First Person Deal or No Deal

First Person Deal or No Deal


First Person Deal or No Deal Slot Key Points

Game Title: First Person Deal or No Deal

Game Provider: Evolution Gaming

Theme: Game show

Maximum Payout: 500x

Bonus Features: Top Up

First Person Deal or No Deal Information

First Person Deal or No Deal stands out as a more unconventional game released by Evolution Gaming in 2022, drawing inspiration from the famous TV show.

It features a qualifying round, a bonus round, and the actual gameplay involving the selection of suitcases. The theme captures the essence of the TV game with vibrant colours and a familiar soundtrack. The initial part of the game involves a wheel that will determine the subsequent game stages, offering choices between normal, easy, very easy, and instant levels.

First Person Deal or No Deal Slot Gameplay

To qualify for the game show, place your bet and spin to try and align the golden sectors of the three rings in the upper wheel area. You can either opt for Easy to align one ring, Very Easy for two rings, or Instant for all three rings, which will increase your bet amount by 3x, 9x, or 18x, respectively.

With each spin, money will be added to the biggest-prize briefcase, ranging from 75x to 500x your bet. Golden boxes represent briefcase values, and you can choose any box as your biggest-prize briefcase.

If you don't qualify, you'll automatically receive qualification for the next round. Spin the wheel as many times as you like, with each spin costing you your selected bet amount.

When you qualify, a congratulations message will appear. Click on Play to enter the game show or Top Up to boost those values in the briefcases before joining.

In the game show, you then pick your main briefcase, and batches of 3, 4, 4, and 3 briefcases will randomly open successively. After each batch, the banker makes an offer:

  • Click Deal to accept and leave the game show.
  • Click No Deal to reject the offer… and keep playing.

Overall, four offers will be presented, and after the fourth opening, only two briefcases will remain. The final banker's offer provides three choices:

  • Click Deal to accept the offer.
  • Click on No Deal to walk away with the amount from the main briefcase.
  • Click Switch Briefcase to win the amount in the other briefcase.

You’ll then get a message displaying your winnings… and you go back to the Qualification phase of the game to start again.

Bonus Rounds in First Person Deal or No Deal

The other choice you have is the top-up option… which reveals the Top-Up wheel.

To do this, place your bet, pick a golden box, and spin the wheel to boost the value in the chosen briefcase by anywhere between 5x and 50x your bet. The amount in the Briefcase will get bigger with each Top-Up spin. However, every spin will incur a cost equal to your selected bet amount.

First Person Deal or No Deal Slot Summary & Review

The First Person Deal or No Deal slot offers a unique gaming experience by bringing the popular TV game show to the gaming world. Evolution Gaming's innovative approach gives you the chance to try out the qualifying and bonus rounds - and really captures the essence of the show. The game's wheel-based qualifying process and the suspenseful decision-making during the briefcase selection phase make it stand out from any other title we’ve ever played. The familiar theme and bold colours certainly create a gameplay experience like no other.

If you enjoy this title, you might want to try out other Evolution Gaming offerings like Crazy Time or Mega Ball… or maybe you want to try other TV-themed slots like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

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First Person Deal or No Deal Slot FAQs

What is the maximum payout in First Person Deal or No Deal?

The maximum payout in First Person Deal or No Deal can reach up to 500x your stake. The final round presents three choices: accepting the banker's offer, rejecting it for the amount in the chosen briefcase, or switching to the other briefcase.

How many paylines are there in First Person Deal or No Deal?

First Person Deal or No Deal does not feature traditional paylines, rows, or reels. Instead, it follows the structure of the popular TV show. The game progresses through qualifying rounds, a bonus stage, and the main gameplay, where players choose briefcases. It doesn't stick to the typical payline system.

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