First Person Roulette

First Person Roulette

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First Person Roulette Key Points

Game Title: First Person Roulette

Game Provider: Evolution

Theme: American Roulette

Maximum Payout: 35:1

Bonus Features: Racetrack Betting

About First Person Roulette

Set in a lavish virtual casino, First Person Roulette is the next evolution in online table games, bridging the gap between the play-at-your-own-pace style of RNG games and the immersion of live tables. Fittingly, First Person Roulette is brought to you by Evolution, providers of hit live games like Crazy Time Live and Live Football Studio.

Naturally, it’s best to experience the game first-hand. First Person Roulette is unlike any other roulette game out there, after all. Still, the best way to think of it is being able to look around the virtual room, place chips on the table, and even walk into a live roulette room.

This First Person Roulette table plays by the rules of American roulette, with its double zero pocket. However, it also draws in the popular additional Racetrack betting zone, where you can back for the ball to land in segments of the wheel.

First Person Roulette Gameplay

Sat at the First Person Roulette table, you’ll have all of the American roulette betting options and the additional Racetrack for more betting options. To place a bet, look to the table, select your chip size, and then tap down on any of the numbers, number combinations, or outside bets available.

For Racetrack betting, you select one number, but by using the Plus and Minus buttons above the Racetrack, you can expand your total bet. So, if you tap down on the number 3 on the Racetrack with two selected via the Plus-Minus buttons, you’ll expand the bet to cover 24, 15, 36, and 34. With the chips down, press the green Spin button to spin the wheel.

The maximum win that you can land from any one bet in First Person Roulette is 35:1 for when you bet on a single number, and it comes in.

First Person Roulette Bonus Features

First Person Roulette runs as a new way to play classic American roulette. As such, it doesn’t have any of the bonus or special features that you may find in a game like Lightning Roulette. Still, there are unique features included within the gameplay:

Hot & Cold Board: To the right of the table, you can see the recent numbers hit at the First Person Roulette table. Of course, the game is entirely randomised on each spin, but it’s a nice addition for those interested in previous statistics.

Extra Bets: Not only can you bet on all of the classic outside and inside bets of American roulette, but you can also place extra bets on the Racetrack. This extra betting zone imitates the number placements around the wheel. So, rather than combining numbers on the table – which are in numerical order – to make combo bets, you can back areas of the wheel.

First Person Roulette Review

First Person Roulette offers much of the same interactive play as live roulette, but you can go at your own speed in an RNG table game. You look at the Hot & Cold board, work out where on the Racetrack you want to bet and even have a look around the virtual room before you bet and spin. Another nice addition is the doorway behind the game, which lets you seamlessly go from a First Person roulette table to a live roulette table. It’s an inventive and unique way to play the classic casino game.

First Person Roulette FAQs

Q. Is there a Bonus Feature in First Person Roulette?

A. There isn’t a bonus feature in First Person Roulette, bar the Hot & Cold board and Racetrack.

Q. Can I Play First Person Roulette on Mobile?

A. You can play First Person Roulette on mobile, and, arguably, this is the best way to play.

Q. What Type of Roulette is First Person Roulette?

A. First Person Roulette is an RNG table game that uses the American roulette layout.

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