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Rocket Men Online Slot Special Features


Unsurprisingly, the Wilds in the Rocket Men online slot game are actually rockets!

Don’s Driving Range

When Don lands in reel 1 without Kim in reel 5, then Don’s Driving Range begins! He’ll fire golf balls onto the reels, smashing symbols and causing the symbol above destroyed ones to fall, allowing the player to make new lines - until he gets bored!

Kim’s Little Game

When Kim lands in reel 1 without Don in reel 5, then Kim’s Little Game begins! He’ll fire an array of Wild Rockets, and many will land on the reels meaning your next spin will likely be explosive!

Kim vs Don

It’s bazookas at dawn if both Kim and Don appear on the reels! The following Bonus Rounds are decided by who wins.

Party Time

If Don beats Kim, then it’s Party Time! Don chooses booties for juicy rewards!

Boom Time

If Kim beats Don, then it’s Boom Time! Choose a rocket, any rocket, and hope it hits the most valuable targets! If a rocket misses America and lands in the sea, Boom Time is over!

Nuclear Spins

If the battle between Kim and Don ends in a tie, then it’s Nuclear Spins! The Rocket Men online slot game really lives up to the name, as Don and Kim fire Wild Rockets at each other! The Wild Rockets move along 1 reel per spin, and if two Wild Rockets collide, they explode! The Bonus ends when either Don or Kim is hit by 3 Rockets!

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