Online Bingo vs Bingo Halls

Written on August 3rd 2020

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Whether you're a seasoned bingo player or new to the game, you might be weighing up whether it's better to play bingo in person at a physical bingo hall, or to simply play online bingo from home or elsewhere.

While the game's concept is the same, the experience of playing bingo online can be very different to playing in a traditional bingo hall - so it's worth considering the main factors which might affect your choice of setting. Of course, there's no reason why you can't do both, as many bingo players do.

Bingo Communities

The most obvious difference between playing bingo online and playing in a bingo hall is the setting; bingo halls generally come with a bit of hustle and bustle and lots of lively chatter going on in the background amongst friends. In contrast, the setting for playing bingo online is... well, wherever you want it to be.

Most online bingo players play from home or while they're out and about, but the consensus is that playing bingo online is a much calmer and quieter experience, making it a good fit for those that prefer to pop their earphones in and listen to background music while they play and get involved in the chatroom. Looking for a room that is perfect for social butterflies? Look no further than our bingo chat games!

In both online bingo and bingo halls, however, the community is at the heart of the game - and you can get involved with a community of players no matter how you choose to play.

Playing Bingo Online Is More Convenient

There's no doubt that playing bingo online is more convenient than going to a bingo hall. Playing online means you can pick up a game whenever and wherever you like, which is especially handy if you’re limited on time, willingness, or ability to get out to a bingo hall.

Whereas it can easily take hours out of your night to go out to a bingo hall for a few games, playing bingo online can be squeezed into a ten-minute work break, making it the superior choice if you lead a busy lifestyle or are unable to travel on a regular basis.

Or, perhaps, you simply want to enjoy the bingo experience without needing to get dressed up and leave home in the evening, in which case you can access your favourite games in your slippers with only a few taps on your mobile or computer.

Bingo Bonuses And Prizes

There's also a big difference between the opportunities to win afforded by online bingo compared to those available at bingo houses. Playing bingo online at a place like Pink Casino means you are much more likely to receive casino bonus offers and promotions, including free games and offers on other forms of gaming like free spins on slot games, along with rewards for loyal members. In contrast, bricks-and-mortar bingo houses can't usually afford to be so generous due to their high operation costs. In terms of prizes, online bingo wins and there are usually more opportunities to play, which means even more potential wins.

Variety Of Bingo Games

Online bingo is certainly ahead when it comes to variety; while most land-based bingo halls will have limited space and staffing and therefore can only offer the most popular varieties of like 90 ball bingo, online bingo providers can afford to offer a range of games.

Bingo halls are most likely to offer single games of bingo at a fixed time while online bingo providers have adapted to the fast-paced online market to offer quicker variants including the rapid-fire speed bingo which was made with busy players in mind. Playing at Pink Casino also means having access to a full range of the best slots as well as a range of entertaining live casino games should you wish to play something other than bingo.

Pace Of Play

Another consideration is the pace at which bingo is played online compared to in bingo halls. This is another one that will come down to personal preference; in bingo halls, to make space for chatting and to make the game feel more like a social event, the style of play is usually quite slow and steady, while online play is much quicker, with new numbers coming out every three seconds or so.

This makes for a much faster game, which is great for players with time constraints mostly in it for excitement and prizes. You can even use handy tools to help you dab your cards when playing online, so you don’t need to worry about missing any calls.

Cost To Play Bingo

An important consideration is how much it costs to play bingo online or at a venue. Broadly, it can cost around £20 for a night out at the bingo, once you factor in the cost of the game - around £5 - and food and drink costs that you might incur while you're out. You might also want to consider transportation costs.

In contrast, online bingo operators don't pay anywhere near as much for venue maintenance or staff costs, so the cost to play online is much lower, with many games costing only around £1 to play each. If you're playing bingo on a budget, online bingo is the clear winner here. Looking for some really budget-friendly bingo games? Head over to our bargain bingo room, where you can buy tickets from just 1p!

Is Online Bingo Better than Bingo Halls?

Playing bingo online and playing in a bingo hall are two very different experiences of the same game. Bingo halls place a much higher value on the social aspects of the game, so if you're keen to make a night of it, like to play bingo with friends, and don't mind paying a little extra to do so, then playing bingo at a bingo hall could be a great way to spend an evening.

For those of you that enjoy the game itself and play in the hopes of winning some nice prizes with a fun community of like-minded people, then online bingo is a better choice, particularly considering the much lower cost - both in terms of game prices and convenience of play. Online bingo is also a fantastic way to learn how to play bingo before you start playing in a bingo hall, and we'd love to have you in our community playing for excellent prizes.

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