24 + 8 Roulette System

The 24+8 Roulette System

Live Roulette is a game of margins. Each spin yields a 1 in 36 chance to hit your number if you pick singles. So, the trick is to go for systems of picking multiple numbers in various combinations. Bettors around the world have implemented many such systems and strategies. Some go for higher hit probability at the expense of lower profits, while others turn it the other way around. The 24+8 system belongs in the first bracket. This system uses an almost full-board coverage to help you grind out small wins accumulated over time.

The 24+8 system generated a lot of debate in the roulette gaming community. Some bettors love it, and some couldn't think less of it. Ultimately, it's up to you to choose whether this strategy fits your gaming preferences. In this guide, we'll dive into the nuances of the 24+8 roulette system, how it works when playing roulette, and its most significant pros and cons. Buckle up and get ready to spin!

How the 24+8 Roulette System Works

The main goal behind the 24+8 system is to ensure more frequent but small returns. It minimises the chances of going bust and nets a small average profit per spin. The idea is rather simple once you get the hang of it.

In roulette, you have 36 numbers plus a zero in the European and a double zero in the American version. On the betting board, numbers are divided into dozens. The first one holds the numbers 1 through 12. The second dozen has numbers 13 through 24, and so on. Winning bets here give you a 3-to-1 payout. Single-number bets hold the standard 36:1 payout.

  • Using the 24+8 roulette system, you'll place multiple combining bets on one spin. Going step by step, this is how the system functions:
  • Place a bet with a value of 10 chips on one dozen. You could go for a higher bet if you want to high-roll, but ensure it's divisible by 10.
  • Place a bet with the same 10-chip value on a second dozen. We now have two dozen, or 24 numbers in total, covered on the board.

Finally, place a single chip on ten numbers in the last dozen that remained empty. If you went for a higher bet on the first two steps, make this last one with values of bets 1 and 3 divided by 10.

Let's say you picked the first and last dozen for the full coverage and numbers 13 through 22 on the last empty third of the board. You now have 34 out of 37 numbers covered, yielding a 91.89% chance of hitting.

The total bet is £30, and a loss is possible only if the ball lands on a zero, 23, or 24. This system can result in one of three possible scenarios:

Scenario one: The ball lands on a number in the first or final dozen. Chances are 64.86% that this will occur. You get a 3:1 payout on a £10 bet or a win of £30 on a total bet of £30. The bet is practically pushed, and the net win/lose is zero.

Scenario two: The ball lands on one of the straight-up numbers in the second dozen. You'll get £36 - a profit of £6. Scenario three: The ball lands on one of the empty pockets, say a 24. With only three empty pockets, the chances of this happening are 8.11%. Still, you'll end up with a £30 loss.

As you can see, the point of the 24+8 system is to cover the board almost completely and hope you hit one of the ten pockets in the middle dozen. Hit them five times with no losses to potentially double your money. In case a loss does occur, you have two options:

Stick with the same bets and slowly grind your way back up again.

Follow the Martingale system and double up your stakes on the next round. However, remember that this system can put you at net zero much faster and drain your budget quickly.

Advantages of the 24+8 Roulette System

Unique and new, the 24+8 system already has a considerable fanbase. Players noted its practicality and numerous advantages of taking things slow. Here's what bettors like the most about this system:

Safe and steady gameplay: The 24+8 lies in the premise of 'slow but steady wins the race'. You bet on a prolonged game by dispersing your chips throughout the board. Your chip stack grows gradually over time, one-fifth at a time. It also makes for extended gameplay at lower costs.

Great for Lighting Roulette: Many online casinos offer the Lightning Roulette version besides the standard ones. This version has the same premise as any other but with the addition of Lucky Numbers for each round. If you hit these numbers, you can get multiplied payouts. You can target them each round with a single or dozen bets to increase your profits without raising your stakes.

Loss margins are low: With steady low-profit systems come low loss margins. The chances of ending a round in a loss are around 10%. Any win settles one-fifth of this loss, making comebacks much more possible than in alternative systems.

Disadvantages of the 24+8 Roulette System

The debate around the 24+8 roulette system is quite heated. As with any other multi-wager strategy, certain downsides appear:

You need five wins to compensate for a single loss: Although losses occur 10% of the time, they still put you down significantly. You'll then need five wins with nothing but pushes in between to get back to your starting point.

The Martingale system can put you greatly behind: The Martingale tactic of doubling down the next turn after a loss isn't that beneficial either. This system can result in huge losses just as likely as it is to get you back up again. In the long run, which is the whole idea behind the 24+8 system, the Martingale system can even result in insufficient chips to keep playing.

Less exciting than other systems: The nature of the 24+8 system is rather slow and relies on a couple hundred turns before you see the results. Players looking for quick betting results will not like this system compared to other more adventurous options.

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