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When it comes to online bingo there is an enormity of game variants on offer, from seasonal rooms to rapid-fire ones, so where do you get started if you’re brand new to playing bingo? For newbies, we like to recommend 90 Ball Bingo. This is easily one of the biggest fan favourites in the UK - largely because it’s also one of the original bingo styles to come about with a history spanning many years!

Because 90 Ball Bingo is so popular in the UK, there are plenty of venues available online for you to play it, but it’s important to know exactly what the game entails before you pick up your virtual dauber and get stuck into your new community of likeminded 90 Ball Bingo players. So, how do you play 90 Ball Bingo? How does it work? How do you win? Where did it all start? We’ve covered all these questions and more in our guide to 90 Ball Bingo.

Better yet, we’ve also got some specific insider information about our own brilliant offering of the game so you can head straight over to the 90 Ball Bingo room once you’ve topped up your knowledge.

History of 90 Ball Bingo

Before you learn how to play this variant of bingo it can be useful to find out more about where it came from - even if only to use as tidbits to talk about in the chat! While the game of bingo itself dates back to the 16th century, it inevitably went through many years of developments until it reached the game that we know and love today.

90 Ball Bingo, specifically, was popularised with the introduction of UK bingo halls towards the end of the 20th century. Generally speaking, land-based bingo halls will almost exclusively offer 90 Ball Bingo as this is the primary UK variant whereas the US took to 75 Ball Bingo.

As the name suggests, this game involves the numbers 1 - 90 and the aim of the game, much like all other variants, is to mark off as many numbers from your ticket as you can in order to win a prize.

How to Win & Play 90 Ball Bingo

Now, if you’re wondering how exactly prizes are determined and awarded in 90 Ball Bingo then the answer can be different depending on where you’re playing. Some providers have different rules, so we’ll offer you an insight into how to play here at Pink Casino as we follow a fairly traditional win format.

Once you’ve purchased a card, you’ll see a random selection of numbers - if any of these numbers are called during gameplay, they will be marked off your card. Complete a line, two lines, or a full house (three lines) in order to pocket a prize.

As the aim of the game is to achieve a completed ticket (a Full House), you would be correct in thinking that this is quite simply the way in which winners are selected. There are, however, also prizes available for those that manage to complete a single line or two lines - this means there are three winning opportunities with each round of 90 Ball!

Because we’re an online casino, everything is done virtually here so manually stamping your cards isn’t necessary; this is something that’s automatically done on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about missing a number if you have to step away during a game.

90 Ball Bingo at Pink Casino

Ready to start playing 90 Ball Bingo at Pink Casino? Step inside Room 1, where you can play one of the biggest and best bingo games in the world! It’s open 24/7 so you can play bingo whenever and wherever you choose and because our games are fully compatible on all modern devices, you can join in from your mobile, tablet, or desktop!

Play for 1 Line, 2 Lines, and Full House prizes at the time and day of your choice by daubing along as the numbers are called! To get the Full House you must cover all numbers on your ticket. The 90 Ball Bingo room is a huge fan favourite with terrific prize pots up to £850!

This 90 Ball Bingo room also boasts a fantastic progressive bingo jackpot which can be won by calling a Full House in 36 or fewer ball calls. Jackpots are only available on certain games throughout the schedule, so make sure you look out for Jackpot icons in the Pre-Buy menu.

To see the full schedule for all rooms just log in and enter the bingo lobby. You can then click ‘Pre-Buy’ to see all upcoming games for the next 30 days.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Should there be more than one winner per prize, the prize will be split equally between all winners.
  2. Winnings from cash stakes will pay into cash balance. Winnings from bonus stakes are paid into bonus balance until wagering requirements are met.
  3. Standard progressive bingo Jackpot only available on selected bingo games in Room 1.
  4. Jackpot can only be won if it is linked to the game player has purchased tickets for and by calling a Full House in 36 calls or less.
  5. Room 1 90 ball Jackpot starts at £2000 and increases each time a game with a Jackpot is played but not won.
  6. With each purchase of cards, a 2% contribution from the total wager is added to the Jackpot amount. When the Jackpot is won, it will automatically get re-seeded to £2000 and become available on the next game.
  7. Ticket prices and number of max tickets that can be purchased vary on Jackpot games.


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