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Roulette is one of the most popular casino offerings across the world. When it comes to the game itself, there are many theories, techniques and roulette strategies available for players. However, not every roulette betting strategy can be helpful, and in fact, no implemented roulette strategy can guarantee a player will win.

That said, the most successful roulette strategy elements can assist any player in understanding the game of roulette. Whether that's placing the best bets or finding the better odds for bets. Below, we’ve listed some of the best roulette strategies available to give you insight. So why not take a look before you head over to play roulette at our selection of tables?

Types of roulette strategies

When exploring any roulette strategy, players will need to be aware that they will fall into one of two categories: a progressive roulette strategy or a non-progressive strategy. While both have their pros and cons, many players who utilise these strategies do so for a specific reason. There is no best strategy for roulette to follow, but to give you more insight, we have an explanation of both right here:

Progressive roulette betting systems

These roulette strategies centre around increasing the size of your bet following the conclusion of each wheel spin. This could be doubling your stake, which is something suggested in the famous Martingale or Paroli systems. Or it could follow a safer progressive strategy, such as the Fibonacci system. According to these strategies, the stake increases even when the spin turns out to be losing.


The non-progressive betting strategy that can be used by players in roulette offers a completely different playing perspective to that listed above. This type of roulette strategy promotes betting the same throughout a game, regardless of if you win. It also allows you to change the amount as and when you see fit.

Best roulette strategies

When it comes to the best strategies associated with online roulette, there are many that a player could try and use to their advantage when playing at a roulette wheel.

However, whichever roulette system you choose to use, there is no specific roulette strategy to win against the house, and none of the systems we’ve explained below can guarantee a win at a roulette table.

Martingale Strategy

Although it's probably one of the most well-known betting systems, the Martingale roulette strategy can be riskier, as, after every losing spin, it suggests players double their bet. Although it's a straightforward strategy to follow, it focuses on outside bets on the table. These offer smaller wins than other bets on a roulette wheel.

James Bond Roulette Strategy

If you’d like your roulette game shaken but not stirred, it could be time to utilise the James Bond strategy. Focused on the famous 007, the strategy recommends placing the same bets on every spin of the roulette wheel. This means the James Bond betting strategy is a flat betting system. It requires players to use 20 units of stake, 14 units on outside bets, five on inside bets and one on zero.


Players looking for a progressive betting method who want a lighter roulette strategy than others can look at the D’Alembert strategy. Similar to the Martingale method, it is however less aggressive. It focuses on players slightly increasing their stake when they have lost a bet and decreasing when they have won.


When you play roulette online, one of the popular roulette strategies you could come across is the Paroli strategy. It is often called the reverse Martingale. Although it falls into the same category as many progressive betting strategies, what makes this different is that it encourages players to increase their total stake with their winnings rather than their bankroll. This strategy applies after a winning spin.


Numbers play a huge part in the game of online roulette, and if you’re looking for a betting system that follows a mathematical sequence, then look at the Fibonacci system. It is based on the famous sequence of numbers where the next equals the previous two. In roulette, it is used for outside betting, as there is a 50/50 chance of winning from these bet types.


Regarding roulette tables and strategies involving numerical increments, the Labouchere betting system is up there with the Martingale betting strategy. However, it may take a bit of practice when used during online casino games. Used alongside even money bets, players must first decide how much they want to win and then add up the numbers accordingly as they play.


When it comes to online casino sites and playing roulette, one of the more high-risk strategies is the Andrucci betting system. Based on chaos theory, it focuses on the high paying inside bets and the chance that, over time, the numbers will fall into a sequence. However, this system can result in losing bets, so remember to stick to your betting limits if you choose this strategy.

Constant bet

One of the most basic systems is the constant bet strategy. It is normally used by players who don’t want to follow a more popular roulette strategy, and simply want to explore the game. It revolves around players placing the same bet, over and over. However, its volatility also depends on the stake and how many bets you’re looking to make.

How to choose a roulette strategy

When choosing a strategy for online roulette, there are many factors which can influence your decision. However, if you’re looking for a good starting point, we’ve picked some of the things you’ll need to consider before you start playing.

Type of roulette you’re playing (European/American)

While it may not be obvious, many casino players will know that there are two types of roulette. Whichever you’re playing could influence the different roulette betting strategies that are used. The main difference between European roulette and American Roulette is the numbers on the wheel, which increases the betting odds. Simply, an American roulette wheel has a zero and double segment. European only features one zero. However, what this does do is change the betting percentage and odds.

Type of bet you’re choosing

Within roulette games, there are different types of bets and these include inside and outside bets. Many roulette strategies favour specific bets, so depending on how much you’re staking and which bets you prefer, this will alter the strategy.

Roulette strategy tips

When choosing a roulette betting system or strategy, it can come down to many factors. Some of them will come down to the amount of bankroll you have to play with and the bets you wish to place.

However, when you play roulette, whether it's online roulette or in a live casino setting, it’s important to know that even if you choose to utilise roulette betting strategies, there are zero guarantees that you will actually land a win at roulette. All of the strategies mentioned above are simply guides to help potentially increase the odds of winning.

Another key factor when playing is to also stick to the budget you have chosen for your bet size for all roulette games and follow responsible gambling rules. Many live casino tables will have a table limit, and some will also offer a low minimum bet, so there will be roulette games which suit your budget.

It's also important to learn the roulette rules before playing either American or European roulette, as they can influence your roulette strategy options. However, remember that while you might get some wins, they aren't guaranteed.


Can you learn how to win at roulette?

No, casino games are a game of chance. Even if you choose to implement a roulette strategy, it's important to know there’s no guaranteed system to beat roulette. However, before playing any game round, we recommend taking a look at the rules of the game, the best bets, what betting unit is on offer, and if the game suits your budget.

What is the most successful roulette strategy?

The simple answer to that is simple. It depends on the preference of the player. Although there are successful roulette strategies which can help you learn more about the different betting systems, no win for a roulette player is guaranteed when they are placing their bets.

Should I check the latest winning numbers/colours?

There is no pattern or rule when it comes to roulette. Whether you're placing your first bet or you've played online games in the past, all versions of roulette are completely random. However, if you wish to check where the ball has landed previously, the online tables may have a record.

How do I know if a roulette strategy is right for me?

Different roulette strategies cater to different playing styles, and although some betting systems have been highlighted as the most successful roulette strategies, none of them can actually ensure a win. Whether you're choosing the James Bond betting system or one of the many listed above, the casino advantage will still be relevant.

How much should I stake when playing roulette?

Whether you choose to play American, European, or French roulette, it's important to stick to your budget for your initial bet and continue to follow the budget you have set. If you are placing losing bets and are getting close to your limit, our best advice is to leave the table. Never follow tips that advise you to bet a certain amount.

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