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Realistic Games has been supplying the industry for over 20 years now, and the Realistic slot games certainly live up to their name, as many of them have a retro look that wouldn’t be out of place in an old-school casino. The company has classic-looking slots and many fixed jackpot games.

Characteristics of Realistic Slots

Pretty much every slot game maker has its own signatures, the teams involved in companies such as Realistic Games tend to revisit the same kind of framework time and time again. People largely know what they are getting from Realistic slots. Below, we’re diving into some of their themes and the popular features they offer.

Realistic Games popular features

Realistic online slots tend to be laid out in specific ways. They are usually games with three reels as a layout and some of them only have one fixed payline. This is something of a callback to some of the older games on the market. Games such as Red Bar have one fixed payline and a very retro feel. The whole game is even designed to look as if you are spinning the reels on a physical machine.

Realistic Games also offers some very simple and basic bonuses within their games. A lot of their games have a traditional and realistic look, so this means that their bonus features are also relatively basic. One of the games they offer that does have a bonus function is Book of Charms, in which players can potentially trigger free spins rounds and get a higher potential payout than their other games.

Realistic Gaming slot themes

Realistic Gaming online slots do vary greatly in theme. The retro graphics are applied to pretty much all their games, and a lot of people have come to know Realistic online slots due to the fact that they have this retro look, often mimicking a physical slot machine.

The retro graphics can be seen on nearly all their games, including a number of different fruit-themed slots. It makes perfect sense that a company with a focus on the retro has a lot of fruit-themed slots. Big Wheel and Red Hot Gambler are among the examples.

Like so many other developers, they also offer animal-themed slots such as Duplicats, and anime-themed slots such as Super Graphics Upside-Down.

This is not an exhaustive list. The Realistic slots repertoire also boasts sports themes including football and even a darts-themed slot in the form of Bully4U.

Realistic Gaming online slots payouts

Realistic Gaming online slots can vary massively when it comes to the payouts provided. Some of the games have fixed payouts that are on the lower side, with jackpots up to around 150x, but there are also games such as Book of Charms that boast up to 20,000x the original stake. Not many brands have the same level of variation as that seen in Realistic slot games.

The majority of games in their catalogue do have maximum jackpots of between 150x and 750x your stake, so this is worth keeping in mind when playing any Realistic slot games online.

Realistic Games online slots hits

Realistic Games has become one of the best-known makers of slot games on the market, so what are some of the games that have built their reputation? Below we delve into some of the popular games they have offered and the specific features of these Realistic online slots.

Realistic Games continues to be an important player in the industry and new slots are released all the time, but we’re exploring their biggest hits below, including some of the games that broke through to new audiences.

Red Bar

As you might have guessed from the name, this game has a retro feel to it, based on old slot machines where the bar symbols were some of the highest paying symbols.

The game also has graphics that make it look like players are actually playing a physical slot machine that might be found in a bar or at an arcade. The bar symbols are the kind that would’ve been used at these old-fashioned arcades too. There’s also only one win line, which is another throwback to a lot of slot games from decades ago.

The digital bank further adds to the retro feel, and there is also an expanded mode to show more of the background of this game.

Red Hot Gambler

You’ve guessed it, it is another game with a retro feel, and this one also features bar symbols.

This game uses one payline, which makes it one of the easier to follow. Yellow and red bar icons are the main symbols that users are trying to match to land a win, along with 7s in both red and blue.

The game has a very simple soundtrack and has the feel of an old-fashioned interface. It appears to be the sort of slot game you might find in a bar in the 1990s.

Magic 10

Another game in a similar style, this one has actually been based on a specific retro game, which has been recreated with a high level of accuracy.

Again, we’ve got a three-reel design and a single payline, and simple features replicate those that we might have seen back in the older mechanical game days. Holds, nudges and free spins can all be triggered in this game.

On top of that, there is the option to see a close up of what is happening on the interface, as well as the option to watch from afar with more details of the imaginary room where the game is set visible.

Hot Cross Bunnies

Hot Cross Bunnies has a slightly different feel in comparison to some of the other Realistic slot games on the market.

The game was released in 2013, and while a lot of the other games in the Realistic repertoire have traditional fruit and bar game symbols, this one tells the story of bunnies on holiday. There are tiki wood reels and plenty of interesting symbols. In addition to the expected classic fruit symbols, we also have bunnies galore among the game’s symbols.

The game has some simple features including nudges, and again a design that feels very retro.

Money Matrix

Money Matrix is another simple design that is unmistakable as one of Realistic Games slots. It has three reels with one payline and nudges, but it also has some added extras. In addition to the nudges there is something called a Super Spin, which can show up randomly and provide a guaranteed win.

When a win is triggered in the game, there may also be a chance to respin if you get three gold and silver dollar signs across the reels. These also serve as multipliers, so the next win may be significantly higher. Released in 2016, this is one of the most popular games out there from this company.

About the company

Let’s explore a little about Realistic Games, their history, and what makes them unique. This company has been in operation for some time now, having launched back in 2002. With 20+ years of industry experience, they have created one of the most innovative and interesting slot companies out there.

Realistic Games prides itself on “combining our collective experience with data, insights and creativity to deliver next-generation gaming products”.

Book of Charms, one of the company’s most successful slots, was recently shortlisted for Game Feature of the Year at the CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards 2023, and is one of many different accolades the company has received. Back in 2013, the company was nominated for EGR Operator Game of the Year for their release of Super Graphics Upside-Down. The company hasn’t just won rewards for its slot games, as Alice Timson, Head of Commercial at Realistic Games, won the Young Leader of the Year award at the Women in Gaming Diversity Awards.

In terms of licensing, the company has a license from the UKGC allowing it to develop games for the casino industry.

Their content started to roll out to a lot of bigger casino brands in 2013, and they were issued a Remote Gambling License by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, allowing them to set up an office in Gibraltar too.

Four years later in 2017, they received a B2B Game Host License. In recent years, big developments have come from an expanding repertoire of games, as well as new talent working for the company, and a variety of new games. This includes Book of Charms, which is one of the more critically acclaimed games and represents a bit of a change in theme and style for Realistic slot games.

Many of the games made by Realistic are available on Pink Casino, with plenty of simple games and retro options providing something of a throwback feel to them.

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