Totem Lightning Power Reels

##About Totem Lightning Power Reels

Play along on this 8x6 slot game with up to thirty paylines and a bigger reel interface than its predecessor, Totem Lightning Power Reels online slot will be sure to impress you. During the gameplay, the symbols that are higher paying are animals and the lower-paying symbols are classic symbols such as A, K, Q and J, with wins being paid from the left side of the reel.

Paytable If you're looking for all of the information about Totem Lightning Power Reels then head to the paytable. This can be found under the information tab on the game interface. The paytable will tell you all of the paylines that are available throughout the game and the value of the different symbols.

Total Stake When playing Totem Lightning Power Reels online slot game, you will have to set a total stake. The total stake is the amount that you wish to play with. This can be either increased using the (+) or decreased using (-).

Spin To get the game started, press the Spin button, the reels will spin landing the symbols in what could well be winning combinations.

Autoplay Sometimes, pressing the spin can feel a bit tedious, why not play the game on our Autoplay mode. When you use Autoplay, all you need to do is set the number of times that you wish the reels to spin for and the amount of money that you want to wager. The reels will stop when the number of spins that you set, or when you press the stop button.

##Totem Lightning Power Reels Bonus Features

Symbol Strike Bar If you are lucky enough to get a win using the low paying symbols, then the winning symbol will be replaced by newer symbols that will fall on to the reels.

Lightning Strike If the Lightning strikes the symbol bar, then watch out as it will blast away low paying symbols from the reels during the spin. if you're lucky, it may also hit direct symbols and clone them. New symbols will then drop into the remaining empty spaces, which may grant you a free spin on the higher value reels.

##Pink Casino Thinks If you loved the old Totem Lightning then you are sure to enjoy Totem Lightning Power Reels here on Pink Casino. It has similar vibes to the old game but with considerably better graphics, making for a faster-paced experience. The bonus rounds are simple and may result in big wins for you, what more could you want! Play Totem Lightning Power Reels online slot game on Pink Casino, available on desktop, mobile and tablet.