Worms Reloaded

Worms Reloaded

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Worms Reloaded uses 20 paylines across a 5x3 reel slot. With 4 different Bonus Rounds based on the classic computer game, this is a jovial saunter down memory lane with the addition of some potentially lucrative rewards. In Worms Reloaded, the Wilds will substitute for each symbol, apart from the Scatter and Bonus symbols. There are also an extra 3 Wilds that can appear at any point after the Worms Grenade explodes.

Buttons In Worms Reloaded Slot Buttons

Clicking on the paytable button lets you view the value of each of the symbols in the game.

Total Bet
The Total Bet window shows you how much is being staked on the next game round. Clicking on the window lets you view all the available bet options.

Total Win
After each successful spin, the amount that you win will be shown in the Total Win window.

When you're ready to play, just press Spin to place your bet and start the next round.

Worms Grenade

The Worms Grenade can randomly explode at any point during any spin. If it does explode, then you are guaranteed one of the following bonuses.

Banana Bomb Wilds
When the reels spin, a Banana Bomb will be thrown onto the reels. When it explodes, Banana Bomb Wilds will be thrown across the reels, landing on top of random symbols. If a Worm appears on the screen and fires a bazooka, then all of the Wilds will remain on the reels, and the remaining symbols will re-spin.

Holy Hand Grenade
When a Holy Hand Grenade is thrown onto the reels, it will explode and release Bonus symbols across the reels. With more Bonus symbols available, there is a much better chance of you triggering one of the games exciting Wild features.

Teleport Mayhem
When the reels stop, a worm will press a button on their teleporter to re-arrange all of the symbols to create a winning line. The worm will keep on pressing the button to get more wins until the teleporter backfires and blows itself up.

Concrete Donkey
A worm will press a button causing a Concrete Donkey to fall onto the reels and pull down Wild reels with it.

Worms Reloaded Bonus Rounds

If a Bonus symbols lands on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reel, then you will be rewarded with one of games bonus rounds. The Bonus Round you win will depend on which symbol lands on the final reel.

Battleground Bonus
If the Battleground Bonus symbol is the one that lands in the final reel, then you'll be taken to the exciting Battleground screen which is covered in mines. Pick one of the mines and you'll be given a multiplier, a Collect sign or the symbol for another Bonus Round. Keep on choosing mines until the Collect sign is revealed, or until you find another Bonus symbols, which will take you to play that Bonus Round. When the Collect sign is revealed, you will be awarded your prize and the Bonus will end.

Jetpack Bonus
The Jetpack Bonus will shoot you up into space, where you will play with 2 separate stages - a multiplier trail and a Big Money Bonus Round. During the Multiplier Trail, you will have to choose UFO's that can advance you up to the trail, make you collect or winnings, or fly you straight to the Big Money Bonus. As you move up the trail, your multiplier will keep on rising until you reach the Big Money Bonus. In the Big Money Bonus, the planets fates are in your hands. Choose which planet to blow up and reveal your final big multiplier prize.

Blitz Blast Free Spins
The Blitz Blast Free Spins will bring on a missile with a poor Worm strapped onto it. Another worm will then come onto the opposite side of the reels and light the long fuse attached to the missile. The Free Spins will then begin and will carry on until the fuse is completely gone. Each time a Worms symbol lands on the final reel, one more part of the fuse will burn up. As the end of the fuse draws closer, the multiplier applied to each of your wins will increase. Keep on spinning until the fuse is burnt up and the missile shoots off into the sky!

Super Sheep Free Spins
All of the Super Sheep Free Spins will be played inside of the Worms Castle. The spins are all played on the bigger 5x4 reel slot and you will start with 6 Spins. During each spin, there is a chance that up to 3 Super Sheep will flock onto the reels and drop Super Sheep Wilds in random positions. Don't count on them all staying there though, as there is a Worm on the side of the reels who will try and shoot some of them down. After your 6 Spins are up, you'll be given the choice of 3 grenades. Behind the grenades is either a Super Sheep or a Collect sign. Revealing the Super Sheep symbol will give you another 6 Free Spins, but finding the Collect symbol will end the Bonus and give you your winnings.

Jackpot King Promotional Pot System
Pink Casino is bringing you the Jackpot King Promotional Pot again in Worms Reloaded! Just like the rest of our Jackpot slots, find 5 of the overlay Jackpot King symbols on the reels to begin the Jackpot King Bonus Round. Spin the Golden Reels to find more Golden Crowns to work up the Cash Trail. At the end of your spins, choose from one of the available symbols to reveal Spin, Collect or Wheel King. If Collect is revealed then the Bonus is over, but if Wheel King is revealed then you'll be taken right to the Wheel King Bonus round. The Wheel King Bonus is at the top of the Cash Trail, and you'll need to find 15 Golden Crowns to reach it. When you get to the top, spin the Wheel and you could win 1000x your bet, or walk away with the stunning Jackpot King Progressive!

A staggering 0.13% of each stake will be placed into the Reserve pot. Once the overflowing Jackpot King has been won, the jackpot will restart using the reverse pot. The jackpot is originally funded by a seed, therefore the jackpot is funded by the initial seed as well as an extra 0.86% of each stake, with an additional 0.13% being put into the Reserve pot.

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