Playing A Pair Of 7s in Blackjack

Live Blackjack is a staple card game. Luck may play an important role, but informed decisions still go a long way. There are statistically bad and good moves in the card combo. Winning all hands is impossible, but you can get the edge over the dealer if you know a thing or two about some tricky hands. Pairs are surely the trickiest of them all, especially weak pairs like two 7s.

In this article, we will cover all the options laid out when you get dealt two 7s. We will discuss when it’s smart to split them, hit, or stand.

Do you split 7s in blackjack?

The first question that pops to mind whenever you get a pair is splitting. It’s a high-risk move with potentially high rewards. With a pair of 7s, the tide is always turning. But there are some scenarios where splitting is favourable.

When the Dealer Has a Low-Value Card

Experts usually advise splitting two 7s if the dealer shows a low-value face card. Low-value cards are two through seven. This means they are in for a potentially weak hand. In fact, if the dealer draws anything except a 10 after a low-value card, they’ll have to draw a third one, too. This increases their chances of exceeding 21 and going bust. Knowing this, you can very well risk splitting 7s to create two hands potentially stronger than 14.

Splitting 7s can also be a good getaway move. Hitting on a total of 14 is very, very risky. Hit 8 and above, and you are busted. But with a single seven (or two single 7s in this case), the chances of hitting a strong total of 19, 20, or 21 increase.

Judge Based on the Cards on the Table

Looking at the rest of the live casino table can also help you decide whether to split two 7s. Remember, when splitting them, you want to combine the fresh seven card with a ten, plus a low number of one through four. If the rest of the table is full of 10s, the chances of you hitting a low card are high. If you’re playing with two or three players and they are all holding a bunch of face cards, splitting the 7s becomes a great option.

What if the Dealer has a Strong Hand?

Now, splitting a pair of 7s isn’t always a good move. It creates two potentially weaker hands that both may very well lose against the dealer. Especially if they draw an 8 or above. If the dealer has such a high-value card in front of them, chances are they are in for a strong hand. Here, the better move would be to hit. Hitting on a 14 is risky and will result in a bust more often than not. But in a case where the dealer has the upper hand, the risk is one of few moves left in your arsenal.

Another option you have when the dealer has a strong card is to hold. Here, you hope they draw a low-value hand next and risk going bust after a, say, soft 13.

Whatever the case, a pair of 7s is definitely a tricky hand. None of the above strategies can guarantee a win. The dealer’s face-up card can inform you of your decision and help you make a better choice. But, at the end of the day, it’s mostly about chance and luck.

Why would you consider splitting 7s?

Let’s look at some of the benefits of splitting 7s. First, it offers a chance to improve a relatively weak hand into two solid ones. A 14 is one of the toughest hands to play, as it loses more often than not. Splitting it into two new hands is sort of a fresh start and a new opportunity to build a stronger total.

Hitting on two 7s means you hope for a third seven or lower not to go bust. Splitting them allows you to reduce the chances of exceeding 21 while improving the hand with a higher-value card. You split the risk, double the money, and take a new swing at the dealer’s draw.

When it's all said and done, splitting a pair of 7s in blackjack isn't a decision to take lightly. Consider the dealer's upcard, weigh your options, and trust your gut. The rule of thumb says:

  • Split them when the dealer has a low-value face-up card of two through seven or when there are many players and very few 10-value cards down.
  • Hit if the dealer has a strong card of 8 through Ace.
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