How to Play Bingo With Friends Online

Written 10th June 2020

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Now, more than ever, finding new ways to connect with friends and keeping in touch with those that you’re close to is incredibly important. As an online casino, you might come to us for a quick spin of one of our slot games while you brew your morning cuppa or you might log in on an evening to get involved with one of our popular live casino games featuring hosts from around the world. We know how important social contact is, so we wanted to bring together two of the things we’re most passionate about and give you a little something to plan with your pals: bingo!

Where to Play Bingo With Friends

So, first and foremost - where can you go to play bingo with your pals in a sociable environment? You could go direct to a dedicated online casino if you’re both interested in combining a virtual social event with the chance to win some real prizes. However, if you’d rather it was a casual catch-up over a freshly-brewed coffee, there are other options available as well. We’ve come up with two ideas to combine playing bingo with a friendly mate date - let us know if you’ve got any other ideas on our socials!

Play Bingo With Friends at Pink Casino

As one of the leading and most unique bingo casinos in the UK, we’re one of the best places to go for a variety of bingo games. Can’t decide what kind of bingo game that you and your friends would enjoy? You’re guaranteed to find a great room at Pink Casino! From the rapid Bingo Blast speed bingo (perfect for those of you that want something quick to play during the TV adverts) to bargain bingo for players that like the idea of spending little and potentially winning lots!

So, now that you’ve found your bingo room, how can you make this more of a sociable occasion with your friends? Well, our chat room will get you involved with a bustling community of diverse bingo players - plenty of potential friends to be made. Have a natter with our fabulous Pink Players and expand your group of friends. You could have a gaggle of Bingo pals in no time at all!

Alternatively, once you’ve found the room you want to play in and you know what time the game is due to start, you could set up a Zoom or Facetime call with your loved ones so you can see each other during gameplay. This is a great idea for spending quality time together. While nothing really compares to being able to see each other in-person, this is a perfect alternative for when you’re simply not able to.

How to Play Bingo on Zoom and Facetime

Playing bingo with friends virtually combines the fun of playing bingo for the chance to win cash prizes with the joy of being around the people you love. If you want to make an evening of it, challenge each other to dress up to the nines or partake in silly fancy dress - be sure to screenshot all participants and share your looks with friends and family on social media (and if you do, be sure to tag us in them so we can see!). Anyone else looking forward to seeing those pop up on your Facebook memories in a year?

So, since we’ve gone over how to combine playing bingo at an online casino with your friends, we wanted to give you an alternative idea that doesn’t cost you a penny and can be tailored to suit you and your pals!

Print off some bingo tickets and start a Zoom or Facetime call with your friends. Bonus points for every one that turns up with a quirky background! We’ve seen recommendations from others of making it a movie bingo night - everyone puts on the same film and marks off phrases and scenarios from their personalised bingo cards as they occur. Another idea is to make bingo cards about each other; highlight funny quirks and phrases that you’ve noticed your friends doing and saying - if the relevant person does anything from the bingo cards during your friends night in, mark off that position. The first person to a Full House could win a rental voucher, or just an IOU for dinner out when you can all get together again!

We’ll keep updating this page with resources and ideas, so keep your eyes peeled on social media so you can see whenever we make updates!