Coba Reborn

Coba Reborn

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Coba Reborn Key Points

Game Title: Coba Reborn

Game Provider: ELK Studios

Theme: Jungle

Maximum Payout: 25,000x

Winning Ways: Cluster Pays

Bonus Features: Wilds, Progress Meter, Snakes, Orchids

Coba Reborn Information

Immerse yourself in the ancient land of the snakes with Coba Reborn – a cluster slot machine set in a deserted city deep into the Aztec jungles. An ELK Studios remake of the original Coba video slot, Coba Reborn, brings double the action. Phenomenal world-building coupled with customisable settings is a golden ticket for fulfilling gameplay.

Coba Reborn takes you to a snake-ridden jungle. Here, the slithering reptiles will help you connect matching symbols on a 7x7 cluster grid. Different-coloured orchid flowers aid you by giving the snake unique powerups. The gameplay is nothing short of an engaging adventure. Stacking combos extend the duration and win of each spin.

Coba Reborn Gameplay

Coba Reborn is full of symbols that interact with each other and the player in different ways. Seven gems form the base of the game. Five or more connecting identical gems form a winning cluster. A winning cluster explodes and is removed from the grid, creating an avalanche that makes way for new symbols to appear in their place.

If this new group of gems forms another cluster, it explodes, too, while still remaining part of the same spin. The game doesn’t feature predetermined lines, as it uses clusters instead. But it has increased volatility and a maximum payout of 25,000x.

As clusters of symbols explode, they fill up the snake meter. When fully loaded, it launches snakes inside the grid. The snake mechanic is what makes Coba Reborn so unique. Slithering through the gems, a snake will form a cluster of identical symbols everywhere it passes. They also interact in various ways: growing in size, releasing multipliers, or surviving the next avalanche.

The other crucial symbol in Coba Reborn is the orchid. There are four types of orchids appearing on the grid:

  • Blood Orchid – spawns snakes by consuming other orchids or getting eaten by a snake itself
  • Ouroboros Orchid – keeps snakes from dying if they eat themselves and create multiple wilds during a spin
  • Hydra Orchid – spawns a new snake after being eaten. Snake features are passed onto the new one
  • Rebirth Orchid – revives dead snakes and keeps them alive over the next avalanche

Coba Reborn Summary & Review

Gliding your way through each of Coba Reborn’s features can take some time, but it sure is worth it. Mastering the interwoven mechanics of the Aztec jungle can take you on a journey like never before.

Hunting progress meters and swapping game modes make Coba Reborn one of the most immersive slots out there. The tranquillising ancient music only increases the feeling you are deep into the unexplored forests.

If you’re into slots inspired by the Middle and South American culture, history, and landscape, you should also look into Aztec Bonanza, Gonzo’s Quest, and Aztec Wilds Megaways.

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Coba Reborn FAQs

When do Snakes appear in Coba Reborn?

You must fill the progress meter to spawn the Snakes in Coba Reborn. The progress bar has four levels. You get three snakes on the first three levels and six snakes on the fourth level. Blood and Hydra Orchids, the Bali Boost, and Coba bonus feature can also spawn snakes.

How many paylines does Coba Reborn have?

Coba Reborn features a 7x7 cluster grid. Instead of prearranged paylines, identical symbols connect into continuous winning lines. The symbols can form a line in any shape or form, as long as they are uninterrupted and of the same type.

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