Slots features in a nutshell

When you start to play slot games, you will notice they vary hugely in terms of their design, how they look, and how you play them. Today we'll check some of the most popular slot features you'll come across when playing at Pink Casino.

Most popular slot features

There are many different types of online slots features out there. With many different slot machines developers working to create new and interesting games and adding slot bonus features all the time, you always have a lot of choices in your online casino. Today, we’ll explain some of the top slot features and the way they impact the game you’re playing.

Wild symbols

Wild symbols are a feature slots tend to include more often than not. A wild is a symbol that can act as a joker and replace other symbols as needed. This means when you land a wild symbol on your reels, you will often have a better chance of completing a winning combination. Wild symbols may also be able to stack on the reels, meaning multiple wilds appear on the same reels. They may expand to cover more spaces on the reels and help with larger wins, or they may include multipliers so any win they complete is multiplied. Sticky wilds may also remain on the reels for multiple spins.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols can serve different purposes in slot games. In older slots, they tend to provide you with a higher payout, but in newer slots, a scatter tends to act as one of the slot machine bonus features, triggering a free spins bonus round or special mini-games. For example, if you match three scatter symbols, you might trigger a number of free spins, but more scatter symbols may lead to more spins as a result, or even trigger additional bonuses.

Bonus symbols

Bonuses are one of the key ways that slot games entice people, and interesting bonuses can be incorporated into games. Certain bonus symbols either give a win in that specific game or even trigger a mini bonus game, such as bonus wheels or pick your cash prizes style of rounds. Some providers also use bonus symbols as triggers for progressive jackpots. Each developer has a different way of doing things when it comes to bonus rounds.

Mystery symbols

Mystery symbols tend not to have a predefined value, and instead, they trigger some sort of mini-game or even a mystery win. They can appear on the reels at any time and are often signified by a question mark.

What happens next is often dependent on the game itself. Some slot games will give you a bonus mini-game once you have triggered a certain number of mystery symbols. Some other mystery symbols are replaced by winning symbols, and some even get replaced by a random cash value. Mystery symbols are a fascinating bonus feature, and they definitely keep the gameplay fresh.

Colossal symbols

As you might expect from their name, colossal features are massive versions of some of the symbols that can cover different positions on the reels. Effectively, it provides you with a block of the same symbols, which means there is the potential for a large win if you manage to match a colossal symbol with others on the reel. Again, slots features vary so this can be different depending on which game you are playing.

Multiplier symbols

Multipliers are now built into a lot of slot machine games. They may be triggered in the free spins slot bonus, but they may also just be triggered during the base game. A multiplier gives a bigger potential win, as you may have guessed, this is by multiplying the win by a set amount. A multiplier symbol that says x4 may give you four times your original win, based on the symbols that have triggered a win. You might also find multiplier symbols mixed with wilds.

Some games feature multipliers that trigger during the free spins rounds and grow and increase as you continue to make matches. Many of the famous Megaways games have this function, so they can keep increasing the multiplier throughout the free spins round and lead to some potentially large wins.

Hold and win feature

Hold and win features mean that when certain symbols land on the reels they stay sticky and keep their position. They can be triggered by many different elements. For instance, you might find that a game has sticky wilds meaning that if you match enough different wilds, they will stay sticky and remain on the reels. These wilds can be used to complete winning combinations game after game.

Hold and win is one of the features that different developers employ in various ways, this could include having other high-value symbols stay on the reels based on certain conditions or whether you have managed to land scatter symbols on the reel too.

Cascade wins

One of the most popular slot bonus features is the cascade wins function. This means that when you manage to match symbols on the game, they disappear after awarding you the win. Other symbols then “cascade” or fall into their place, so you effectively get another chance to potentially win on the same spin.

Some cascading games include other features, for instance, every cascade that you trigger might result in another multiplier being added, meaning that the wins from your second, third, and fourth cascading spin will potentially be higher. Always check the specific slot features for more information.

Whatever online slot features you are looking for, it helps to have a general understanding of each of the bonus games available. With so many different iGaming and slot developers working on new variations of slot games, they can vary slightly, but generally, these definitions will help you to work out what the features of a slot game do.

Ready to explore some of these features and see what they do firsthand? Check out our selection of online slot machines at Pink Casino to see which features are your favourites.

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