Prosperity Tree Baccarat

Prosperity Tree Baccarat


Prosperity Tree Baccarat Key Points

Game Title: Prosperity Tree Baccarat

Game Provider: Evolution

Maximum Payout: £500,000

Bonus Features: Player/Banker Pair Side Bet, Tie Bet and Prosperity Cards

Prosperity Tree Baccarat Information

The classic Baccarat game is available in a modernised, multiplier version of Prosperity Tree Baccarat.

Released by Evolution, Prosperity Tree Baccarat is an innovative game that combines great design and animation. The studio's augmented reality goal is to make the playing experience immersive. There is a chance to win 27x on the Banker and Player’s hands and up to 3,645x on the winning Tie hand.

It is quite similar to Lighting Baccarat and Golden Wealth Baccarat, but it is more simple with its gameplay design and rules.

Prosperity Tree Baccarat Gameplay

Prosperity Tree Baccarat is a simple online casino game with classic rules. It has two playing positions, Player and Banker, and three Side bet options: Player and Banker, Pair and Tie.

The goal of the game is to place a bet on the Player or the Banker, or you can predict that the final result will be a tie. Once the bet phase ends, 8 random Prosperity Cards with multipliers 2x and 3x will fall from the Prosperity Tree.

The dealer will deal two cards to each hand, and the one closest to the value of 9 wins the round. In Prosperity Tree Baccarat, the ace is worth 1, and face cards and 10s have zero value.

Bonus Features in Prosperity Tree Baccarat

Player/Banker Pair Side Bet

It is the same golden rule as the standard Banker or Player Bets: you can place your bet either on Banker Pair or Player Pair. When a hand successfully wins with only the two dealt cards, the bet is awarded.

Tie Bet

The Tie Bet can be made during any bet phase and pays out when both the Player's and Banker's hands finish the round with the same value.

Prosperity Cards

At the beginning of each round, eight cards are selected to be Prosperity Cards, each featuring multipliers of 2x or 3x. If your card matches a Prosperity Card, the multiplier will be assigned to it. The maximum multiplier that you can win in this case is 27x.

Prosperity Baccarat Tree Summary & Review

This live casino baccarat game increases its overall volatility thanks to the randomly assigned multipliers to winning hands. Like Live Lightning Baccarat, it is available on mobile and desktop and features an interactive presentation.

The game has a visually stunning design, a live-stream studio, and compelling augmented reality details. The most captivating element is the wealth tree and its prosperity cards, which are golden leaves. Furthermore, if more than one prosperity card is drawn, multipliers can combine to bring you a win of 27:1 or up to 3645:1.

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