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Slot gaming has colossal potential, and Quickspin slots are one of the pioneers of video slots gaming, churning out games with a phenomenal hit rate. Their games are distinctive as they feature groundbreaking, vivid animations and imagery, and their sole focus is slots.

Characteristics of Quickspin games

One of the most distinctive elements of Quickspin games is the animation they use. It’s not a standard set of imagery. There’s a multi-layered animation to it. While this attention to detail might seem like a small component, it has helped them create their own name within the world of slots.

This success eventually led to a colossal buyout from Playtech. Playtech didn’t move in and change much of the service; they only strengthened the company, providing them with morel flexibility to continue innovating and developing in new areas, such as Quickspin mobile slots.

Quickspin slots popular features

Although many unique features helped Quickspin games develop its brand and get ahead of other slot game designers, their popular features mirror that of the overall industry. Slot gamers can experience traditional, classic-style games with basic but reliable bonus features such as wilds and free spins.

Additionally, Quickspin slots are one of the leading lights in video slots, and some of those games have a much greater unique touch. Whether you’re looking to play a traditional classic, sample the groundbreaking animation or take a look at their more uncommon designs, you’ll find dozens of options right here at Pink Casino.

Quickspin slot games themes

The beauty of Quickspin slot games is that they’re able to employ high-quality animation across a range of themes. Occasionally, a provider might develop an excellent graphic design, but it might only work in a candy-themed slot game. Quickspin slots have been able to generate such a world-class reputation because the animation stretches seamlessly across a variety of highly different themes.

Their award-winning slots include Sevens High and Eastern Emeralds MEGAWAYS. However, their design quality extends even further back with fantasy themed games such as Crystal Queen and Big Bad Wolf. Like many other names in the industry, they aren’t focused on one slot theme or on a narrow window of the gaming sector, which is no surprise given how much there is to explore with themes. It is almost always the providers that were able to diversify in the industry that have been able to generate the most longevity and success.

Quickspin slots hits

Quickspin details its strategy, with hundreds of slots available, many of them being award-winning titles.

Many of their slots fall within the conventional slot grid design, which is great if you’re looking for gameplay elements that resemble the traditional way of playing slots.

For ardent fans of slot gaming, the idea of being able to experience a slot game with a conventional grid is the whole purpose of slot gaming. Much like the way a roulette player might disagree with that base game changing too dramatically, some may say that a 5x3 grid is preferable.

Big Bad Wolf

At first glance, Big Bad Wolf might seem like a traditional game. It has a 5x3 reel, which is the most common in today’s slots. However, scratch beneath the surface and play a few games, and you’ll see that it is anything but. There has even been a sequel release that includes MEGAWAYS functionality.

As we have already touched on, the animation of this animal slot received many plaudits. The cascading features, incredibly vivid, complex animation, and bonuses are phenomenal touches. It’s obvious why this game was such a big hit when it first came out over a decade ago.


The creative scheme of Spinions helps to complete the design of this slot. The upbeat beach setting has music that helps to drive home the atmosphere of the game. There’s definitely room for well-designed, basic slots, and Spinions falls into that category.

Dragon Shrine

The Dragon Shrine slot game is an Asian-themed slot game that is backed by oriental music, 40 paylines and up to 10 free spins to unlock in the bonus game. Rarely do Quickspin games venture away from some of their more common themes, but this is one example where they have done it with great success.


Jungle-themed slots work with Quickspin’s animation, and Razortooth also strays into the category of animal slots too, hence the name. Due to the fact that the animation is more advanced and impressive than many other designers in the industry, when Quickspin explores the jungle theme and combines it with music and sound effects that match the setting, it makes for a well-rounded overall package.

Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood

A Wild West theme never goes down too badly. It joins an illustrious list of themes that seem to have great success, regardless of the number of titles that exist within the category. Quickspin mobile slots have become popular because of how well their highly creative animation translates to iPad and smartphone gaming. Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood has a great range of bonus games, and the music, animation and overall setting really sell this as an interesting title to explore if you’re looking for this type of theme.

About the company

Although Quickspin has a reputable, high-standing within the industry, their business is owned by Playtech. Playtech has invested in a whole range of different casino companies and is a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange. It doesn’t get much bigger than Playtech in terms of capital and size. Like many of the big names in the digital casino sector, Playtech operates out of Sweden. However, they also have an active branch in Malta.

Quickspin is one of the oldest digital slot casino companies in existence. They have been around for 25 years and have over 100 staff, making them one of the biggest slot-only game design companies in the industry.

Quickspin slots are one of the most prolific names in video slot gaming and continue to create a wide range of unique games for players worldwide to play.

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