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As one of the most iconic periods in American history, the Wild West theme has spawned several timeless films, TV shows and soundtracks. For designers who want to bottle this atmosphere and turn their Wild West slot games into the fascinating spectacles of the films that preceded them, they need to ensure that their design, music and graphics stir up this connection. Considering that they’re some of the most popular themed games you can find on Pink Casino, we will examine how game designers in this particular sector have managed to do such a good job.

Wild West themed slots characteristics & features

As you’d expect, Wild West-themed slots cover a whole range of fascinating backdrops, from the desert of the Wild West to old towns, taverns, bank heist games and even cowboy-themed slots.

However, there’s still a lot of crossover in their bonus features, which is to be expected given that many of the below features have propelled some of the most recognisable slot games into international recognition. Wild West slots take some of these characteristics and fuse them into the unique world of a time gone by, creating a model that continues to work for some of the biggest game designers in the industry.

Re-Spins boosted with special features

If you’re privy to how special features work in slot games, you’ll be aware of how re-spins, or free spins, are the key to unlocking some of the biggest prizes you can come across on a range of slots. Wild West slot games are no different, of course, and some also have sticky wild symbols which lock into place as other reels spin around them. If you unlock multiple sticky wilds, usually three or more, you will activate bonus features, leading to big multipliers.

Symbol swaps feature heavily too, and can cascade, allowing similar jackpots if you spin several in one turn. Money Cart is one example of a Wild West slots game that became such a big hit that you can also find its sequel and trilogy on Pink Casino too. Cowboy Coins and Money Train are two other big hitters within this specific theme with similar bonuses and captivating base games, with the latter having a max payout of up to 20,000x.

Immersive graphics

To capture the imagination the way some legendary films do, slot machine game designers understand that there needs to be a strong onus on the graphical quality, visual display, soundtrack and background of the game. Wild West slot games use a range of symbols such as horses, horseshoes, old-style pistols, Wild West Taverns, boots, snakes, dynamite and any other symbol related to this intriguing point in history.

Collectors and payers

Collector symbols are unique to Wild West slots; they hoover up the combined total of all the visible values on the grid and pay out the total. Money Train has this feature and is renowned for popularising it. There are a number of alternatives which you can find at Pink Casino, such as Wild West Gold MEGAWAYS and Wanted Dead or a Wild. A payer symbol works similarly, but it collects the value of visible symbols and combines them instead.

Wild West slots to try at Pink Casino

Some Wild West online slots have developed such a big name for themselves that they have gone on to release several different titles within the same game series, bringing out sequels that slot machine players called for due to the success of their original designs. Listed below are some of the big Wild West themed slot games that are popular at Pink Casino:  

Money Cart

As arguably the quintessential game in this genre, Money Cart has three huge games, but the original is still one of the biggest Wild West slot games you can find online. The aim of the game is to shoot the symbols to unlock their potential, with a range of gunslingers, dynamite and gold multipliers to unlock and a top prize of 2,000x your stake, Money Cart was the first in this legendary Cowboy-themed slots dynasty.

Money Train

Another game with plenty of reputation in Wild West slots circles is Money Train. It bears similarities to Money Cart as it also has a number of successful instalments that followed, but it’s very much its own game, with a solid core player base. Money Train has a great whistling theme that drums up memories of some of the great Western films. With a top prize of up to 20,000x, it is one of the highest max payouts you can find anywhere in the genre.

Wanted Dead or a Wild

Quite a catchy play on words? A clever spin on the posters that would display some of the fiercest outlaws in towns right across the Wild West, Hacksaw Gaming is the developer who brought this game to life. With another extensive max payout of up to 12,500x, this is a Wild West slots game that stands out within the genre. Throughout the game, there is the chance to trigger bonuses such as free spins and the “Duel at Dawn” feature.

Wild West Gold MEGAWAYS

With the combination of arguably slot machine gaming’s biggest name, Pragmatic Play, a Wild Western theme and up to 117,649 winning ways that MEGAWAYS offers, it’s no surprise that Wild West Gold MEGAWATS is one of the most popular games on Pink Casino. With sheriff badge wilds, holsters and detailed Wild Western imagery as the foundation for the core game, there’s a lot to like about this one. The maximum payout of up to 5,000x is another addition to round off this popular Western slot.

Dead or Alive

Another slot that leans into the theme of outlaws and bounty hunters. The overall feel is slightly darker than some of the other Wild West slots that have the backdrop of the beautiful desert. Dead or Alive has a character design that is synonymous with the game, but it also has unique Wild West symbols, such as drinks and sheriff’s hats, to give an edgy vibe. It has a 5x3 grid, which is closer to the traditional slots that may have ended up in some Wild West taverns just before the end of the era in the early 20th century.

Western Wilds

Iron Dog Studios has clearly spent time and resources ensuring that Western Wilds has everything for Wild West slots fans. There’s a lot to like; the music, imagery and wild features are all things that stick out.

Given that Wild West slots are such a big hit, we have a range of slot games available to try within this genre.

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