This popular online slot has been a favourite for years. There's many different ways to win, including 99 paylines, which makes for a 3-for-1 betting design. Apart from the theme this online slot has much to offer.

About Pixies of the Forest Online Slot Game

Pixies of the Forest online casino game is a 5-reel, 99-payline slot game that offers a tremendous amount of features to keep you engaged. The main attraction is the game's 3-for-1 betting design that activates three paylines for every coin you play. It only takes 33 coins to activate all 99 paylines, maximising your chances to win on every single spin.

You will also enjoy Connected Lines, Tumbling Reels, Bonus and Wild symbols that boost your earnings, and a Free Spins bonus game to top it all off. All the while the Pixies will be hard at work to make your dreams of winning come true.

Pixies of the Forest Online Slot Gameplay

The interface of this game is straightforward and easy to understand. Along the bottom of the screen is all the information you need to play including the number of coins you are betting, coin value, the total value of your bed, and your remaining balance. Reference the paytable to keep track of your winnings as you go.

To begin gameplay, choose your coin value for each payline. Betting is fixed on all 99 paylines, meaning you will spend 33 points on every spin. You can increase or decrease the value of your coins by using the left and right arrow buttons accordingly. Incremental changes are based on pre-set values representing the most popular bet values. When you're done setting your coin value, click the SPIN button to begin play.

Pixies of the Forest offers an Auto Spin feature to streamline gameplay. To use it, simply click on the Auto Spin button after setting your coin value. You will be able to choose the number of spins you want the game to make for you; click the SPIN button to begin play. Automatic spinning will continue until you trigger a bonus, click the STOP button, or your balance is no longer sufficient to continue.

Pixies of the Forest Online Slot Features


There are a lot of ways to win in this game thanks to the Connected Lines feature with 3-for-1 betting. All 99 paylines are actively part of Connected Lines for maximum winning potential. Connected lines are those paylines for which all symbols share a side or corner with identical symbols on neighbouring reels. And because all 99 paylines are in play on every spin, Connected Lines is always activated.


The Free Spins bonus is triggered when you achieve three Bonus symbols on a single payline during standard play. You can only trigger the bonus round once per standard spin, so multiple bonus combinations on multiple lines DO NOT trigger multiple bonuses. To start the round, the player is prompted to choose from among a number of symbols to reveal how many free spins will be awarded. The minimum is 5; the maximum is 11.

While in the bonus round, players can multiply their winnings by achieving Wilds on the first four reels. More Wilds means a larger prize. At least one non-Wild symbol must appear on the fifth reel in order to achieve a winning combination. The Free Spins bonus round continues until all free spins have been used. You cannot re-trigger the bonus from within the round.


Pixies of the Forest offers the popular Tumbling Reels feature. This feature is active during both standard and bonus play. Here's how it works: whenever a winning combination is achieved, the symbols from the combination disappear and are replaced by new symbols that fall from above. Any new combinations realised from this process are tallied and paid before the process is repeated. Tumbling Reels continue until no further winning combinations are achieved.

Pixies of the Forest Online Slot Misc.


Pixies of the Forest will run on most modern computers without trouble. Players do have the option of adjusting graphics quality for the purposes of improving gameplay. The default graphics mode is 'Best'; it can be adjusted to High, Medium, or Low. Choose 'Low' for the best game performance or 'High' for the best visual presentation.


Winning combinations are only achieved when matching symbols appear on consecutive reels beginning in the far left position. This means that even Connected Lines must originate from the first position to the left. If multiple combinations are achieved on the same line, only the highest winner on that line is paid. Winnings are determined by multiplying the coin value by the value of the winning symbols.

Bonus symbols appear only on the first three reels in standard play; Wild symbols only appear on reels two through four. Things are different during the Free Spins bonus. During the bonus round, Wild symbols can appear on any of the first four reels. The game reverts to its default settings upon returning to standard play.

Every Pixies of the Forest game has a maximum transaction award. The game will automatically end upon reaching the maximum award amount, even if the player is in the midst of the Free Spins bonus round. Any game malfunction immediately voids all pays and plays.

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