Totem Lightning Slots

Totem Lightning

Look through the American plains in search of untold fortune and riches. Do a rain dance because lightning during Totem Lightning online slots may be about to strike! There’s also a range of bonus rounds and a colossal reel that could grant 1000x your total stake. How will you fare in the harsh land of Central America?

Bonus Features

Lightning Strike

Watch out for the bolts of lightning, which will zap low-paying symbols from the reels. The more low-paying symbols that you get lose the better your chances of winning will be. Try and play with high value symbols like the totems, by using the lightning to your advantage.

Totem Multiplier

This online slot feature is triggered by landing 3 bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. From here you will see the giant totem, as the screen pans down through the multiplier you will be presented with 5 pipes, each time you choose a pipe you will move up the multiplier. If you reach the top you will achieve 1000x your stake. However, you will be stopped in your tracks if you land on a multiplier with ‘Collect’ attached, as this will spell the end of the bonus.