Try your hand at some of the top online Blackjack games at Pink Casino where you can find an assortment of unique variants to be discovered. Our high-quality games offer the option to play in either a live or virtual setting so you can play the way you want. Discover your new favourite Blackjack games below or read on to learn more.

Online Blackjack UK

Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack UK

Whether you’re a budding or experienced Blackjack player, we’ve provided this one-stop-shop with all the information we think you’ll need to get started with playing online at Pink Casino. We’ll keep this page updated with new games, useful guides, and plenty more articles we think will interest you.

History of Blackjack

Blackjack has long been a popular game in land-based casino venues worldwide, originating way back in the 1700s when it was known as Vingt-et-Un, translated as ‘Twenty-one’. While we don’t know any of the specific rules of the old French game, we do know that its name has carried into the modern day where the aim of the game is to beat the dealer with a hand closer to 21.

If you’re curious about how the 21 card game came to be known as ‘Blackjack’, then wonder no more! To encourage people to try out the game for themselves, casinos started offering prizes for hands that were dealt with either a jack of clubs or a jack of spades (the two black jacks) alongside an ace of spades. Eventually, the term ‘Blackjack’ came to be equated with the game of 21, and the rest is, as they say, history.

As one of the most universally popular casino games both online and offline, Blackjack has come a long way from its roots as a simple card game. Plenty of upgrades and developments have been built into Blackjack over the years to help it evolve into an enjoyable game with plenty of depth, side-bets, and overall allowing it to become a skilled game that players actively want to improve at. Now, in 2021, we have a well-rounded game in the form of online Blackjack, an alternative to land-based games that don’t allow for the same levels of personalisation and in-depth gameplay.

Virtual Blackjack Games

When you’re starting out playing Blackjack for the first time, it can often be helpful trying it out in virtual mode first to get the hang of the gameplay, the terminology, and how payouts are awarded. Virtual Blackjack works similarly to the live alternatives, except for the fact that you’ll be playing a solo game with an automated deck of cards. Our table games combine the modernity of online casino mechanics with traditional gameplay that you can find in a land-based venue to offer a well-rounded beginner-friendly environment in which to play. Although it’s dubbed a less intimidating way to play (because you’re just playing against a computer), the payout systems are generally comparable to those available in live Blackjack games, so our automated options are not only for new or inexperienced players! There are great payouts to be had in our table Blackjack alternatives, although we would always recommend reading through the specific game's paytable that you want to play as payout ratios could differ.

Live Blackjack Games

Live Blackjack is another option for those looking to play online, and it provides a very different experience to the table game version. When you load up your live Blackjack game of choice, you’ll be transported into a dedicated lobby filled with like-minded players from around the world, all tuning in to a live stream with a professional croupier or host. You’ll often get to change the camera angle and adjust the game interface to better suit your gameplay preferences.

Live Blackjack is generally quite fast-paced in contrast to automated Blackjack as there will be time limits for each move, and the dealer will hand out cards quickly rather than when you choose. However, this does mean you get to enjoy a great authentic experience that you wouldn’t necessarily see in a table game - and being able to play virtually alongside other players is part of the fun of this fan-favourite game.

Best Online Blackjack Games

While we might have our own favourites when it comes to Blackjack games, we know that everybody has different preferences and might not be looking for the same experience as each other. This is why we ensure to provide you with a wide selection of game variants, side-bet options, and mechanics so that you can find what you want. If you want some specific recommendations on what to play and why then take a look below at some of our online Blackjack highlights:

Deal or No Deal Blackjack: Deal or No Deal Blackjack is one of those curious combinations that you would never even consider existing until you try it out for yourself. The bulk of the gameplay is your standard online Blackjack game, playing against the dealer to beat their hand; where it gets interesting is when the Banker rears his head. Much like in the esteemed Deal or No Deal TV series, he will call with a cash offer in return for your hand. As you might expect from the game's name, you can choose to either accept it or refuse it. This is a genuinely entertaining casino game with immersive game show features to make your favourite game all the more impressive.

Infinite Blackjack: Skip the queues and head straight into Infinite Blackjack! Gone are the days of waiting for a space to open up for you to get involved in a game that you want to play; Evolution Gaming’s revolutionary Blackjack game has an infinite number of virtual seats, so you can play whenever you want. This is in our live casino category of games, so you’ll have an experienced dealer ready to guide you through each hand, and you can make use of a helpful interface which is packed with useful information and tips.


Q: Can you play Blackjack with PayPal? A: As a PayPal casino, you can choose to use various payment methods to make your deposits. PayPal users enjoy immediate payment processing so they can start playing Blackjack at the drop of a hat!

Q: Can you play with other Blackjack players online? A: If you want to play with other Blackjack players, you’ll need to head into one of our live casino games; these lobbies are filled with other people ready to start playing a game of Blackjack, just like you! Most of these games will also offer a chat system so that you can interact with each other and the hosts.

Q: How do you win at Blackjack? A: The short answer to this is that you need a hand that is closer to 21 than the dealer's without going over that magic number. The longer answer is that there are side-bets and different variants available which all come with their own unique rules and make answering this question quite tricky without being vague. All of our games are full to the brim with useful information on how to win and how to play, so please read the rules before you start placing your bets.

Q: Are online Blackjack dealers real? A: If you’re playing in a live casino setting, you’re playing with a live dealer! In between rounds of each game, they’ll often have a natter with the audience - something that naturally happens in a land-based venue, making our live Blackjack games even more lifelike.