Paroli roulette strategy

There are many betting strategies popular among roulette players. Some follow a flat betting strategy, where you stick to the initial stake, and some see you double your bets where you can reach the table limits.

However, one of the most commonly used in European roulette is the Paroli roulette strategy, where the aim is to increase or decrease your stake depending on the outcome of the previous spin.

Classed as a form of positive, progressive betting, the simple Paroli roulette format people follow is to double their stake following a win. This could potentially lead to a bankroll increase by landing consecutive wins.

If you’re unsure of the Paroli roulette system and whether it's the right strategy to use while you are playing, take a look at our detailed expansion of the Paroli strategy below.

How the Paroli roulette betting system works

Before roulette players use the Paroli system, they will need to understand how the strategy works and if it can actually be beneficial to utilise. A positive progression staking system, which is the opposite of the Martingale system, the aim of the strategy is to double your bet with every spin of the wheel.

During the Paroli system, if you lose at the roulette table, your stake will remain the same, and if you continue to have a losing streak, the original stake will remain the same. However, if you manage to land a win on a roulette wheel, your bet will double, with the aim to have three consecutive win spins in a row. Following those winning spins, the betting progression will stop, and the initial bet will then be reverted back to.

Paroli Betting System Example

Take a look below at how a player could apply the Paroli roulette system:

Spin NumberStakeResultProfit

As you can see in the strategy above, there are seven units of profit by bet three, which is the three wins in a row at the same table. After this win, players should then revert to their original bet and if they win, then follow the same strategy again, which could lead to winning streaks.

The Paroli betting system relies on placing even odds bets for a player to make this profit. These even bets are classed as inside bets and will normally offer a payout of 1:1 and will feature odd or even bets, black or red and the specific 1-18 and 19-36 betting categories shown on a roulette table.

Paroli system variants

There are many betting systems within casino games, and the Paroli betting system is no different. One of the variants is the three-step Paroli, which limits the progression amount to just three betting rounds rather than extending it across multiple betting rounds.

There is also the Contra Paroli roulette system, which offers a slightly different system if your table bet loses. During this roulette system, if you lose, your stake will then be halved, making the game more conservative, and if you manage to land a win, it goes some way towards recovering your losses.

Before using any roulette systems, make sure you understand the roulette rules and the betting strategy you are planning to follow.

Paroli strategy pros and cons

As with every roulette strategy, there are positives and negatives. The Paroli betting system is no different. However, one of the advantages of the Paroli method is that roulette players only increase their bet if they are on winning streaks. A losing bet will reset the stake back to the initial bet.

Another positive of this betting system is that when you place a starting bet which is a low amount, and you steer away from larger bets, it can offer a net profit.

Some alternatives to the Paroli system are the Fibonacci roulette system, the James Bond roulette system, or the D'alembert system.

Paroli strategy FAQs

Is the Paroli Roulette System safe?

When it comes to any of the roulette strategies that can be used, many systems will be classed as risky, and none of the betting systems, including the Paroli system, will guarantee a win at a roulette table.

Is the Paroli Strategy better than the Martingale System?

When it comes to roulette systems, there is no categorisation as to whether they are good or bad. Some offer less risk than others, including the Paroli roulette system. The strategy will only encourage you to increase your stake for three spins; if you lose a bet, then it will only use a small stake.

How much should you bet using the Paroli betting system?

If you choose to use the Paroli method, you should monitor your bankroll when using the betting model and keep a close eye on the amount used to place bets during each roulette session. If you wish to stick to a small amount for your first bet, it can be the table minimum amount. Following the strategy, the next bet will be double the amount, and this will follow for another spin.

Can I land three consecutive wins using the Paroli System?

Theoretically, there is a chance to land consecutive wins when using this system on roulette tables. However, a winning streak may not be possible, and you may end up with a net loss.

What should I do after a winning round?

As bets are placed in successful progressions, there is a chance you will have more winning rounds. The Paroli progression is based on doubling your bet if you win to an amount of three spins. Which means more progressions beyond that are not advised.

How many progressions should I make at a roulette table?

When using the Paroli system, the recommended amount of progressions is two following your first bet. After that, the next bet should be the original stake. Remember to always bet responsibly.

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