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Online Scratch Cards UK

When it comes to instant win games, there are many types of online casino games on offer, and one of the most popular is online scratch cards. These casino games are just like the traditional scratch cards players would expect to find, except they've now been made digital, so you can play whenever, wherever.

How Do I Play Online Scratch Cards UK?

Scratch Cards are a simple game which involves very little strategy to play. One of the online casino games that are a game of chance. Each game comes down to the symbols, which are revealed as players remove each section of the card or click the reveal all button and all of the icons will appear on your chosen device.

To play online scratch cards across Pink Casino couldn't be simpler. First off, you'll need to sign up for an account at Pink Casino. After that, head over to our selection of instant win scratch cards and see which is your preference from our list of games and then click to open the game. There are many that you can access from top game providers such as Blueprint and Hacksaw Gaming, each with its own theme and jackpot prizes on offer.

How To Win Online Scratch Cards

The process to win while playing these games, which offer instant wins on your mobile device couldn't be simpler. Match symbols across the specific sections of the online scratchcards, and the winnings will then be added to your account balance. Players will need to remember as they play online scratchcards that all of the symbols in the games are completely random, and these scratchcard games are pure chance, which means there is no guaranteed win in any of them.

Online Scratchcards at Pink Casino

Whether you're looking for a scratchcard game which fits into many of the different themes we offer within our online slots or you're looking to try something completely different, we have many cames which you can explore, and below, we've highlighted some of the most popular

Deal or No Deal What's In Your Scratchard

Set in the world of the famous tv show, this instant win game takes inspiration from Deal or No Deal. However, the difference between this and llaying a slot game, players can scratch the symbols off the card to reveal the numbers hidden in the boxes.

Dream Car SUV

Offering players the chance to win a top prize of up to £75,000, this scratchcard game is based on an automotive theme. Players will need to make a specific stake of £5, and if they can match three symbols across this scratchcard, they will then be awarded that prize.

What is the difference between online Instant Win Games & Scratchcards

There are many games which fall into the instant win game selection across Pink Casino, and these include slingo games, which combines slots and bingo in one game. There are also other games, such as Over The Rainbow, which involve pulling tabs instead of scratching off the number.

What makes them different is that scratchcards play out much like a traditional hand-held scratchard where you need to remove all of the sections to see the symbols. The other game types can involve a wheel spin, selecting a number or other methods to reveal what is hidden.

Online Scratchcard FAQs

What are online scratch cards?

Scratch cards are classed as instant win games and involve players revealing symbols by removing a covering. Even though they are now adapted for mobile, players can still use similar methods of rubbing off symbols with their fingers to see the symbols underneath.

Can you do a scratch card online?

Yes, online scratch cards are similar to a traditional scratch card and players will need to follow a similar process when actually playing. However, instead of using a coin to reveal the symbols, players will either need to click a button to reveal all the symbols or go through each of the sections individually to find out if they are a winner.

What prizes do Scratch Cards have?

This will depend on the scratch cards themselves and the provider. Some offer smaller prizes that could be as small as £1. But there are also games which offer higher jackpot prizes.

Can I play Online Scratchcards on mobile?

Yes, all of the games we offer are optimised so they can be played across mobile and desktop.

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