how to play and how the game could pay out. Or in other words, on some occasions, a new slot may just seem a little too complicated to understand.

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Where can I find new slots online?

You can find all the best new online slots at Pink Casino on our new slots page. The game grid above will provide you with a wide selection of games to play from a number of slot providers. Alternatively, check our slots page and look out for the new banner in our thumbnails.

This will vary month-on-month as providers have periods where they’ll release a small number of games in a quarter but then release a large bulk of new slots in another. Ultimately, Relax Gaming and Blueprint are reliable providers to look out for when it comes to new slots.

Dozens of providers around the world have different schedules but most providers aim to release a new game every season. The biggest providers will aim to have multiple releases every month. Instead of checking out each provider looking for their new releases, bookmark the Pink Casino new slots page and find the newest slot releases in the UK with the click of a button.

Right here at Pink Casino you will find reviews for each new slot game. We’ve added over 1,000 new slots to our library as we look to bolster our casino with some of the best releases from previous years and the best new slots from over 30 providers in the UK. Looking to play these games? Register at Pink Casino and get started!

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