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Slingo Fire and Ice

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Slingo Fire and Ice Slot Key Points

Game Title: Slingo Fire and Ice

Game Provider: Slingo Original

Theme: Fire

Maximum Payout: 1,000x single jackpot prize (Can be won up to 5 times during a single round)

Winning Ways: 12

Volatility: High

Bonus Features: Fire and Ice Ladders, Double Slingo Jackpots

Slingo Fire and Ice Slot Information

This creation by Slingo Originals and Gaming Realms introduces an impressive and innovative experience for Slingo players, whilst remaining pretty straightforward for those new to the Slingo scene.

In Slingo Fire and Ice, one grid and its corresponding pay ladder burn the eyes in sizzling red, while the other is that cool, icy blue. If you manage to hit those Slingos on the red grid, you’ll climb up the multiplier ladder, while Slingos on the blue grid will take you up a pay ladder, where those multipliers come into play.

Slingo Fire and Ice Slot Gameplay

Fire & Ice's game board mirrors its theme - red and blue. The background complements it perfectly - flames on one side and icy winds on the other. The central purple squares display the spin results - which is a bit of a departure from the traditional bottom layout we’re used to with Slingo games. The left side showcases multipliers, while the right offers different cash amounts.

The objective, as with any Slingo game, is to form lines - horizontally, vertically, or diagonally - of five numbers. The more lines you complete across both grids, the higher your potential prize. On the Fire side, Slingos reward multipliers, while the Ice side secures cash prizes.

The game offers the traditional Slingo 12 paylines across 5 reels with a gem-themed backdrop. It includes all sorts of thematic symbols:

  • 1 WILD logo symbol
  • 1 FREE SPIN logo
  • 1 x blocker symbol – Red Cross
  • 2 x jackpot symbols – Fire Gem, Ice Gem

Which can lead to features such as Free Spins, Multipliers, Paid Respins and more. You can unlock the Jackpot Reel by achieving a Double Slingo, which could then give you access to potential jackpot prizes - where you can win up to 1,000x your stake.

Bonus Rounds in Slingo Fire and Ice Slot

There are a couple of features to look out for:

The Fire and Ice Ladders

There are two ladders in this game. The fire ladder - where multipliers increase the cash values on the ice ladder. Alternatively, the ice ladder determines all cash prizes

Free Spin: Gives you an extra spin added to the total count above the centre reel.

Ice Wild: Choose any number on the ice grid row where it lands to mark off.

Fire Wild: Choose any number on the fire grid row where it lands to mark off.

Mixed Wild: Mark off one number on both the fire and ice grids.

Blocker: takes up a symbol position on the centre reel - cannot contribute to wins.

Double Slingo Jackpots

Jackpots can be won when the same horizontal Slingo is marked off on each grid. The middle reel position between the two Slingos will change into a jackpot spot. Landing a fire or ice gem symbol will trigger a jackpot prize.

  • Fire Gem: Win 250x your stake.
  • Ice Gem: Win 1000x your stake.

These jackpot gems remain in place when they have landed - which means you can win up to five jackpots in a round.

Slingo Fire and Ice Slot Summary & Review

In our opinion, Fire & Ice takes Slingo games to the whole next level. It is simple, but well-designed - and the Game Of Thrones-style background defines the gameplay experience. The two-grid gameplay makes the gameplay even more interesting, especially when deciding where to place your bets. Fire for multipliers, and ice for cash prizes.

Overall, this is by far and away one of the more unique Slingo games available, with a max win up to 1,000x your stake (this is the single jackpot prize, and can be won up to 5 times during a single round). Fancy trying another Slingo game? Then you could check out Slingo Centurion or Slingo Extreme.

Slingo Fire and Ice Slot FAQs

How Much Can I Win Playing Slingo Fire and Ice?

You can win up to 250 times your Slingo stake with the Fire Gem and up to 1000 times your Slingo stake with the Ice Gem in Slingo Fire and Ice.

What are the Bonus Games in Slingo Fire and Ice?

In Slingo Fire and Ice, the bonus games include Free Spins, Ice Wilds, Fire Wilds, Mixed Wilds, Blockers, and the chance to trigger Double Slingo Jackpots by completing horizontal Slingos on both grids.

Are there any free spins in Slingo Fire and Ice?

Yes, Slingo Fire and Ice offers Free Spins as a bonus feature. If you land the Free Spin symbol, you’ll get one additional spin, adding to the total spins you’ll see displayed above the centre reel.

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