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Some game designers within the casino industry will focus on one specific sector, such as slot gaming. This isn’t a bad business model; plenty of companies have succeeded. However, Evolution Games is one of the most well-rounded companies in the entire digital landscape, from slots to table-based casino games.

Characteristics of Evolution games

One thing that defines Evolution Games is their penchant for consistently innovating. Some themes are quite significantly saturated as the casino market becomes more crowded. Yet low-level providers will continue churning out predictable games, aiming for sheer quantity. Evolution Games aims to deliver high-quality and immersive gameplay, especially with their live casino games.

Evolution live casino games

Evolution Games has transformed the online casino world, and they’re continuing to do so with each passing year. They are by far the most prominent provider of live table game technology. If you’re somebody who even has a passing interest in live casino table gaming, Evolution provides the foundation for the majority of globally recognized and reputable providers, including Pink Casino. Regardless of the casino card game, whether it is poker, blackjack or baccarat, Evolution has been able to take over this sector.

Something that fewer gamers realise is that they also have a host of award-winning slot games too. They’re one of the few providers that have been able to enter different sections of casino gaming and prove that they’re able to deliver. Other providers have attempted to gain a slice of the live table games sector over the last few years, which is understandable given the money involved.

However, Evolution Gaming has proven to be so reliable, efficient and cost-effective for such a considerable length of time, that it’s virtually non-existent to hear about operators jumping ship and finding other companies to provide their live table games.

Evolution slots

Like any highly successful multinational corporation, Evolution Gaming used its profits wisely. Instead of sitting back and counting their cash rolling in, they looked within the sector to find gaming providers who were doing extraordinary things and who themselves were changing the industry. Not only do they have an excellent business plan in the short-term, but there’s clearly an onus on the medium and long-term too, which continues to pay off.

Again, while it might not be common knowledge, and you may have only heard of Evolution through specific casino games, they have acquired some of the biggest game designers in the world today. Nolimit City was the last big name they bought out back in 2022, but Big Time Gaming, Red Tiger and NetEnt all benefit from the financial muscle behind Evolution Gaming.

The Swedish-based company dominates so many facets of the industry that there’s no real argument that they’re the biggest and best in the business. They didn't change anything when they acquired all these prominent designers. They allowed them to continue their successful mode of operating but with the added comfort of knowing they had the substantial financial backing of Evolution if there’s a new project they have lined up.

Evolution games hits

Once they consolidated themselves as the go-to provider of live table games, Evolution then opted to find interesting deviations from classic games. Lightning Roulette, Speed Blackjack and Deal Or No Deal Live are all examples of games that have captured audiences across a spread of different continents, and it is one of the many ways they’ve been able to stay ahead of their competition.

Innovation within casino gaming is imperative just to stay on the same level. By taking innovation to another level, Evolution has consolidated its brand as the premier service within the industry. In addition, they have used the profits to reinvest in the latest innovators within the industry.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette uses the same premise and rules of the classic game that has entertained us for generations. However, Evolution has used the enhancements of computer technology and a digital platform to enhance this even further.

Lightning Roulette randomly selects three numbers on the table, giving them an even larger multiplier. If your number lands and the lightning bolt has hit it, you could 100x your 35/1. This game within the game has attracted a whole range of roulette players, and there are multiple variations of this game due to its success.

Exclusive Speed Blackjack

Evolution Gaming aimed to bring a fresh angle to another tried and proven casino game. Exclusive Speed Blackjack doesn’t involve the sort of graphic enhancements of Lightning Roulette but speeds up each round.

You can decide when you want to hit, and the fastest player gets that card. It is an extremely clever spin on the game as it results in quicker rounds, more rounds per hour and per day, and, ultimately, bigger profit margins for the company. There’s a reason Evolution Live Casino is one of the pillars of digital gaming, and a lot of it boils down to innovation.

Crazy Time

One of the fastest-growing sections of digital casino gaming is alternative games that you wouldn’t usually associate with a live casino. Crazy Time is a wheel-based game where each segment includes a multiplier or a prize.

Operating like a Wheel of Fortune style game, each bettor places their bets on what number they think will land. Some analysts initially believed this game might not translate well to a digital audience. However, Evolution Live Casino has shown that they once again know how to create a gambling product from a successful land-based idea that works online.

Deal or No Deal Live

Given the success of their brand, Evolution casino live games have had a broad range of established companies within the TV and movie industry ask them to tailor their design. By broadening their horizon and offering this service to people, they have been able to corner even more of the market. This is one thing that sets Evolution Games apart from their competition, they use inspiration, but instead of following a straightforward or easy path, they look for creative ways to bring people on board, which is what many gamers appreciate.

About the company

The company itself was founded during the golden period of the mid-2000s. Once the smartphone revolution occurred and vast numbers of gamers and game designers moved online, companies already positioned and established in the market could welcome millions of new customers worldwide.

The company operates out of Stockholm, but many of its casino games are registered in Latvia. They are arguably the most successful game designers operating globally today by all measurements.

Over the last decade, Evolution has bolstered its standing in the industry by buying out some of its highly acclaimed competition, such as Big Time Gaming. While they kept the company's structure the same, they now own most of the company and benefit from their ingenuity.

With its grip on critical market areas, the future looks bright for Evolution Gaming. As we discussed, their live casino table games dominate the industry, and they’ve struck up some key partnerships with global entities.

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