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The Great Chicken Escape

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About The Great Chicken Escape Slot

The Great Chicken Escape is a Pragmatic Play online casino game offering players an insight into the camp of imprisoned chickens whose elaborate plans involve a great escape past the watchful eyes of the guard dogs, through the secret underground tunnels, and into the outside world where an abundance of chicken feed awaits. This is where you come in; spin the reels for the chance to trigger one of the modifiers that will help the poultry pals with their cause, or you could even trigger one of the bonus features in which you’ll help in plotting the escape. If you like your slot games with some comedic gameplay then The Great Chicken Escape will be one to watch.

The graphics are a great example of why Pragmatic Play has been so popular since their inception; there are some gorgeous animations on the go, from the train of ants marching across the compound to the leader’s antics under the cover of night. Your inventory of symbols is partly made up of some high-value military chicken personnel whose portraits will payout up to 15x for a successful combination of matching symbols. The most potentially valuable symbol on offer, however, is the logo which rewards players with up to 25x their stake for 5 of a kind across a payline. A Wild can also contribute to your wins if it lands alongside other matching symbols, so keep your eyes peeled for the commando chicken at the centre of the escape plan.

You can peck through a grand total of 8 bonus features including 3 modifiers and 5 main bonus rounds, all with varying levels of potential payouts. The modifiers are all randomly activated and can transform gameplay on the main reels to give you increased Wilds, Wild reels, random symbols, and more - so if these land then you could be in luck! The other bonus rounds are comprised of fantastic free spins, pick-me style levels, and increasing multipliers. These can be triggered by landing at least 3 Bonus symbols on the reels; this will take you to the war room where you will choose one of the plans drawn up on the chalkboard. If you’re not happy with the round this offers, you can gamble for the chance to upgrade to the next bonus round by clicking a different pie.

The Great Chicken Escape Bonus Features


On any random spin, the revolutionary leader of the poultry chain gang could make an appearance to get the show on the road - and you’ll be rewarded with one of the 3 clucking good modifiers.

Guard Dog Wilds

Step one: get past the loud-mouthed guards located outside of each chicken coop. With the help of gravity, the uniformed canine that investigates the disturbance will be taken out of action by a well-aimed anvil. While he’s seeing stars, Guard Dog Wilds will disperse randomly across the reels as he’s dragged away by a helpful comrade.

Chicken Run Wilds

We need recruits to assist with the escape; the commando chicken will scale the reels to unravel 1x3 Wild posters, but if the searchlights land on him he’ll skip that reel and head to the next one. The more posters he can get up, the more Wilds you’ll have - and the better your chance at a tidy payout!

Care Package

Watch the commando chicken emerge to direct the supply drop onto the reels - this will reward you with a batch of golden eggs which will transform into a random identical symbol for a brilliant opportunity to receive an impressive payout!

Bonus Rounds

The main bonus rounds can be triggered by landing 3 or more Bonus symbols on the reels. When you’re taken into the war room for the strategy briefing you’ll get to choose one of the plans at random to attempt your escape. If you want to change this you can choose to gamble for an upgraded bonus round by clicking the relevant pie.

Secret Tunnel

The secret tunnel is an underground network of tunnels built to guide the chickens out without encountering any guards. If you choose this bonus then you’ll be taken to a new screen set beneath the pen and, as you roam the tunnels, you’ll choose from the available crates to be awarded the multiplier inside - but find a Collect and the feature will end and you’ll receive your winnings.

Poultry in Motion

Sneak through the military compound by selecting eggs to reveal the number of steps you should take. Make it to the end of the road to be upgraded to the Big Money Bonus, but find a Collect and the feature will end and your winnings will be awarded.

Get Clucky

Talk is ‘cheep’, it’s time to start looking for a way out! You’ll be awarded 10 free spins to set you on your way, along with a special wanted poster Wild to help you out, along with an increasing bonus multiplier.

To The Other Side

Mission: make it to the other side of the fence. Status: in progress. Guide your chicken companions through the tunnel underneath the compound boundaries with 10 free spins and some Wilds which will be banked if you save a chicken. Those banked Wilds will all be added to the reels if you trigger the Free Range Super Spin for the chance at a big payout.

Big Money Bonus

Pick an egg to reveal whether you get to spin the wheel for a prize, or collect your winnings.

How to Play The Great Chicken Escape Slot


Choose your stake from the available increments using the (-) and (+) buttons on either side of the Spin button.


Spin the reels when you’re happy with the rules and the current stake, and the reels will begin to move and your symbols will fall into a random position.

Pink Casino’s The Great Chicken Escape Slot Review

If you’re a fan of Pragmatic Play titles such as Pirate Gold and Sweet Bonanza for their quirky themes and unique design then The Great Chicken Escape is likely to be another slot for you to bookmark as it nails a combination of great graphics, a creative theme, and some great potential wins to offer a great all-rounder that is suitable for all types of players, particularly those new to playing with an online casino.

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