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Some people mistakenly believe slot machine games all fall into one set way to play. However, for an industry to grow to the size and stature the slot machine industry has over the last 20 years, there are almost always other successful avenues that contribute to its overall success.

Cluster pays slots are part of this undercurrent of innovative slot games that some people might overlook, but for others, they’re the best that casino gaming has to offer. Today, we will look in-depth at cluster slots, their characteristics, and why they’re such a big hit with players.

Intro to cluster pays slots / grid slots

The main distinguishing feature of cluster slots that sets them apart from other areas of slot gaming is that they do not have traditional paylines. The whole dynamic is similar to the game Tetris, where clusters of the same symbols, either vertically, horizontally, or both, can unlock potential huge wins. In some cluster slots, this amount can be as little as four or five symbols, with the bigger wins occurring when you hit a dozen or more of the same symbol. You may also see these slot games referred to as grid slots.

Biggest grid slots

When the initial slot machine design wowed gamers in the 1890s, nobody could have predicted the longevity they’d have. Charles Fey would have been amazed to see his original invention still so popular in several online and physical casinos. While the nature and sophistication of the games have changed immensely, the foundation remains mostly the same. In the biggest grid slots, designers opt for grand designs and unique interfaces in a bid to attract players.

7x7 grid slots

With 49 grid squares in total, it can be challenging for slot game designers to not overwhelm slot machine players with too much in one game. When designers aim for grander projects, they operate more outside the conventional foundations of slot games. However, there are a lot of slot machine players who enjoy sprawling reels with numerous minigames. You can find plenty of traditional slots as well as expansive 7x7 reels such as Flying Hippo and Jewel Rush, both of which are brought to you by the stalwarts of slot machine game design – Pragmatic Play, who have dozens of titles available at Pink Casino.

8x8 grid slots

As we move up to an even bigger grid, 64 grid squares across a grid interface can jump out and grab you, especially in cluster pays slots with so many potential areas of the grid to combine for a win. The bigger the grid, the more captivating the game can become. Gigantoonz is a cluster slots game with a potential max payout of up to 4,000x and a range of attractive, unique, and intriguing bonus feature games, while Jammin Jars is another 8x8 grid slot that is a big hit among cluster pays slot fans at Pink Casino. There are several others you can choose from our portfolio too.

9x9 grid slots

It’s rare to find a slot game with a 9x9 grid reel. However, Pink Casino has such a broad range that you will not be left wanting when exploring this specific Cluster pay slots niche. Dragons Clusterbuster and Blobster Clusterbuster are two firm favourites for cluster slot fans who frequent Pink Casino looking for fresh, bold, and grand slot machine game designs.

Although some slot games have a slightly larger reel, 9x9 grids with 81 symbols are at the higher end of the big grid design. When a slot machine game design company plans to develop such games, it takes time and money to ensure they get it correct. The most common grid reel design you can find is a 5x3 grid reel, so a 9x9 is over triple the size.

Cluster pays slots features

While cluster pays slots might starkly contrast standard slot games with traditional paylines, plenty of the bonus features intertwine with the bonuses you’ll see in more conventional slot machines here at Pink Casino.

Cascading / rolling reels

Grid slot games are renowned for cascading or rolling reels. A cascading reel in a cluster slots game can be a real thing of beauty if you manage to match several symbols together. If they drop and form new clusters that cascade again, it can lead to a sizable jackpot. This is often the quickest way of unlocking the max jackpot on cluster slots games.

Bonus metre

If you regularly play games such as Viking Runecraft and Gigantoonz, you’ll know all about the bonus metre, and how it can lead to bigger wins. Depending on the type of cluster pays slot game you play, the bonus metre can have different triggers. It’ll be a case of putting five mystery symbols into the metre in some games. For others, it might be a dozen, but once it’s full, that’s when you activate the feature.

Colossal symbols

Colossal symbols are symbols that cover multiple grid squares, often leading to the game's more interesting features. For some of the games we have discussed today, with huge grid interfaces that can cover over 80 individual squares, their colossal symbols are enormous and almost leap out of the screen at you. With big, fluorescent and encapsulating grid designs, colossal symbols are made to grab your attention and help you form winning combinations, and that’s certainly what they do in the games they appear in on Pink Casino, such as Giga Jar and Reactoonz 2.

Free Spins

By far the most common way to unlock the free spins feature in any cluster slots game is to land multiple free spins symbols in the main base game. This is very similar to most other slot games, and you’d have to search far and wide to find a slot game that doesn’t have some form of free spins feature. It’s the bread and butter of most slot games, and cluster slots are no different. If you’re looking for cluster pays slots with immersive free spins features, our pick of the bunch are Golden Glyph 2 and Aloha Cluster Pays.


Megaclusters slots have been one of the biggest new innovations in the cluster slots gaming world for quite a few years. Kluster Krystals Megaclusters and Cyberslot Megaclusters are two Megaclusters slots games with big followings. Once you land a cluster on a Megaclusters slot, the symbols break down into other potential clusters, often with much larger jackpots and minigames, hence the title!

Cluster pays slots to play at Pink Casino

Pink Casino leaves no stone unturned to give you the best slot gaming experience, regardless of the type of slot game you most enjoy, and with so many cluster slots to choose from, we have narrowed it down to some of the highest-rated ones that fit into this category. Check out some of the most popular games to try out the Cluster Pays feature:

Aloha Cluster Pays

As one of NetEnt’s top cluster pays slot games, Aloha Cluster has several components that make it a big hit at Pink Casino. With a max payout of up to 10,000x, there’s a lot to like about this game, and the Hawaiian theme, music, and symbols turn this into one of the top cluster slots games. The 6x5 grid reel is unconventional, but it works, and there are a lot of fans of this game.

Jammin Jars

As mentioned earlier, 8x8 grid reels are more common in cluster pays slots. According to many players at Pink Casino, Jammin’ Jars is one of the best cluster slots, with cascading reels, rainbow features, and free games to select from. Once you match five symbols or more, you’ll unlock the cascading features this game is renowned for.

Gems Bonanza

As one of the most popular slot games anywhere online, Gems Bonanza has several bonus features, spin features, and a max payout of up to 10,000x. Pragmatic Play features heavily in the list of popular grid slot games, and Gems Bonanza is arguably their most well-known and highly rated slot.

Rise of Olympus

Greek mythology slots are known for their immersive graphics and vivid displays. Rise of Olympus falls perfectly into this bracket, and although it is a smaller 5x5 reel, the symbols, music, and sound effects are all excellent features.

Star Clusters Megaclusters

Big Time Gaming ploughed plenty of time and resources into this game, and Star Clusters Megaclusters has a max payout of up to 23,000x. It’s another gemstone classic with a big following, and Megaclusters slot games are a subgenre that continues bringing new fans to this mammoth area of the slot gaming world.


Q. Are cluster slots more popular than traditional slot games?

A. There’s no study to show which is more popular, but with millions of players enjoying both and Pink Casino providing ample markets, you can play both types of games.

Q. Can I play cluster slots on mobile devices?

A. Of course, all slot games on Pink Casino are compatible with iOS and Android devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Q. Do cluster slots have one type of theme?

A. No, there’s a range of slot themes. You can play Hawaiian, fruit, and gemstone themes, like some of the games we have touched on, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg at Pink Casino.

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