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Here at Pink Casino, we love bringing you the most popular online casino games, and if we're talking popular, we have to talk about Poker. It's a perennial favourite which is not surprising in this game of skill, nerve and strategy, where a cool head and hot hand can make or break it all. Online Casino players have been enthralled for a long time now - it's hard to imagine any casino or online casino without Poker, isn't it? If you've never played before, we recommend checking out the guides available before you play. Don't worry if you don't know the rules or are just starting out, this trusty guide is here to help you Play Poker! We're starting with Texas Hold 'Em, the most popular and widely played variant, and our favourite, here at our online casino. However, if table games aren't your thing they don't worry because we have a great selection of slot games for our players to choose from.

The Basics

The aim of the game is to own all of the chips on the table. Each player starts the game with the same amount of chips.

At the beginning of a round, two cards are dealt to each player from a traditional 52 card deck (the initial dealer is decided by spreading out cards and seeing who picks the cards with the greatest values). Before you get to see these, initial bets called blinds have to be taken - only 2 players have to pay blinds each round. This starts with the player to the left of the dealer who puts in the small blind, with the player to the left of them putting in the big blind.

Once these bets have been made, all players can look at their cards and choose what to do from there on. The options available to a player are as follows - raise, call or fold. Raising the stakes - bet more money than the maximum amount bet during that round, forcing all players to match it to continue. Folding is the simplest option - you will forfeit the round, surrendering your bets and ability to play on that hand. When you choose to call, then you are only matching the big bet.

When this round of betting is done, you will get to see the flop. Three cards are dealt onto the table from the deck (these are known as the flop) through a process known as burn and turn, in which one card is dealt face down before a card is dealt face up. These new cards are communal and can be used to create your finishing hand, though if your hand is only made up of cards on the table, then you will only draw or lose, as the rest of the table will be able to make at least the same hand.

When the flop has landed, another round of betting begins, but this time, it’s free to call, as no blinds are played on any round of betting after the first. The minimum bet in this round of betting is the size of the big blind in the first round of betting.

Once the second round of betting has finished, a fourth card is revealed. There is another round of betting. The minimum bet for this round of betting is double the size of the big blind in the first round of betting.

When the final card comes up, the final round of betting begins. Like the round before, the size of the minimum bet is twice the size of the big blind. Whoever bets first in this round reveals their hand first. The best value hand (see below) wins, though a player can say that they’ve lost and not reveal their hand.

Then a new round starts altogether, with the dealers and the blinds all moving along one space. After some time, the blinds can increase, adding more tension to the game. The game continues until someone owns all the chips at the table.

Hands in Poker (from worst to best)

High Card

This is just a case of whoever has the highest card wins. An Ace is the highest, and a 2 is the lowest.

One Pair

Two cards that share the same value (4 and 4, for example).

Two Pair

Two different sets of two cards that share the same value (e.g. - 4 and 4 as well as 7 and 7).

Three of a Kind

Any three cards that share the same value (say 5, 5 and 5).


Five cards of any suit in value of consecutive value (7, 8, 9, 10 and J, for example). As a side note, Aces can be low here but they can't function as low and high at the time (Q, K, A, 2 and 3 would not count as a Straight).


Five cards of the same suit (i.e. - all diamonds).

Full House

A Three of a Kind and a Pair, so three cards of one value and two of another (8, 8, 8, 5 and 5).

Four of a Kind

4 cards that share the same value (e.g. - J, J, J and J)

Straight Flush

5 cards of the same suit all in consecutive order (i.e. - 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, all hearts)

Royal Flush

The ultimate hand, you have to get 10, J, Q, K and A, all in the same suit.

So there you have it, Pink peeps, Poker wrapped up in a nutshell. Bluff and blag your way to victory, hopefully bagging yourself a bundle of cash in the bargain. While it may take some time to get completely accustomed to this excellent online casino game or to develop your own sense of playstyle and strategy, it will feel incredibly rewarding when you do (not to mention the fact that it could pay off by paying out literally too)! Just give it a go in this online casino, and you’ll be a Poker pro in no time!

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