Live Baccarat

About Live Baccarat

LIve baccarat is one of the most popular live casino card games available, and at Pink Casino, players can find a wide variety of live baccarat games that boast live dealers, live chat and special features that aim to make each game unique.

All of our baccarat games are available on mobile, tablet and desktop, with the option to play via the Pink Casino app.

What is Live Baccarat?

Live Baccarat takes the best from the classic game, including all the popular features that make it one of the most popular casino games around.

After selecting a baccarat game of your choice, you will be entered into a live lobby where you can find other players, a live dealer and the option to interact with both via the live chat functionality. Live Baccarat is played in real-time, with real dealers guiding you through each round of play.

How to Play Live Baccarat

Before you start playing baccarat, make sure you are familiar with the basic rules. These can change from game to game as live blackjack offers a range of versions, each with unique rules and special features.

The core rules typically remain the same, which you can find below:

Start by placing your bet. You can either bet on the player or dealer winning or the result being a tie.

The dealer will provide you with a hand of two cards. The dealer will also have two cards.

An optional third card can be drawn (known as the rule of the third).

The value of your hand will be totalled, with the aim to get as close to 9 as possible.

If the value of your two cards goes over 10, this will start over as 0. For example, a hand consisting of two 8s will be valued at 6, rather than 16. With that being said, 10s and picture cards are valued at 0.

The player closest to 9 wins, and your bet will pay out if you correctly predicted the result.

Live baccarat is a simple game with easy steps to follow, which is why it is one of the most favourite live casino games available. The above rules sum up the core of any baccarat game you select, but you should make sure to view the rules of the specific game you're playing to understand whether there are any unique differences. This can be done by selecting the information button in the game you're playing.

How to Place Bets in Live Baccarat

Similar to regular baccarat games, a lot of the betting options remain the same.

In Live Baccarat, there will be a period at the beginning of the game where you have the chance to place your bets. The dealer will announce when the betting window has closed, and the round will begin.

Aside from the main bet that you would place on either the player, dealer or a tie, you can also find side bets, which include:

  • Perfect Pair
  • Super 6
  • Either Pair

Popular Live Baccarat Games

Since there are so many options to choose from when it comes to Live Baccarat, we have hand-picked some of the most popular options:

Other Live Casino Card Games

As well as the traditional live casino games like baccarat, which feature two cards, there are also other games which offer players the chance to play casino card games.

Andar Bahar For players who prefer a simple card game where they bet on which card will win Andar Bahar is one to explore. Played with a single deck of cards, players need to simply bet on which side they want to win Andar or Bahar.

Dragon Tiger Another simple card game, Dragon Tiger is also popular thanks to its speed. Within the game, players need to bet on whether dragon or tiger will win or the game will end in a tie. Quite similar to the game of baccarat.

Live Baccarat FAQs

What is the rule of the third?

When the player and banker receive two initial cards that bring their hand total to a score between 0-7, the third card rule will be brought into play. It will then be determined whether a third card is to be drawn, with the player going first.

Where can I play Live Baccarat?

You can play baccarat live at Pink Casino, with various games available for you to choose from.

How does Live Baccarat work?

Live dealer baccarat takes place in real-time. After you have placed your bets and betting has closed, the dealer hosting your game will draw the cards from a shoe to ensure a random and fair outcome. After all cards are dealt, the values will be revealed to determine the outcome of the round.

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