A Guide To Live Dream Catcher Casino Game

Written on 30th July 2020

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Some people like to play online casino games that include an element of skill, but if you’re looking for a colourful and energised round or two of a game that can offer some incredible payout opportunities, then Live Dream Catcher could be just the live casino game for you.

What is Live Dream Catcher?

Dream Catcher is a game of chance played using a huge vertically mounted spinning wheel - not dissimilar to the large vertical wheels in Vegas casinos or in old-school TV games like Wheel of Fortune. When all bets are placed and the game starts, the wheel spins round-and-round until it eventually stops on the winning segment.

The online live Dream Catcher game has a huge colourful wheel located within a premium studio setting and is hosted by a professional and likeable live host who spins the wheel and chats with the players, helping to keep the in-game atmosphere fun and friendly. When you play, you’ll see and hear everything that happens in real time via high-quality streaming directly to your device of choice.

Once your bets are placed, you simply wait for the wheel to spin. If you guess which segment the arrow will land on, you could win some incredible prizes!

How To Play Live Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a game of chance, with any number of players playing each spin of the wheel, with a variety of betting available.

In Live Dream Catcher, the wheel contains 54 equal segments, and two segments with a 2x Multiplier and a 7x Multiplier, with a unique colour for each segment.

The game couldn't be simpler: you pick a number, bet on it, and hope the arrow lands on it when the wheel stops spinning. The payout odds are easy to remember as they match the numbers, e.g. a winning bet on 5 pays 5 to 1, 10 pays 10 to 1, and so on.

Dream Catcher Multiplier Segments

If the spinning wheel stops on a 2x or 7x multiplier, all the existing bets carry over and no new bets will be allowed, allowing the wheel to be spun again. In the next spin, the number that the arrow lands on will be the winning number and the multiplier from the previous round will be applied to this.

There are many different ways you can play this game, with various betting styles that will suit different types of players, but what about betting strategies? Is there a way to maximise your winning potential? Dream Catcher is an entirely random game based on luck and there’s nothing players can do to influence the outcome. However, there are ‘strategies’ that many players use as a tool to decide which segment they might bet on next.

Dream Catcher Strategies

Spreading Bets Dream Catcher Strategy

Spreading your bets is a strategy that focuses on 2x and 7x multiplier segments in order to build up a big win. On every one of your betting turns, you place your money only on the 5, 10, 20 and 40 segments.

By playing this way, you are covering the highest paying segments, so if a multiplier lands, you have bets in the most valuable spots to ensure a massive win.

Slow, Low, and Steady Dream Catcher Strategy

For this method, you focus on betting on the 1 and 2 segments for maximum wheel coverage. There are a total of 54 segments on the Dream Catcher game wheel. And if you bet on 1 and 2 exclusively, you cover 38 of them with a good chance of a multiplier spin. The payouts are lower than with spreading bets but you will likely have a more consistent stream of wins.

This strategy is usually an approach by slow and steady types of players who don’t want to spend their balance too quickly. If you find the potential wins to be too small, you may want to switch to spreading your bets or practising the ‘all or nothing’ method below - both of these carry much higher risks of losing but higher potential payouts in return.

All Or Nothing Dream Catcher Strategy

This method is very risky and can be compared to betting all of one's money on a single number at roulette. As far as Dream Catcher casino game strategy goes, this is the riskiest by far. You only focus on the 20 and 40 segments, with no compromises, so it is a win or lose situation definitely not for the faint-hearted.

These 20 and 40 segments are the highest paying segments on the wheel and the rewards for a successful bet are very good indeed. Especially if you factor in the cash stacking effect of the multiplier segments. That 40x bet can become a 280x bet with a 7x multiplier. But if you land that multiplier again, that segment is now worth 1,960x which can be an absolutely massive win.

This is quite a rare occurrence but it can happen. Using the all or nothing strategy, you get to cover the most valuable parts of the wheel for these special betting rounds like the 2x and 7x multipliers. The obvious downside is that your wheel coverage is poor, so the chances of landing a win are much smaller. One of the great things about Dream Catcher is that it’s really up to you how you want to play.

It’s important for us to reiterate that loosely-coined ‘strategies’ such as these do not guarantee a win - these are just examples of how some players approach Live Dream Catcher.

Play Live Dream Catcher Online

If you fancy your chances at Dream Catcher and think you can successfully bet on a segment of the colourful wheel, you can join our dedicated hosts for a game whenever you like! Now that you understand how the game works, and have a better understanding of how to play, you’re ready to go.

Good luck!

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