Football Studio Dice

Football Studio Dice


About Football Studio Dice

It’s time to choose your side as you place your bets on Football Studio Dice from Evolution. A football-themed game show where you can place bets on whether the home or away side will win or whether it’ll be a draw.

How to Play Football Studio Dice

A relatively simple dice game, Football Studio Dice, consists of players selecting the side they believe will win the roll of the dice. Players can bet on the red or blue side, and the outcome of each roll will be shown on a scoreboard behind the live dealer, who is on hand to guide you through the game.

When the game begins, one set of dice will be rolled, known as the first half, and the score will be shown to players. The second half will then begin with the next dice roll, and the side with the highest score, red or blue, will win the game.

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