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Here at Pink Casino, we’re always looking for new variants of online bingo to offer our players, so we’re incredibly excited to reveal our incredible Drop Pots bingo room!

Offering three different jackpots of Mini, Midi, and Maxi in a multilayer feature, this game of 90 ball bingo takes place each day with tickets costing between 2p and 20p, with up to a maximum of 100 per player available to purchase.

The total prize pots on offer range between £10 and £700, and if there is more than one winner, the prizes on offer will be split between the winning ticket. Jackpots are available to win on full house games. Prizes will be determined by ball call number. Head over to our Drop Pots bingo room and you could land yourself a jackpot prize!

Drop Pots Bingo Jackpots Explained

Mini Drop Pot This jackpot has increased winnability as the day progresses. This will be achieved by incrementing the ball call every game from early morning until late evening. We expect this to be won multiple times a day! This pot is seeded at £10.

Midi Drop Pot This, too, can be won more than once a day but is likely to drop less regularly than the mini due to how and when the ball increments take place. This midi jackpot will stay at a specified ball call until a certain time of day, at which time the ball index will grow at one ball call every three games for a fixed period (the ‘promotional period’), then the ball count will then grow rapidly. This vastly increases the player’s likelihood of winning the Midi jackpot during the promotional period. This pot is seeded at £300.

Maxi Drop Pot The Maxi is the big one! It will be guaranteed to be won once a day at a certain time. Once won, the Maxi jackpot will reset straight away, and ball increments will start again at the same time the following day, going up by five balls every game. This pot is seeded at £700.

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Full Terms & Conditions

  1. These Drop Pots are available only in the DROP POTS room.
  2. Min cards 1. Max cards 100.
  3. Ticket price between 0.02 – 0.20 GBP.
  4. 3 different Pots are available in this room daily, these are known as Mini, Midi and Maxi. Mini can be won multiple times a day. Midi, designed to have a higher prize pot than mini but with a different ball call and Maxi is the biggest jackpot that is GUARANTEED to be won daily by a specific time.
  5. The Jackpot winning ball index for Mini Drop pot (seeded at 10 GBP) starts on 30 calls and it goes up by one after each game until it is won. The pot gets re-seeded and starts all over again from the very next game.
  6. This pot is available between 6am BST each morning until 1am BST of the next day. At 1am the pot becomes unavailable and normal games will play with no mini pot but will return at 6am with the same amount in the pot as it was when closing.
  7. The Jackpot winning ball index for Midi Drop pot (seeded at 300 GBP) starts on 32 calls and it goes up by 1 after every 3 games (this may vary) at the start of the promotional period which starts at 3pm. Once the ball increment starts, it stops either when the pot is won or at 8pm when the promotional period ends.
  8. Whenever the Midi Drop Pot is not won during the promotional period the ball index will drop back to the starting ball index of 32, but the fund continues to grow until it is won.
  9. The Jackpot winning ball index for Maxi Drop pot (seeded at 700 GBP) starts on 34 calls and it goes up by 5 ball calls after each game at the start of the promotional period of 9pm BST until the last game of the session. Once the ball increment mechanic starts, the pot is guaranteed to be won by 10pm BST.
  10. Any real cash winnings can be withdrawn.
  11. General Terms and Conditions apply.
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