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Few game developers command the sort of stature and respect that Big Time Gaming does. As one of the most pioneering slot machine developers in the last 20 years, Big Time Gaming introduced dozens of themes and invented the game-changing MEGAWAYS game engine, which changed the industry forever.

Characteristics of Big Time Gaming slots

Big Time Gaming are renowned for their range of high-quality slot games. The Australian-based company values quality over quantity. This is a crucial component to have when you’re looking to release the next big slot title.

The most defining factor of Big Time Gaming are MEGAWAYS slots, which is synonymous with slot gaming as a whole and is something that many slot players will find familiar. By creating and patenting this advanced mechanism, the provider went from a fairly respectable size to one of the titans in the industry. This success led to a huge buyout from Evolution back in 2021.

Big Time Gaming popular features

MEGAWAYS has become so synonymous with the current slot machine scene that some people prefer only to play these games. Although Big Time Gaming slots vary in theme, and they created this landmark mechanism in the first place, they haven’t simply opted to make games that all feature MEGAWAYS. The truth is, they could, as it is a forward-thinking and groundbreaking way to play slot games. 

However, Big Time Gaming slots are known for their ability to move with the times continuously. They are researching and continually developing popular new features for their slot games to maintain the unique element of their gameplay.

Here at Pink Casino, you can find dozens of Big Time Gaming titles. Their other notable games include stacked wilds and large max wins of up to 20,000 coins. Understandably, when Big Time Gaming first released their MEGAWAYS feature, they released several high-profile games featuring the mechanism and have since branched out.

Big Time Gaming slot themes

Big Time Gaming has plenty of experience across the board with slot games. There are dozens of highly popular themes, and they’ve tried their hand at most. From as far-reaching as traditional slots to fishing, fruit and Wild West themes, they have ensured there’s something for all types of slots players. Big Time Gaming is exploring a wide range of new genres, and they’re continuing to find success.

This is the tip of the iceberg, though. You’d expect a provider with the reputation of Big Time Gaming to cover all these common themes in abundance. As you can see at Pink Casino, if you search for them, there’s a broad range of unique themes, including diamonds and TV/movie themes, where they gained the exclusive rights to develop a vast number of games, from familiar quiz and TV shows to online slots based on some of the biggest movies.

Big Time Gaming slot hits

While MEGAWAYS might be the most notable change that Big Time Gaming have enacted in the slot machine sector, there’s so much more that they have to offer. Some of their biggest titles, all of which you can find at Pink Casino, have a strong core audience that has experienced them for years.

The variety is deep, and each game has its own approach. So much so that you’d be forgiven for thinking that each game was brought to you by a different designer; this high-quality and consistent variety makes Big Time Gaming a stalwart of the sector and one of the most prominent names in the entire sector. While some of these iconic games were among the first MEGAWAYS games, there are many more Big Time Gaming games to potentially try.

Extra Chilli

Food-themed slots tend to fall into more common categories, with some of the most popular ones being candy and berries. Chilli slots aren’t an area that many designers have explored. Big Time Gaming created some waves when this slot game was released. With the max win limit, a chilli bonus column and a golden jackpot symbol, it was lauded when it first hit our screens. The music, design and backdrop all contribute to making this one of Big Time Gaming’s finest games and are a testament to their striving for ingenuity.


Bonanza was a part of the MEGAWAYS revolution back in 2016, and it is a game that is still played widely at Pink Casino. 

The gemstone theme is a slightly more well-trodden route. However, this game became popular because of the excellent graphics and innovative MEGAWAYS feature, with many still selecting this title to play.


It is common for providers to release slot titles based on popular games and gameshows. Monopoly MEGAWAYS is based on the iconic, globally popular board game and puts an intriguing slot spin on it.

The 7x6 grid reel isn’t the usual size you’d find, and the monopoly prizes offer a stark contrast to the conventional free spins round and wild features you’d usually find in a slot game.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

As one of the most popular TV quiz shows of the 21st century, the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire slot game is one of Big Time Gaming's most noted achievements. Many popular slots have been developed based on favourite TV shows or movies, and there are a few titles you will recognise at Pink Casino. The game is still popular seven years after its release, which shows how well-designed it is and the lasting popularity of MEGAWAYS.

Queen of Riches

Mythology is always a popular pick in slot gaming. The reason behind the astonishing popularity of Greek, Roman and Egyptian slots is not fully understood. However, the number of games with one of these three themes combined is enormous. The Queen of Riches slot has an Egyptian theme and was one of the original MEGAWAYS games that caught the slot world by storm.

About the company

As one of Australia’s leading names in this sector, Big Time Gaming has spread its reach globally. Their titles can be found all over the world, with many available here at Pink Casino. The company itself was founded over a decade ago in 2011, and its current headquarters are in the heart of Sydney. 

When it comes to winning awards and having a certified stamp of approval, it’d be quicker to name the awards the company hasn’t won. Even from its earliest days, the company began making a name for itself, winning its first big award and certification within two years of its initial launch. MEGAWAYS is arguably the most innovative and well-received innovation the slot machine gaming sector has seen in over two decades.

Evolution bought out the company in 2021, one of the few companies that have a bigger reach than Big Time Gaming. However, the structure of the business has remained the same, and the ethos and culture of innovation and creativity continue to generate results for the slots colossus from down under.

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