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Super Sic Bo


About Evolution Gaming's Super Sic Bo

Super Sic Bo is a traditional Chinese game of chance, where players can predict the outcome of three regular dice, with face values of 1 to 6. The main objective of this live casino game, is to pick one or more combinations from the betting table to predict the outcome of the three dice in play. This live casino experience from Evolution Gaming, is perfect for new and old live casino players alike, as this simplistic, easy to follow experience offers new Pink Players an authentic live casino variant. Whereas more seasoned live casino players may enjoy the added bonus element of random multipliers. As Evolution’s super-charged spin on the Super Sic Bo casino game selects several bet spots at random to hold multiplier sums of up to 1,000x! Enter the Evolution Gaming Super Sic Bo Live Casino experience here at Pink Casino, and try your luck at correctly predicting where the dice may land.

How To Play Super Sic Bo Live Casino Game

Evolution Gaming’s Super Sic Bo, is a live casino game played with three regular dice, offering the standard face value of 1 to 6. Pink Players simply place their bets on one, or a combination of more bets across the available spots shown on the game’s betting table. The aim of the live casino game is to essentially predict the outcome of all three dice. There are several betting variations available to Pink Casino players, each with their own payout rates, take a look at the following table below to see the list of all available bet types.

Types of Bets in Super Sic Bo

Bet TypeOutcome
Small/BigThe Small/Big bets consist of Pink Players placing bets on the total of three dice being small (4-10), or big, (11-17).
Odd/EvenThe Odd/Even bets in Super Sic Bo consist of players placing bets on the total of the three dice to either be odd or even value.
TotalTotal bets are when players place a bet on any of the 14 betting areas labelled 4 to 17. Total is the total of the three dice and excludes 3 and 18. You win if the total of the three dice adds up to the total number on which players predicted.
SingleSingle bets are when players place a prediction on any of the six betting areas on the betting table labelled one, two, three, four, five and six, which all represent a single face across the dice. Players will win if one, two, or three dice display the number they placed a singular bet on.
DoubleA Double bet, is when players place their bets on any of the six double-labelled betting areas across the betting table.
TriplePlace your bet on any of the six Triple-labelled betting areas. All three dice must match the number chosen to win.
Any TriplePlacing your bet here covers all six different Triple bets at once.
CombinationPlace a bet on any or all 15 possible two dice combinations.

Payouts in Evolution Gaming’s Super Sic Bo

4 or 1750-499:1
5 or 1620-249:1
6 or 1515-87:1
7 or 1412-29:1
8 or 138-24:1
9 or 126-49:1
10 or 116-24:1
Single: Double2-19:1
Single: Triple3-87:1
Triple (specific)150-999:1
Any Triple30-87:1

Super Sic Bo’s Super Bonus Features

Random Multipliers

After players have placed their bets and the betting time has expired, a random amount of multipliers can be added to the betting table across randomly selected spots. Anywhere between 1 to 1,000x multipliers may appear across the betting table. Predict the right dice outcome and players can walk away with their winnings, along with an added bonus multiplier of up to 1,000x!

Pink Casinos Super Sic Bo Review

Evolution Gaming is known for exquisite live casino games, and their terrific spin on the classic, simple dice game in Super Sic Bo offers Pink Players plenty of winning potential! Predict the outcome of the three dice with several types of bets to suit all players preferences, and you may walk away with your winnings multiplied, up to the value of 1000X! The added enjoyment from the inclusion of random multipliers, along with simplistic, easy to follow gameplay, makes Super Sic Bo a live casino experience for all types of Pink Casino players! If you’re a fan of live casino games, we’ve got plenty of other online casino games for players to enjoy!

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