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How To Play Blackjack

How to play blackjack? This is one of the most popular questions in the online casino space. This blog is going to answer the question, as well as giving you basic blackjack rules and some other information on strategy. So when you enter Pink Casino and play our Live Blackjack or Blackjack table games you’ll be well-equipped to take on our blackjack live dealers. How to play blackjack is the aim of this blog post, so strap yourselves in ladies. Here at Pink Casino we give props to girl power, so when you've mastered how to play blackjack head straight over to our live casino section to put your polished skills to the test. So here we go, can you win big at our online casino?


Basic Blackjack Rules

Firstly, you have to make your bet

The dealer will deal 2 cards to you and 2 to him/herself, leaving one card facing upwards for each.

The aim is to make 21

You need to decide whether to stick, hit, surrender, double down or split (more on that later)

The dealer is the last person at the table to make his/her move but they must hit at 16 or less and stand on 17 to 21.

You win a hand of blackjack against the dealer if you make 21 and the dealer does not, or the dealer busts, or you finish up with a value closer to 21 that the dealer.


Blackjack Hand Rules

Blackjack rules can be complicated until you get your head around what hands are worth - a bit like when you’re trying to figure out how to adjust to a new job - it takes time, but we’ve got you covered ladies. See below for an explanation of what you can do with your cards. By the end of this you will know how to play blackjack and beat the hubby at his own online casino game!


The hit rule in blackjack means you want another card from the dealer. If you are playing blackjack online then you need to press the ‘Hit’ button and you will get another card - remember the aim of blackjack online is to make 21 or get as close as you can without busting (going over 21).


Blackjack rules say if you 'Stand' you are happy with your cards and you wish to play the cards you have, meaning no more cards will be given to you. If you are playing blackjack online you must click the ‘Stand’ button and your order will be applied.


This rule can be used when you are dealt a pair eg. a pair of eights. If you are dealt two cards the same blackjack rules indicate that you can split them. This means you have made two seperate hand at the value of whatever the pair is. Are you still with me? Basically you get two bites at the apple, but if you do split, then it will cost you the same bet value as what you started with.

Double Down

In the Pink Casino 'how to play blackjack' guide we want to cover all bases. This rule allows you to double your bet, if you do this you will be granted one draw card. If you’re playing blackjack online you will have the option at the right time to double down.


You don’t actually have to get your little white flag out, the surrender rule in blackjack allows you to forfeit your cards after the dealer has checked their hand. You will lose half your original bet value. Once a player has drawn a card then the surrender option is no longer available.

Further Blackjack Rules & Information

Card Values

First of all let’s get the 'Ace' argument clear before we continue - an Ace is worth 1 or 11. Picture cards are worth a standard 10 and every other card is equal to its face value. The suits of a card in blackjack and blackjack online have no meaning at all.

How Blackjack Betting Works

The blackjack rules of betting will be explained here in our final part. Blackjack is played on a circular table and on this table will be a small box where your cards and bet will be placed, remeber this is online casino. This box is where you place your wager using casino chips. If you apply this to blackjack online then you will choose your chip value from the set menu, once chosen click in the box in front of your cards and your wager will be applied. With the Pink Casino offerings of blackjack online and live blackjack you will feel like you’re part of the online casino floor. The amazing camera angles and gameplay lends its hand to some of the most talented gaming providers in the world. You’ll never miss a beat. Next time you want to know how to play blackjack you can tell your fellow casino chicks that you're a card sharp. Win big and impress your friends with your blackjack knowledge.

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