Exclusive Infinite Blackjack Key Points

Game Title: Exclusive Infinite Blackjack

Game Provider: Evolution

Theme: Blackjack

Bonus Features: Hot 3, 21+3, Any Pair, Bust

Exclusive Infinite Blackjack Information

If you’re looking to explore the live casino offerings, which include blackjack tables, why not take a virtual seat and play a hand at the Exclusive Infinite Blackjack table, which offers table space for an unlimited number of players? Developed by Evolution, this game hosted by a live dealer provides space for many players to play the same hand but place different bets and explore side bet options.

Exclusive Infinite Blackjack Gameplay

Like many blackjack games, we have on offer, before playing this game, it's important to set your bet level before you play a hand and read the game information provided. As there is no waiting for a table seat in this game, you can play as soon as you’re ready to place your bet.

The game is played with eight standard card decks mixed together, and to begin the game, players will be dealt the same starter hand. If they wish to stick, the cards initially dealt will remain. If they wish to increase their total and get closer to 21, then virtual cards will be dealt, which will only be visible to the player.

Within this game, there is a six card Charlie rule. This additional rule allows the player to be awarded a win if they end up with a hand of six cards, this is regardless of whether or not the dealer has blackjack. If they choose to split, then each of the hands will be evaluated individually.

Side Bets in Exclusive Infinite Blackjack

There are multiple side bets on offer within this version of Blackjack. Some of them will cost an additional stake, but we’ve listed the key side bets below:

Any Pair - This side bet allows players to bet on the first two cards they are dealt being a pair, and this is regardless of suit; it just needs to be the same number.

21+3 - The side bet involves the player's first two cards and the dealer's upcard. If they form a poker hand, it will be paid out. Hot 3 side bet - The bet allows players to be on the total or combination of the three upcards which will be seen. Each had a different payout, with 7-7-7 offering a payout of 100:1. The other combinations include a total value hand of 19, 21 and 21 with suited and unsuited cards.

Bust - This betting option is simple. It allows players to bet the value of the dealer's card will be more than 21. There are different options available, with the highest odds paying out for dealer bust with eight or more cards at 250:1.

Exclusive Infinite Blackjack Summary & Review

Offering players the chance to play blackjack without waiting for a seat to vacate at a table, Exclusive Infinite Blackjack offers players an immersive gaming experience. Set in a live studio where the dealer will be on hand to talk through the first cards dealt and award side bets if they are instantly found, this casino offering from Evolution breaks the live casino mould and offers players a different gaming option.

Exclusive Infinite Blackjack FAQs

Q. How do you win in Exclusive Infinite Blackjack?

A. There are a few ways to win in this game. These include beating the dealer's hand or winning one of the side bets.

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