Blackjack Surrender

When playing blackjack, there are many decisions a you can make while still following the rules of the game, and one of these things is to surrender. The blackjack surrender rule may differ whether you're playing in land-based casinos or online, or the variant you choose may simply not include the option at all.

However, if you're looking to utilise the early surrender rule or simply want to know more about this basic strategy in blackjack, take a look below at all of the rules involved in blackjack surrender before you take your seat at a blackjack table.

What is surrender in blackjack?

When playing a multi-deck blackjack game online, you may notice many of the buttons accompanying the usual hit or stand betting option. Depending on the game variant, one of these options may be to surrender after placing your initial bet and then watch the rest of the hand playout.

Firstly, you will need to be aware that there are two main types of blackjack surrender available, early and late. This also indicates that there are two possible times during a game when blackjack players can choose to use a surrender option.

What a player needs to remember is that taking either of the surrender options will not increase your winning odds. However, it can mean you'll only lose half of your initial bet in the early surrender rules, or if you choose to follow the late surrender rules, it can mean you will forfeit your entire bet if the dealer's hand holds a natural 21.

The surrender option will also mean you are out of the game until the next hand or betting round, so it's always best to think about this option carefully if the chance to take is arises.

Types of blackjack surrender

When it comes to blackjack surrender rules, we've highlighted the two options in more detail below, so if you choose to follow the basic strategy of either, there is the chance you can leave a hand with half your bet, with the other half taken by the dealer. However, as we mention in the late surrender option, this may not always be the case.

Early Surrender

First up is the early surrender option available on some blackjack tables. This form of blackjack surrender will award you half of your bet back before the dealer checks their face down hole card to see if they hold a natural blackjack.

What this means is regardless of the total the dealer has, the player will be guaranteed to receive half of their bet. However, if they choose not to surrender, they can play on as normal or take the late surrender option mentioned below.

Late Surrender

The second option to offer to players who are following the blackjack surrender strategy is the late surrender. Just like the previous option, you will receive half of their original bet in return. The difference with this blackjack surrender is that you will only have the chance to save half of their bet if the dealer does not hold a natural blackjack.

If the hand includes a dealer's ace, there is a high chance they hold a natural blackjack, and if that turns out to be the case, a player can not surrender, and they will lose their entire stake regardless of the two cards in their hands as the house will win that game.

Blackjack surrender strategy

When it comes to playing blackjack, the player decides whether they wish to proceed during a game using hand signals in a land-based setting. However, in online blackjack, these options will be made with a click of a button.

It's important if you choose to blackjack surrender rules during a game that you know the best times to utilise the strategy.

For example, if you have a hand with a hard 16 and the dealer holds an ace, then surrender before the dealer checks their card, as, within this hand, the dealer would have to go bust for a player to win. This would be the time to implement the early surrender option.

During many games of blackjack, if the dealer hits soft 17, they will be forced to see whether they can make 21, which means a surrender could be the best option if you feel they will draw the correct card.

Good to know

Before placing any bet, it's important to know the basic blackack rules, and to find out whether the option to surrender is available. Some blackjack games may not have this option as part of the house rules.

There is also no guarantee that even if you choose to use the blackjack surrender strategies, you'll also win in a game of blackjack, and if you choose to play, then always stick to your betting limits.

Blackjack Surrender FAQs

What is the difference between early surrender & late surrender?

The difference between the two is in early surrender rules. You will receive a portion of your bet back even if the dealer has a natural blackjack, as this will occur before the dealer has checked their hole card. In contrast, a late surrender will only allow this option if the dealer does not hold a natural blackjack.

How many decks of cards will be used in blackjack?

This will be dependent on the casino. Usually, in live blackjack games, the dealer can have multiple cards in the shoe, which will be shuffled regularly.

What hands should you surrender in Blackjack?

If you feel as though you have one of the table's bad hands or you feel as though you may not be able to beat the dealer after seeing their up card, then surrendering could be the best option. However, if a dealer hits soft 17, as some house rules state, you could miss out on winning a hand.

How much of my wager will I get back if I surrender in blackjack?

If you utilise one of the surrender options, many players will receive half of their winning back. However, the remaining amount will be taken off the table by the dealer. But remember, using this strategy does not increase your odds of winning.

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