Treasures of Troy

How to play Treasures Of Troy

40 paylines are featured of Treasures Of Troy. A feature called 1024 Ways is also offered which once activated gives you 1024 other ways to win! You are able to increase and decrease the amount you want to bet per line. This can be done by clicking the – button to decrease your bet, and the + button to increase it. Changing the amount of paylines in play is also simple, and uses the same theory as above regarding increasing and decreasing. The 1024 Ways feature can be activated by betting 40 coins to activate 40 paylines and then adding 40 coins more. There is also an auto-spin feature which will play the game automatically for you. To use this feature, select the amount of paylines you want to be in play, and how many coins you wish to bet per payline. If you want to use the Ways feature, you will also need to select this. After you have completed these steps, click the auto-spin button to select the amount of games you want to be played. This feature will only end if you press the stop button, you run out of funds, or the bonus feature is triggered. Within this game, there are several performance and graphic options offered. To get the best graphics, choose “Best mode”. To get the best performance choose “Low mode”. Should you experience any delays within the game, try lowering the graphics quality to see if this solves the problem which you are having.

Game Rules

All pays and plays are voided should there be a game malfunction. Symbols must appear on an activated payline. They must be on consecutive reels and start from the far left. The only win paid on any single activated payline is the highest win. Winning on more than one payline will see the wins totalled and a combined amount shown. All awards are in currency. MultiWay wins are multiplied by the coin value. Wins are formed when the same symbol or its substitute appears on consecutive columns, starting with the far left. Bonus symbols only appear on reel 3. Wild symbols only appear on reels 2, 3 4 and 5. Regardless of the bet made per payline and the amount of paylines in play, pay limits do apply within a single transaction. See the paytable on the left hand side of the game for further details.