Bingo Chat Games at Pink Casino

#Online Bingo Chat Games

Our fabulous Bingo Chat Moderators will play Bingo chat games throughout the day in Room 1 and 75 Ball to give you a chance to win Bingo Bonus and Free Spins! You can win up to the value of £3 per day on these chat games.

##What is a Bingo chat game?

A Bingo chat game gives you the opportunity to win Bingo Bonus (which can then be spent on bingo tickets) or Free Spins on our Starburst slot. Bingo chat games are great fun and give you the chance to interact with other bingo players in our rooms.

##How do I join in a Bingo chat game?

The CM (Chat Moderator) will post the rules into the chat room. At the moment, mainly Number Bingo chat games are played.

The CM will ask you to select a certain amount of numbers. When these numbers have been called on the bingo game, you need to say the word in the rules and the numbers. For example, the bingo chat game is Mirrors. You pick 2 numbers that mirror each other by telling them to the CM - 12, 21. When 12 and 21 have been called on the bingo game, say Mirror 12 21 to claim. The player who claims correctly in the winning position wins the chat bingo bonus/free spins. Confirm that you are in each round to continue playing!

##Ready to play in our Online Bingo Chat Games? Whether you're on the go or putting your feet up with a cup of tea you'll be able to play in our online bingo chat games. Play alongside both new and old bingo lovers. In our bingo chat games you'll be able to get all your bingo lingo off your chest. There's over 5000 regular online bingo players for your the chat and play with bringing the bingo community experience directly to you.

General Chat Bingo Game Terms and Conditions

  1. To be eligible to receive any chat game wins, you must have purchased a ticket in the game you claim the prize on.
  2. A maximum of 60 free bingo tickets can be won per day on regular chat games.
  3. Chat game funds will be added as bingo free bingo tickets for The Lounge Room and must be claimed within 48 hours to eligible players.
  4. In the event of any dispute on a chat game or special chat game, the decision of the CM is final.
  5. In the event of any dispute with regard to eligibility, the decision of Management is final.

###Free Bingo Tickets T's and C's

  1. Free tickets can only be claimed in The Lounge Room (which is open 7-10pm daily).
  2. Once your free tickets have been awarded by the Chat Host, go to your My Promotions page and click CLAIM on the promotion. You will see a green tick once you've done this.
  3. Log into the bingo lobby and find The Lounge Room. When you enter the room, a popup will appear saying you've won X free tickets, if you wish to redeem the tickets on the very next game, then you must click OK.
  4. Your tickets will then be automatically allocated to you. You can also purchase more tickets if you wish.
  5. If you don't want to redeem the tickets for that game, then click the X in the top right corner. To claim them on another game, you will need to log out of the room and back in again where you will be presented with the free tickets pop-up message again. This will continue until you redeem your tickets.
  6. You have 48 hours to redeem your free bingo tickets from the time they are awarded to you.

##Bingo Chat Room Rules

When playing in our Bingo Chat Rooms, you agree to the below online bingo chat rules. Chat Moderators have the ability to remove players from bingo chat if necessary. Those who persistently ignore the rules will have their chat privileges removed.

  1. Do not mention any other sites in bingo chat, whether directly or indirectly.
  2. Offensive or threatening language will not be tolerated in our bingo chat rooms.
  3. The use of swear words or the masking of swear words will not be tolerated.
  4. Please refrain from arguing, insulting or disturbing other players.
  5. Personal information is not permitted in the bingo chat room, please bear in mind this is for your own security.
  6. Promotion of other websites for goods or services is not permitted.
  7. Only a CM is permitted to type in caps.
  8. Do not spam or flood the bingo chat room.
  9. Do not harass other bingo players whatsoever.
  10. Please do not use the bingo chat room to voice complaints. Please direct any complaints to our customer support team who will assist you.
  11. Be respectful and polite to CM’s and players at all times.

We adopt a zero tolerance approach to the following offenses:

  1. Discrimination - such as racism, homophobia and xenophobia;
  2. Swearing (very offensive words) and vulgar language;
  3. Genuine threats of violence;
  4. Promoting competitor sites (e.g. “Join X site now!”);
  5. Posting other players’ private details or personal account details

See it? REPORT IT! - Please include the date, room and time an incident you are unhappy with occurred and we’ll investigate.

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