Arcade Bomb casino game

Arcade Bomb


Base Game

Arcade Bomb is played on 20 paylines and a 5x3 reel slot.


Total Stake

The Total Stake is the amount that will be placed on the next spin. Change this value by pressing the right (+) and left (-) arrows.


Press Auto to make the game play automatically for a select number of rounds.


The Pays button will bring up information on the games bonuses, as well the value of each symbol.


Press Spin to start the next game round.

Reel Bombs

Reel Bombs can land on any position during any spin. Each time a bomb lands on the reels, it will remain in it's position. The number on the bomb will go down one time each time you spin. When the timer reaches 0, all highlighted symbols around the bombs will turn into matching symbols. Bombs can also trigger other bombs, no matter what their timer is on.

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