How to Play Bingo Online - Rules & Tips

Online bingo is an incredibly popular online casino game that attracts a wide range of players. From those who also regularly enjoy bingo at physical bingo halls, to new players, online bingo brings everybody together in an enjoyable, convenient, and accessible way.

To help kickstart your bingo lingo knowledge and get involved in the chat with our lovely community and moderators, we’ve put together some handy tips and tricks for getting the most out of your bingo experience - and so you can see how easy it is to learn how to play bingo!

Bingo rules - how the game works

The main thing you’ll need to do when playing bingo is to watch the numbers being called and mark them if you see them on your card. That is the basic rule of how to play bingo whether you’re playing at an online casino or in a bingo hall. The rest is really easy to pick up as you go. However, to get the most out of your first few bingo games, it is a good idea to find out more about bingo rules and instructions.

Online bingo games are generally split into a few categories that differ based on the cards and number forms they use. The most popular in the UK is usually the 90-ball bingo, but there are variations of 75-ball bingo and 30-ball bingo too. This simply refers to the number of bingo balls used in play.

There are also special bingo rooms at Pink Casino. One of them is Speed Bingo. As the name suggests, this is a fast-paced version of the UK game. It is perfect for anyone who likes their bingo games to be speedy and energetic.

How to play bingo online - Buying the tickets

When playing online bingo, you can buy one or more tickets. The standard ticket has 15 numbers between 1 and 90 (the classic 90 ball bingo). The numbers are randomly chosen. Because you can buy multiple tickets, you can pick different numbers to cover more outcomes.

Bingo game rules - The winning numbers

Bingo is similar to the lottery. You basically buy a ticket with some numbers and check if they are part of the winning ones. In bingo, the numbers are placed on lines, and you win if you are the first to form one line, two lines, or a full house (all your numbers are winning). There might be slight variations for the rules, so it’s important to always check the bingo rules that apply to your game.

A bingo room will have multiple draws throughout the day. Once you have your tickets, look for the schedule of the rooms you want to join. Some rooms are even available 24/7.

When the game starts, the bingo draw will display one number at a time. In online games, you won’t need to check manually if you have that number on your ticket. The software does it for you. This is super helpful, as it can be difficult to follow the numbers on multiple tickets. In the 90 ball version (the most popular), the first player to get 5 numbers on a line wins. There are also special prizes and jackpots available for triggering different winning combinations.

Here are some additional features that can help manage games:

Best card sorting: This is a setting that places your cards that have the best chance of winning at the top of your screen, enabling you to keep tabs on them easily.

Best card highlighting: This will highlight cards that are nearing a win.

These features let you quickly see which cards are most likely to win so that you know which numbers to listen and look out for. This is a great way to learn how to play bingo without needing to speed-read through all of your numbers scattered across tickets!

Bingo tips for the best experience

Even though bingo is a game of chance, there are still some things you can do to benefit from a better experience. Especially for complete beginners, things can be a bit confusing. We’ve put together a list of tips to help you make the most of your bingo sessions.

Bankroll management is key

Bingo tickets usually cost less than other casino games, so it’s easy to have the impression that you don’t have much to lose. However, the costs add-up, so it’s important to keep an eye on your balance. It’s best to set a total budget for playing bingo and then split it per session.

Use more tickets

Some players look for the cheapest bingo rooms and buy batches of tickets to get more exposure. It is actually not a bad approach, especially for beginners. While the pots won’t get enormous, you can still catch some good wins.

Choose the right bingo room

The bingo room you choose will have a big impact on your session. It’s important to choose a room that suits your budget, as well as your social, and winning expectations. You can check these aspects while visiting the bingo lobby. Each game has a small preview card. You will see the name of the room, the minimum bet, the number of players in that room, as well as the size of the pot to win.

Choose the right moment to join

According to your goal, some moments might be better than others. If you want to interact with more people on the chat and have a more social experience, look for common days and hours when more people tend to join (e.g. the weekend). If you are rather interested in the size of the prize and your advantage in front of others, do the opposite, and look for times when there are less players around.

Where to play online bingo

As one of the leading and most unique bingo casinos in the UK, Pink Casino is one of the best places to go for a variety of games. Can’t decide what kind of bingo game you're looking for? You can find a great room at Pink Casino! From the rapid Bingo Blast speed bingo (perfect for those of you that want something quick to play during the TV adverts) to bingo rooms with heavy prizes, you’ll find plenty of options.

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