Jumanj™: The Bonus Level Information

If you’re a fan of the popular movie, then this live casino offering is the game for you. Taking place in the depths of the jungle, this game show, which is hosted by a live dealer, offers players an immersive gaming experience as they place their bets and spin the wheel where there is the potential to win top prizes.

Jumanj™: The Bonus Level Gameplay

Before playing a round of Jumanj™: The Bonus Level, players will need to set their stake, and this will be their choice for the full round. This can be altered before each game round if you wish to increase or decrease the stake amount.

Bonus Rounds in Jumanj™: The Bonus Level

There are seven bonus features that are on offer within Jumanj™: The Bonus Level and each of them offers players something unique if they are triggered during a round of gameplay.

Saving Jumanji: This bonus feature can be triggered in either the main game or from the Path of Jumanji or Rhino Run: Cash Collect™ bonus games. It features two levels and offers multipliers up to 5000x your stake.

Rhino Run: Cash Collect: Select one of three paths ahead of the feature. Each path holds six slots that will contain either multipliers, jewels, or cash collects.

Path of Jumanji: Choose one of four figures available, each of which is also associated with die of that colour. Whatever die rolls that figure will move, and the aim is to reach the middle of the board.

Wild Spin: A smaller money wheel that can offer wins of up to 40x your stake if you can the hippopotamus

Snake Bite: Within this mini-game, players will come across five different cards with baskets, antidotes and snakes. Avoid the snakes and try to catch the antidotes for big winning potential.

Jungle Royale: Select one of two gamepads to battle with Van Pelt and bring his health down to win the bonus round.

Monkey Valley: The monkeys are the ones to watch in this bonus as they attack a bridge. Select one of three and hope it won’t break, as it can offer a multiplier of x32.

Jumanj™: The Bonus Level Summary & Review

Jumanj™: The Bonus Level offers players a huge amount of bonus features alongside an immersive base game. So if you’d like to explore the jungle in this live casino game show, take a look at what you can find as you roll the dice and enter Jumanji™.

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